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RECOIL OFFGRID August/September #26 2018

RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

United States
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6 Issues


1 min.
on the   cover

Cover Photos: Jorge Nuñez, Mlenny, BahadirTanriover, Avesun, monkeybusinessimages/istockphoto.com…

3 min.
benevolence versus stupidity

The reason I chose a photo of lions stalking oblivious herbivores for my editor’s note is because it’s a metaphor for the herds of uninformed suburbanites I converse with on a regular basis who are potentially setting themselves up for undue hardship in a time of crisis. Case in point: I recently had a discussion with someone about what I do and why I believe in the notion of prepping and survival. This individual was convinced that I peddle paranoia for a living and that RECOIL OFFGRID’s readership is nothing more than some fringe movement of isolationists who store canned food in their underground bunkers and live in fear of enemy paratroopers or hordes of the undead. Of course, she’s formed all these conclusions without ever having read RECOIL OFFGRID,…

5 min.
gear up

1 MAKE & MODEL Prometheus Design Werx Raider Pant COLORS Dark Arid Earth (shown), Dark Leaf Green, Machine Mineral Gray MSRP $129 URL prometheusdesignwerx.com NOTES We’re sick of poorly designed cargo pants being labeled as either technical or tactical pants. Fortunately, the Raider Pant has arrived to blow away its competition with superior protection, comfort, and versatility. It has a double seat reinforcement, diamond-shaped gusset panel, reinforced and articulated knees, and triple needle stitching on major seams — all of which spell durability and flexibility while you’re hitting backcountry trails or the firing range. Made from Mil-spec cotton-nylon ripstop, this pant has dedicated EDC tool pockets, hidden pocket for cuff key or cash, horizontal hand pockets that clear padded belts or backpack straps, and many more smart features. Yet, the Raider Pant has a modern regular fit with a streamlined appearance…

9 min.
identification lights

Compared to other members of the animal kingdom, humans have a major deficiency: poor night vision. As ambient light fades, our eyes struggle to perceive even the faintest outlines of objects in our immediate vicinity. This poses a safety risk during nighttime group activities such as hiking and cycling, since it’s easy to get disoriented and separated when you can’t clearly see your friends. It’s also a hazard in urban environments, because motorists may struggle to see you from a distance. And in a SHTF situation, a persistent light source provides the means to signal for rescue after dark. A flashlight or headlamp can illuminate your field of view, but these directional light sources aren’t ideal tools for making others aware of your position (at least not without temporarily blinding them).…

2 min.
what if?

The rhythmic vibrations of the subway car had almost lulled me back to sleep, even though the cabin was crowded with morning commuters. Strong scents wafted back and forth. The cologne and perfume of the passengers, as well as the countless cups of coffee, created a riot of scents assaulting my nose. I tried to ignore the odors in my groggy state, shutting my eyes and blocking everything out. It was working, until the passengers at the end of the subway car started screaming and a new smell caught my attention. Nostrils stinging, I began to process the new information. My eyes opened as the stinging sensation traveled from my nose into the back of my throat. Scent can trigger memory, and as I fumbled for recognition, it hit me —…

6 min.
survival expert: tim macwelch’s approach

Prep The sprawling public transportation system of New York City safely moves over 1-billion people a year, but with the threat of a terrorist attack in my mind I’d think long and hard whether to ride a subway car with that looming threat. Sure, more people die every year from automobile accidents than train wrecks and terrorist attacks combined — so much so that car accident fatalities rarely make the news. But that doesn’t mean that I’d be eager to get into a crowded underground facility with limited exit strategies. In my preparation, job one is to study the subway transit system. Learn its routes, its safety procedures, and escape routes, with particular attention to obvious bottlenecks or other points that would hinder evacuation. My second specific piece of preparation for this type…