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December/January #40 2020/21

RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

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gear up

MAKE & MODEL 1 Walls Outdoor Goods Angus Worn-In Stretch Light Work Jacket SIZES Medium through XXL MSRP $90 URL walls.com NOTES With the temperature dropping in most of the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to keep an outer layer nearby. Aside from its unnecessarily long and overly descriptive name, we’re quite fond of the Angus Worn-In Stretch Light Work Jacket because … well, it’s worn in, it’s stretchy, and it’s a light jacket that you can wear while doing field work. The exterior’s 9-ounce cotton-spandex blend is flexible enough to provide mobility but tough enough for daily duty on a ranch or worksite, thanks to double and triple needle stitching. Plus, it has two snap-closed chest pockets, two handwarmer pockets, one discreet zipper pocket, and one internal zipper pocket. Just note, medium is the smallest size, and it runs kinda…

6 min.
boot laces

Let’s face it — the quality and versatility of shoe and boot laces tends to get overlooked. We’re wondering why footwear companies tend not to put as much effort into this component as they do sole construction, padding, and breathability. It has created a misconception that all laces are the same. When the laces on your sneakers or boots break, you usually replace them with some store-bought laces of questionable composition, or a generic piece of cord, right? That being said, we felt this oft-neglected product deserves closer inspection. Here, we’ll show you some options you probably never knew existed before. We discovered some brands out there that’ve put the time and research into creating laces far superior to what you’re used to seeing. Whether it’s using your laces as a…

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about the authors

Joey Nickischer Joey Nickischer is a retired detective with the New York City Police Department. He currently works as a lead technical rescue instructor with several different companies covering topics from wilderness search, high angle rope, mine rescue, and off-road operations. He serves as a team leader with the Westchester County Technical Rescue Team and is the commander of the Putnam County Technical Rescue Team, as well as serving as chief of department with the Patterson Fire Department. Nila Rhoades Nila Rhoades and her husband, Tim, operate Resilient Security Solutions, in Wyoming. She blogs at www.milspecmom.com on topics such as survival, self-defense, firearms, and tactics. Nila also loves taking any firearms training courses that she can weasel her way into. They have three children. She loves running and peanut butter ice cream. www.resilientsecuritysolutions.com Andrew Schrader Andrew…

8 min.
the lone-wolf fallacy

Walking cautiously down the seemingly abandoned city streets, a solitary man peers suspiciously at his surroundings. A flicker of motion in the periphery of his vision brings his travel to an abrupt halt. He shifts the weight of his survival pack on its straps and shoulders his carbine, turning in the direction of the potential danger. Creeping forward, the man sees a pair of ragged survivors fumbling with something that resembles a makeshift explosive. He decides to eliminate this threat and scavenge whatever supplies he can from what remains. Bringing his eye to his scope, he puts the crosshairs on his first target. He takes a deep breath, exhales slowly, and holds steady. He begins applying pressure to the trigger and bam! — the man is knocked unconscious with a…

16 min.
winning the germ war

Pick your favorite (or least favorite) disaster scenario and ask what your top priorities following that disaster will be. Are a clean body and living space on your list? They should be. Sanitation and hygiene are fundamental forms of preventative medicine to block disease transmission. Human waste and household garbage harbor numerous infectious diseases. Properly disposing of these items and maintaining clean bodies are staples of the modern running-water world. With a flush of the toilet, taking a can to the curb, the turn of a knob, a little soap, and a few seconds, most of our sanitation and hygiene is handled effortlessly — so much so that very few of us ever consider life without these conveniences. History shows that in disasters, one of the first things to become compromised is…

2 min.
vehicle gunfighting

Countering a carjacking attempt with a gun is certainly a viable option, but it isn’t as easy as it may seem. If you have a CCW permit and carry regularly, you know that as soon as you get behind the wheel and buckle up, your standard draw-and-shoot style of gunfighting is severely cramped. Depending on where and how you carry, getting to your gun quickly can range from difficult to nearly impossible. One way to overcome this problem is to hard-mount a holster, magnet, or similar device inside your car that enables you to position your carry gun — or a dedicated second gun — so it’s quickly and easily accessible when you’re in the driver’s seat. Even then, however, you need to wargame the various types of threats you might…