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Reader's Digest September 2018

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dear readers

AS A LONGTIME HEALTH EDITOR, I like to think I’m smart about medical science. Yet what do I do when I have a scratchy throat? I pop open a packet of over-the-counter “immune support” tablets, drop them in a glass of water, and listen, half laughing at myself, for the telltale FIZZZZ sound. No clinical studies support the effectiveness of this concoction. None of its ingredients, possibly excepting zinc, are proven to prevent colds or their symptoms. I treat my insomnia in much the same way. When I wake at 3 a.m., I pop ibuprofen to help me resume my snooze—despite the fact that at least one double-blind study found that it promotes sleep no better than fake pills. Sticking to my rituals is not as dumb as I sometimes feel it is.…

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40 Home Repairs Anyone Can Do! You suggest turning off the water to the house when leaving on vacation. We always turn off the water heater too. It saves energy and is a safety issue. Our neighbor’s overheated and exploded during his absence. Happily, with the water shut off he didn’t have major flooding and no one was hurt, but he had thousands of dollars in damage to his home. LINDA HAMMER, Fort Jones, California Editor-in-chief Bruce Kelley’s column about using a pricey handyman reminded me of a quote attributed to Red Adair, a famous oil well fire-fighter. He said, “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” DAN HARRIS, Houston, Texas Rise and Shine All Day I would love to add something to your roundup of smart morning habits:…

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your dads’ bad jokes

Your collection of dads’ favorite corny comments made me remember what my father, Gerard Fischetti, often said at the dinner table. Before taking seconds, he would politely ask whether everyone had had their share. Then he would point to his hand, grin, and say, “See this scar?” (My sisters and I never could see his alleged scar.) “I got it in the Army when I reached for a second pork chop.” SUSAN MARIE DAVNIERO, Lindenhurst, New York My name is Amy, and every morning when my dad got me up for school, he would say “Ready, Aim? Fire!” Yes, apparently for him, this never got old. AMY FLANIGAN, Cleveland, Ohio NO WRONG ANSWERS! WHAT IS THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE? We all want our time on Earth to have a purpose, but what does that mean…

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the five-fingers club

JAYCE CROWDER began noticing when he was in kindergarten that he looked different from his classmates. They had two hands. He had one. It started when one boy teased him, says his mother, Cortney Lewis. Jayce’s bubbly enthusiasm soured to sullenness. He’d return to their Des Moines, Iowa, home with questions: Why am I different? Why me? Why? “He actually told us he was mad at God for making him that way,” his mother says. “That was a huge dagger to the heart.” Lewis admits she didn’t know what to do at that point. How could she provide answers to her son’s questions when she had never found those answers herself? A few weeks later, Lewis came home from her job as an orthodontic assistant and turned on the TV to a news story…

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swept away

IN STORM-RAVAGED Santa Clarita, California, last March, Margarito Martinez approached Road Runner Road carefully. A swollen creek had flooded it. Martinez, driving a Toyota SUV, figured he’d be OK. Big mistake. Halfway across, the rushing waters grabbed hold of his vehicle, sweeping it off the road and washing it down a rocky streambed. It finally stopped a good 80 feet away, when the water somehow lifted the SUV and wedged it in the ground at a 45-degree angle. Bruised, shaken, and trapped inside with the muddy water rising quickly, Martinez was certain he was going to die. On the road right behind Martinez were a party-rental delivery worker and his niece. They watched the horror unfold, and when Martinez’s SUV came to rest in the middle of the gushing creek, the man…

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wanted: a personal assistant

I’M A VERY BUSY WOMAN looking for an assistant to help me with certain important tasks. This is not your average assistant job. What I’m looking for is someone to take care of some of my more personal business so that I may focus on my true passion: grocery shopping. Please apply if and only if you are willing and able to accomplish the following tasks: ▪ WORK I would love to have a nine-to-five job. However, I find sitting in an office all day unbearable. An ideal assistant would secure a high-paying office job and excel in that setting, even going so far as to eagerly accept every invitation to after-work drinks. ▪ ATTEND DOCTORS’ APPOINTMENTS I’m looking for someone to not only set up but also attend all medical appointments for…