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RECOIL OFFGRID April/May #42 2021

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RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

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strength in numbers

I once heard a very interesting, if not somewhat grim, outlook on interpersonal conflict from a soldier I served with. Roughly remembered, it goes something like this: “All things being equal, tactical advantage goes to he who cares the least about what he cares about the most.” I imagine this has to be the mindset of some social predators. The idea that not having loved ones in your life, or being so self-absorbed that you’re willing to cast them aside on a whim to serve your own desires and impulses, could be perceived as a type of “advantage” or “freedom” to act against others. I’d like to think that most of you reading this can see past the shallow logic of such a mindset and have hit paydirt by understanding the long-term…

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MAKE & MODEL 1 MAKE & MODEL Optical Dynamics Exude OD40 Gen II WEIGHT 14 ounces MSRP $199 URL www.exudelight.com NOTES This Optical Dynamics tool is an “illuminator” not a flashlight, because its optical lenses gather light from a powerful CREE XL2 LED into a narrow beam that doesn’t spill. That makes the Exude OD40 Gen II an ideal tool for targeting four-legged predators in the dark at long range, since most won’t be spooked by the clean, natural-light wavelength. But, just in case, it also comes with red and green lenses. It can be attached to the OD40 Mount (sold separately for $43) so that you can pair it with a rifle and scope — giving you positive ID at up to 235 yards. It has three brightness settings, is USB rechargeable, and comes with a…

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covert escape tools

Human traffickers, process predators, narco-terrorists, hostage-takers — these are just a few groups within the criminal element that employ unlawful custody. These types of criminals are generally very experienced at their craft, and understand that eliminating all means of escape from their victims is a top priority. During any form of abduction, there’s always an initial contact phase where the bad actors must subdue and restrain their victims as quickly as possible so they can relocate to a more secure and secluded location. During this initial phase, they’ll typically conduct a quick pat-down search, which must suffice until a thorough, full body-strip search can be performed. Covert escape tools are designed to be discreet enough that they have a good chance of going undetected during this initial contact phase. This means that…

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what if?

Unfortunately, we live in an era where some groups who claim to be warriors for tolerance and justice show their true colors by being intolerant toward anyone who isn’t completely accepting of their rhetoric and actions. You might just be enjoying a dinner out with friends and, without provocation, you’re confronted by a crowd of angry activists demanding you immediately show your allegiance to their cause. If you refuse, you may be verbally accosted or attacked. It seems that the notion of agreeing to disagree is lost on many, and their insistence on forced ideological compliance through violence reveals what lengths they’ll go to in order to push their agenda. We often see this on the news and quickly go back to eating our dinner, while thinking to ourselves I’m glad…

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do you have a duty to intervene?

Yikes … I’m late for my 10 a.m. appointment! Yellow light, red light, stop. I’m the first car at the intersection facing south. I’m just getting ready to proceed over the bridge to my office in the hip, university office buildings in a major metropolitan city. I check my watch and reflect on the morning’s court proceedings. Last night’s news coverage was about riots at the university. Apparently, things got out of hand, and the police used tear gas on protestors. I barely remembered the morning news coverage as I caffeinated myself awake. I check my watch. Damn! I hate being late. My gaze wanders to the vehicles just coming to a stop in the northbound lanes on the opposite side of the intersection. As I watch, one of those vehicles…