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Reader's Digest June 2018

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dear readers

MY ROUTINE WHEN FACED with a home-repair task has been the same for my entire adult life: Upon begrudgingly starting a project, I will hit a snag, instantly mutter, “This is impossible,” and in seconds escalate to “Call the handyman!” as if something were on fire. Lately, this has stopped seeming sitcom-cute. It’s embarrassing. So I got up the nerve to call Gary Wentz. Patient and droll, he’s the editor of the Family Handyman, one of our sister publications, and a reason I’m newly embarrassed. I can’t imagine his respecting a colleague who’s afraid of a wrench. Gary (that’s him below) listens to my tale. I’m impatient and clumsy with mechanical things, I say. No one in my family fixed stuff. His reaction: “Repair pros have a name for clients like you,”…

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World of Wonder I thought the pictures in your cover story were gorgeous as well as tender, like the newborn baby’s yawn featured in the gallery. By the way, I love the cover, too— perfect orchid color! JOANNE MCPEAK, Buena, New Jersey 25 Ways Sugar Is Making You Sick Here’s another thing to add to your excellent list: Normally, good bacteria in the microflora of the gut flourish and keep bad bacteria under control. Excessive sugar consumption feeds the bad bacteria, destroying the healthy gut balance. This contributes to health problems, including a weakened immune system, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune diseases, and has been linked to heart disease and cancer. RICHIE LOCASSO, PHD, Hemet, California Librarians Who Rescue Opioid Victims I saw “The Librarian Who Saves Lives” on your cover and was expecting a clichéd story about…

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the kids’ book club

We know we have an audience of readers, so we weren’t surprised that many of you enjoyed “Once Upon a Time Again,” in which Bruce Handy praised rereading children’s books as an adult. When the April issue arrived, I was reading for the first time in 50 years my favorite book from seventh grade. I found The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope just as intriguing as an adult. JAMES HENDERSON, Gainesville, Georgia After he outgrew my bedtime stories, my 11-year-old liked to read Animorphs books in bed. One night, his four-year-old sister copied him. So I asked her, “Marianne, what’s your book about?” Her answer? “Well, I’d tell you, Dad, but you wouldn’t understand.” KEITH WALTERS, Monroe, New York MAKE US LAUGH! GIFS THAT KEEP ON GIVING You can always find laughs on the Internet, with…

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sowing hope

BY THE SUMMER OF 2005, the Reverend Richard Joyner of Conetoe Chapel Missionary Baptist Church realized he was conducting funerals twice a month—a startling number given his town’s tiny population. Nearly 300 souls call Conetoe (pronounced “ka-'nee-ta”) home. The predominantly African American hamlet is situated in North Carolina’s Edgecombe County, where a quarter of households live below the poverty line and heart disease kills more 20- to 39-year-olds than do car accidents. “I’ve closed too many coffins on young people,” Joyner, 64, says. The pastor found it difficult to comfort the grieving: “How do you tell someone who’s just lost a child to poor nutrition that this was God’s plan when it was totally preventable? Who would hang out with that God?” Driving home one day and beginning to doubt his own…

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the hunger app

ON HER FIRST DAY tutoring students from low-income families at an after-school program in New York City, Alyssa Kapasi noticed how many kids were lining up for free sandwiches and fruit in the cafeteria. One of the coordinators explained that many of these students don’t get enough to eat at home, so a school lunch or an after-school meal might be the most food they would get all day. Kapasi, who attends private school, was shocked. What’s more, she was determined to help. “I want other kids to understand that if you see a problem, you don’t have to wait to be an adult to fix it,” says Kapasi. She and a group of friends are now putting their programming skills to work to create an app called Food for Thought,…

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feeding america: by the numbers*

41,200,000 AMERICANS ARE FOOD INSECURE. (Meaning they don’t know when or how they’ll get their next meal) 13 MILLION AMERICAN CHILDREN FACE HUNGER—THAT’S 1 IN 6 KIDS. 1.5 million veterans receive food stamps. 27% of households with incomes above the federal poverty level are food insecure. 18.7% of Mississippians are food insecure. (Highest rate of all states) 8.7% of Hawaiians are food insecure. (Lowest rate of all states) 5.4 million senior citizens currently face food insecurity in America. Lack of transportation, functional limitations, and health problems are major factors. $1 donated to Feeding America will buy 10 meals for people facing hunger in America. WANT TO DO SOMETHING? One way to stem the tide of hunger is via neighborhood food banks. They need three things: money, your time, and food. If you plan on donating food, here are the…