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Reader's Digest July/August 2018

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dear readers

Steph Curry, at two, having just raced like the real Steph Curry up Mount Eisenhower in New Hampshire.10 things you did not ask me about my dog but that I’ll tell you anyway:1) Her name is Steph Curry. Long story. Don’t ask.2) Well, now that you’ve asked, my teenage son fell in love with her as a puppy in a classmate’s litter. We didn’t need a dog, but he said, “I promise I’ll take care of her.” And his favorite athlete’s name is …3) How hard are you laughing at us right now? Our 16-year-old told us “I promise,” and so we said yes?4) When she was a few months old, she ate a squirrel. Cost in vet bills to extract said squirrel from her stomach: $3,000.5) The squirrel was…

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(SHUTTERSTOCK)50 Ways to Survive the HospitalI am a registered nurse and found your tips well defined. However, I take issue with your “How to Say It” recommendations, such as “I’m sorry, but I’m really nervous about infections. I know you are very careful, but would you mind washing your hands for me?” Why should the patient be sorry? Just say “I’m really nervous about infections. Please wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, or put on gloves.” One can make straightforward requests without being confrontational.SUE ELLEN COLLINS, Monrovia, IndianaEveryday HeroesFinally a Heroes story that wasn’t gory! Reading “Design for Living,” about how Nancy Ballard got some fellow artists to brighten up the chemotherapy rooms in her San Francisco doctor’s office, I was thrilled to see her idea making such a difference…

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your aha! moments

“How to Create an Aha! Moment” sparked many of you to share your own.Driving to my third day on a Houston jury, I realized I was truly looking forward to it and wishing I didn’t have to return to work. That night I decided I would quit my bank job, get a PhD (previously only a passing fancy), and become a professor. And so I did.MARGARET LANGFORD, New Braunfels, TexasWhenever I can’t think of something, I try for a while, then leave it to my unconscious mind. I’m 89 years old and figure I have a lot of debris in the attic of my brain, so it takes time to go through all those years of accumulation. Sure enough, maybe a day later, the name will just pop into my…

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the doctor is out

IT’S A FRIDAY morning in Boston, which means Dr. Jim O’Connell is making his rounds. He might be more comfortable inside an exam room, but that’s not where his patients are. O’Connell is one of a handful of physicians making house calls to the homeless in the city.More than 550,000 Americans are homeless, and many have health problems but no access to care. O’Connell and his team, made up of psychiatrists, internists, a nurse practitioner, a case manager, and a recovery coach, are doing something about it. They spend their days walking around where the homeless live—in parks, under bridges, and on the outskirts of town. They treat about 700 regular patients. During these rounds, O’Connell himself usually sees about 20 patients. He knows where most of them sleep and…

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planting patriotism

Preston Sharp doing what he does every week—adding flags to the graves of veterans (CBS NEWS © 2018 CBS INTERACTIVE INC.)YOUNG BOYS aren’t easily appalled, but 12-year-old Preston Sharp sure knows the feeling.“Yeah, I was surprised,” Preston said. And disappointed.Preston’s mom, April Sharp, had never seen him like that before. “Not this angry and passionate,” she said.What upset her son so much was visiting his grandpa’s grave in Redding, California, and realizing that not every veteran in the cemetery had a flag. So April told him, “Son, if you’re going to complain about something, you have to do something about it or let it go.”Next thing April knew, Preston was taking on odd jobs and soliciting donations to buy flags and flowers for every veteran in his grandpa’s cemetery. And…

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why i’ve decided not to write my memoirs

A NOTE ABOUT THE AUTHOR (by her granddaughter, network news producer Allison Arlene Hansen):Not long before she died, I sneaked away for a Grandma sleepover. A character who was always full of surprises, she motioned me to her beloved writing desk—black with gold chinoiserie and a white leather top. “That’s yours,” she said. “You’re a writer, like me. You get the purple box inside too.” I opened the box to find stacks of her stories, some sweet, some adventurous, some droll—just like her. This one, an amusing look back written when she was in her 70s, shows her fondness for the unexpected path.Dear Children,As you know, for years I’ve planned to write up the memories I’ve been saving on scraps of paper since you were young. I’ve kept them put…