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Reader's Digest May 2019

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meeting our hero

Matt Cohen’s first thought out of the car was, Why would I want to be outside the car? Yet he and his buddy had planned to walk 1.3 miles up Camelback Mountain, just as every hiker visiting Phoenix does. So up the trail they started. Right away, everything felt off. Matt and his friend are young, and proven backpackers. But every two or three steps, they had to stop to drink. They were 45 minutes in, now barely moving, and their eight quarts of water were almost gone. “Time just slowed.” From around a bend came a lone hiker bouncing down the trail with a knapsack on his back. “Are you guys OK?” he asked. “Yeah,” Matt said, lying. The man searched Matt’s eyes. “You look like you’re about to pass out.” Matt stared back at him, his dehydrated…

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50 Health Facts Your Doctor Wants You to Know Thanks for a great list of facts and myths. Regarding number 34, about rinsing after brushing your teeth, I’ve found a good way to extend fluoride’s benefits: Floss after brushing, before rinsing. It’s a little messy, but it gets the fluoride into the tight spaces between teeth.—ROBERT DEMARCO Louisville, Kentucky We Found a Fix I am the “Communion lady” at my church, and part of that responsibility includes washing and ironing the Communion cloth. Hanging it on a hanger, even one padded with a towel, left a crease in it. I tried your tip of using Bubble Wrap to pad the hanger bar. Holy Communion, it worked! No more creases. Bless you. —MARY BURNS GRESHAM Mobile, Alabama A Five-Year-Old Teaches a Lesson in Grace I saw so…

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the water angel

EVEN IF YOU’VE never been to Phoenix, you know this about the place: It’s hot. From June to September, the temperature can easily eclipse the century mark. But that doesn’t stop hikers from attempting the 1.3-mile trek to the top of the city’s famed Camelback Mountain. Signs warn that the trail is “extremely difficult.” If you continue, a posted checklist suggests at least a liter of water per person. And if you’re still not deterred, another sign farther up declares: “If you’re halfway through your water, turn around!” Unfortunately, many people do not heed the warnings. Fortunately, Scott Cullymore does. When he’s not running his carpet-cleaning company in nearby Mesa, the 53-year-old Cullymore can be found hiking up and down Camelback a couple of times a day, doling out cold bottles…

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on the cuddle watch

AXEL WINCH WAS born nearly 13 weeks prematurely, and the doctors didn’t think he’d make it. He weighed 2 pounds, 12 ounces and had bleeding in his brain, a hole in his heart, scoliosis, and vision and hearing problems. After a week in the hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado, where parents Melissa and Adam Winch live, he developed a life-threatening intestinal condition. Doctors decided to airlift Axel and Melissa more than 200 miles to neonatal intensive care at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora. Axel stabilized, but his health remained precarious over the next few weeks as his lungs and lymphatic system shut down. “There were many times we didn’t think he was going to live,” Adam told Today. “He would die in our arms, and the nurses would scramble to revive…

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the world armwrestling championship

CATHY MERRILL, age 55, Sunapee, New Hampshire We might not think of women as arm wrestlers. How did you get started? At a little country fair nine years ago, my friend Jim said, “I’ll pay the entry fee, and if you win, I’ll buy you an order of fries.” So I entered the contest—and I won. The New Hampshire governor is a fan—and sometimes an opponent. What’s he like to wrestle? He’ll say, “I’ve been practicing.” Then when we lock up, he says, “I don’t think I’ve done this enough.” And I say, “We’ll be diplomatic and call it a draw.” I don’t have to beat him. He knows that I can. Speaking of diplomacy, you’ve represented the United States against Russia in tournaments. What’s that like? Everyone just gets along. And it’s quite a feeling…

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“⋯ and these are some of the books I would have read if the Internet had never been invented.” My great-aunt looked confused when I told her that my daughter was 18 months old. “Oh,” she said. “I thought she was a year and a half. “But Aunt Marie," I said, “18 months and a year and a half are the same.” She shrugged. “What do I know? I never had kids.” —JOEL BRILL Northridge, California Sorry, I wasn’t listening when you were talking about your dog. I was busy looking in my phone for a picture of my superior dog. —@PRIMAWESOME Our doctor’s office called to let my husband know that the results from his blood tests came back and he was just fine. That didn’t suit my husband. “What’s my cholesterol level?” he asked. “Mr. Crocker, you…