Real Simple November 2021

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ahead of the game

I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED the hacks in REAL SIMPLE, all two-plus decades’ worth of them. As the editor, I especially love having a front-row seat to the early planning and testing stages. Does our cool punch-bowl ice ring need cooking spray to unmold, or a quick dip in hot water? See page 39! To store mini lights, is it better to wrap them around a suit hanger or a coffee can? Results TBD! And sneak preview: We have a hack in an upcoming winter issue that just may revolutionize the way you think about red bras. As I read article pitches and outlines, some of my most frequent comments are: “OMG, genius!” and “What took them so long to invent this?” and “I’ll never do fill-in-the-blank the same way again.” All…

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real simple everywhere

ON THE TABLE A No-Bake Pumpkin Pie That Pleases An oven-free pumpkin pie may sound controversial, but trust us on this—your people will love it. You just need cream cheese, warm spices, white chocolate, and (of course) whipped cream. To make one for your next fall gathering, go to IN YOUR LIFE Get More Out of Your Daily Walks Walking reaps a host of health rewards. Learn how to transform routine strolls into more meaningful moments at BEHIND THE SCENES Xochitl Gonzalez @xochitltheg Favorite space in your home: My bedroom gets the most amazing light. There’s barely anything in it but a bed, a mirror, and a wall hanging, but it’s the most Zen space. Go-to recipe: I make a good Instant Pot arroz con pollo, which can sound either amazing or sacrilegious. Most-used gadget: The gizmo that reseals unfinished bottles of…

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who would you like to write a thank-you note to?

That nice lady in the checkout line who loaded my groceries onto the belt so I could hold my crying baby. @JENNYWHITCOMB #RSLOVE I’d thank illustrator Lisa Congdon, whose artwork is centered on sending empowering messages, being authentic, and seeing the world through a lens of joy. She’s an inspiration. @PAPERRAVEN.CO My supervisor at my first factory job. She saw something in me and offered me the chance to work a desk job. She changed the trajectory of my life. Today I own a business, helping folks with disabilities achieve their goals. MARIA NELSON, ELKHORN, WISCONSIN I have a dear friend I met when I was 4, and we’ve been writing letters for 43 years! I have boxes of her letters, as I’ve kept all of them. JODI KOPKE, DENVER, COLORADO My kindergarten teacher, who gave me books…

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baking beautifully

SOOTHING EYE MASK / ORANGE CLOVE CHEESECAKE / FLOWER WALLPAPER SHOWSTOPPING TOPPING Meet your new decorating shortcut—just shake powdered sugar or cocoa over these food-safe stencils. TO BUY: Pie Stencil Pack, $30 for 3; 1 EXCELLENT EXTRACTS Level up your bakes with orange blossom water, bourbon vanilla, and rose water. TO BUY: Nielsen-Massey Floral Flavors Product Bundle, $28; 2 SPACE-SAVING SET These sustainable bowls come in seven sizes, for all the ingredients. TO BUY: Bamboozle Bamboo 7-Piece Nesting Bowl Set, $80; 3 MAKE YOUR MARK There’s a cookie with your name on it—if you use this silicone-and-wood stamp. Swap the letters for endless customization. TO BUY: Suck UK Message Cookie Cutter, $15; 4 LOVELY LOAVES Breads and cakes will slide right out of this nonstick pan with a festive fall motif. TO BUY: Harvest Bounty Loaf,…

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the books list

Twisty Suspense Jordan Manning is a Chicago TV reporter with a knack for breaking big stories. She gets the challenge of her career when she begins investigating the mysterious death of a teenage girl and the serial killer who may be to blame. The first in a series by Emmy Award–winning journalist Tamron Hall, As the Wicked Watch has all the hallmarks of a great thriller, with a fast-moving plot, an unforgettable protagonist, and lots of fascinating insights into TV newsrooms and the biases influencing whose stories get told. Must-Read Memoir Playwright Sarah Ruhl leveled up on life when she gave birth to twins after a high-risk pregnancy just as her first play was making its Broadway debut. But while she was recovering in the hospital, one side of her face suddenly became…

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superfood skin care

Alpyn Beauty Triple-C Brightening Bounce Cream This forest-to-face fluffy pink moisturizer contains plants picked in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to power up tired skin. Vitamin C brightens spots, aloe hydrates dry patches, and chokecherries ward off wrinkle-causing free radicals. TO BUY: $48; 1 CURLY-HAIR HELP Nou High- and Low-Porosity Leave-In Conditioners This line caters to curly and coily types (3A to 4C). For a customized dose of moisture, use high-porosity if your hair feels rough and low-porosity if it feels smooth. TO BUY: $7 each; 2 NAIL POLISH PERFECTOR The HandiMani This tool helps you master manis—even when you paint with your nondominant hand. The cradle stabilizes your wrist so you can make salon-worthy strokes. TO BUY: $13; 3 POT OF GLOW Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm in Dusty Rose For a simple, no-makeup makeup look, warm the…