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Real Simple Real Simple Organizing Room by Room 2021

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editors’ note

You probably have a space in your home where you put the things you don’t know what to do with. We all have these orphan items that find a temporary home in a drawer, a nook, a shelf, or perhaps a whole closet or basement wall—and sometimes that space becomes a permanent home. Which is fine, except for the niggling, nagging knowledge in the back of your brain that if you don’t assign things a proper place, you won’t be able to find them when you need them. By using Organizing Room by Room, you can give happy homes to all those orphan items, so you can spend less time hunting for that stray receipt or cord or scarf and more time doing the things you truly enjoy. All this is easier…

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get organized and stay organized—once and for all

Step 1 The Prep CONFER WITH YOUR TEAM. “It’s essential to get everyone in on the process to ensure buy-in. Without collaboration, it’s unlikely anyone will honor your unilateral decisions on where things live,” says New York City–based professional organizer Andrew Mellen. Spark your family’s interest by transforming a key shared space, like the mudroom. “Organizing is contagious—usually the less interested parties just need to see progress in one area to get on board,” says Jordan Marks, cofounder and owner of It’s Organized, with locations in New York City, New Jersey, and California. Ask everyone to share ideas on how your home could function better. Then divvy up jobs based on strengths: If your husband loves to wheel and deal, he can sell items on NextDoor; your teenager can drive things to the…

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the entryway

CREATING A WARM WELCOME starts in your entryway. It’s the first space guests will see when they come over, and it’s usually the last place you’ll breeze through before running out the door (hopefully, with your car keys this time). So, it’s worth making sure your entryway is a pretty and practical space. Artful arranging and sprucing up with fresh flowers and personal objects create an inviting vibe for anyone who passes, whether it’s neighbors, in-laws, or, most important, you after a long day. But a visually pleasing (aka clutter-free) entryway isn’t just for when guests are on the itinerary. Being organized as you head out the door in the morning—and knowing exactly where you last set those keys—can make a difference in how you start your day and can also…

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the living room

CREATING A COCOON of coziness starts in the living room, which means it needs to be a space you and your family can really live in. And, well, it can be tough to get your snuggle on with stacks of old magazines dotting the coffee table and toys strewn about the floor. But here’s the best news: The living room is an area that everyone in the family inhabits, so that means that everyone in the family is responsible for keeping it tidy. Doling out the duties means you’ll get to that “ahhh” feeling even faster. Your living room is also the perfect place to marry form and function. Sure, you technically need a media console to hold your TV and cable box, but it’s also a place to display framed…

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the kitchen and dining room

WHETHER YOU COOK EVERY DAY or you’re more of a special-occasion chef, arranging the right setup for your workspace is the first step to any great recipe. Without a well-thought-out setting, important tools disappear, and well-intentioned sous chefs can’t find what they need. But in a cleverly organized space, the work just flows. Making items visible and accessible means it’ll be easier for whoever is making breakfast to do it in less time and with less hassle. Keep in mind that your kitchen isn’t just utilitarian. If the growing popularity of open floor plans with spacious islands is any indication, a kitchen is also a popular hangout during parties (it’s usually where the apps are, after all) or on weeknights before the food hits the table. Making it an inviting spot…

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the bathroom

FOR A ROOM that has so much traffic and holds so many things—from razors to electric toothbrushes (and their chargers) to toilet paper—it’s kind of shocking how little storage space most bathrooms have. That means you often have to edit and think creatively about where to put those extra toothbrush heads. The medicine cabinet is a good place to start. By using that space efficiently, you’ll make mornings and evenings that much smoother. But there are plenty of other ways to cleverly use what little bathroom space you have. Because the bathroom is a space that everyone in the family visits every day, multiple times a day, it’s important that everything has a place, and that everyone knows where that place is, especially when the toilet paper runs out. And, remember:…