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RECOIL OFFGRID February/March #41 2021

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RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

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3 min.
chumming the waters

I don’t know if any of us have been more ready for a year to be over than we are now. Unfortunately, all signs seem to indicate that the ripple effects of 2020’s various crises will spill over into at least the first quarter of next year. As I’ve said before, this year has set some unsettling precedents about how quickly, and how aggressively, our entire lives can be put on hold because people are afraid of the unknown. Or because people don’t want to tolerate opposing ideologies. There’s a very good chance that the widespread acceptance of, and lack of consequences for, nonstop months of riots, vandalism, theft, assault, and general disregard for civility will only serve to embolden malicious actors going forward. The idea that large groups of…

8 min.

1 MAKE & MODEL Arc’teryx Mantis 32 CAPACITY 32 liters (1,953 cubic inches) MSRP $169 URL arcteryx.com NOTES We’re fond of gear that looks commonplace in an urban setting but also excels in the backwoods or when SHTF. The Mantis 32 is one such pack. It works great as a commuter bag. It has a large main compartment, an internal sleeve to carry your laptop, two external sleeves for a travel mug or beanie, an admin section for your pens, keys, phone, multi-tool, and more. But it’s also ideal as a hiking daypack. The laptop sleeve can hold a hydration bladder while its padded back, frame sheet, and aluminum stay provide a comfortable chassis for hauling gear on treks that are longer than your daily commute. It’s a versatile pack with subdued good looks. 2 MAKE & MODEL Gerber Compleat COLORS Burnt Bronze, Flat Sage,…

4 min.
cpr masks

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is now being taught in schools and offered readily in even the most rural areas. Most people don’t have an issue doing chest compressions; however, when it came to mouth-to-mouth breathing, that was always going to be “somebody else’s job.” Beyond the uncomfortable idea of putting your lips against a stranger’s, there’s always a risk of that stranger coughing up fluids or vomiting while you’re performing the task. Fortunately, two things have made that less of a hindrance for people. First, in 2008, the American Heart Association approved Hands Only CPR (cpr.heart.org/en/cpr-courses-and-kits/hands-only-cpr) to increase involvement of bystanders who might be unwilling to provide rescue breathing. The second option was to use a shield or mask when performing rescue breathing. Most shields are lightweight, but can be difficult to…

19 min.
you become a target of road rage?

James Madison once sagely conveyed, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” Had Madison ever driven a car on a gridlocked freeway he’d likely have concluded the same about the necessity of this article. Neither men nor women are angels. When behind the wheel of a 4,000-pound rolling ego-inflator, they sometimes become quite the opposite. According to a 2019 survey of Americans by The Zebra, an insurance comparison website, 82 percent of respondents admitted to having road rage or driving aggressively at least once in the last year. Further, 42 percent claimed they yelled or cursed at fellow drivers. Thirty-eight percent indicated they used obscene gestures toward others on the road. That’s a lot of anger, but unless these signs of frustration escalate, they’re relatively harmless. Our primary concern…

22 min.
experience is the teacher of all things

Estimates have put the number of new gun owners in 2020 to be somewhere over 5 million. In a time of growing threats to public safety and stigmatization of law enforcement, it’s finally dawned on many that protecting themselves and their family has never been more important. By the time you read this, the election will be over. No matter the results, increased instability will be par for the course. With the media, activist groups, and countless others fanning the flames of civil unrest, the next question becomes, who can teach you the skills to defend what’s important and the discretion to use them righteously? Guys like Byron Rodgers. When you hear the term “executive protection” (known colloquially as EP), images might come to mind of some shredded guys with pressed…

11 min.
evolution of the combat optic

Over the course of 26-plus years of service, I’ve witnessed a lot of changes to the main sighting system of the issued long-gun. The rifle has been the primary weapon for the military since the Pennsylvania Rifle (some say Kentucky, but I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and loyalty counts). The rifle then, and still today, is the modern sword and shield. It’s the inseparable tool of the soldier on the battlefield, becoming almost ubiquitous in the armory of modern-day law enforcement (LE) and a self-defense implement for the law-abiding citizen. Our optics nowadays are an integral part of that sword and shield, and, like other components such as rails and furniture, must evolve to keep pace with technology and ever-emerging threats. Change for some entails resistance and discomfort while…