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RECOIL OFFGRID December 2017/January 2018

RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

United States
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6 Issues


2 min.
aim to change

This issue’s theme could be summed up by one of my favorite quotes from Bruce Lee: “To change with change is the changeless state.” While he was applying Taoism mostly to the fighting arts, his quote also applies to life in general — including survivalism. Megan Hine is no stranger to change. As a professional survivalist who leads clients and celebrities on expeditions into the harshest environments, she must adapt to change quickly or those in her charge will perish. And if that weren’t enough, she works closely with many TV productions, such with her good friend, Bear Grylls, scouting filming locations and spending days or weeks alone in the bush. Then once the cameras roll, she’s off-screen ensuring the safety of the cast and crew. Though her name and face might…

8 min.
gear up

1 MAKE & MODEL TOPS Knives Yacare 10.0 OVERALL LENGTH 15.5 inches MSRP $250 URL www.topsknives.com NOTES The Yacare 10.0 is a beefy machete with an international origin of sorts. Though designed and made in the USA, it was inspired by the tools TOPS general manager Craig Powell saw while he visited Colombia and Costa Rica — with a bit of influence from the Philippine barong. The 10.25-inch, proud-bellied blade is made of tough-as-nails 1095 tool steel and features TOPS’ new Acid Rain finish. The canvas Micarta handle scales are ergonomic and give the right amount of grippyness without shredding your paws. While the nylon sheath leaves something to be desired, overall the Yacare is a cut above the rest. 2 MAKE & MODEL SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Powergrab TOOLS INCLUDED 19 MSRP $120 URL www.sogknives.com NOTES SOG might be known for its tactical knives, but it has a remarkable…

7 min.
tactical pens

We’ve often seen the word “tactical” used as a marketing buzzword. You’ll see the term applied to everything from belt buckles to hammocks — through the magic of the Internet, you can even order a tactical assault rock. But the word does have a proper definition beyond its overuse. A tactical item is one that’s specifically designed for combat tactics. Tactical pens are writing instruments that are purpose-built to double as what some self-defense instructors would call force multipliers. These implements are usually machined from a solid billet of impact-resistant metal, with textured elements to improve grip for repeated hammer-fist strikes. Some also include sharpened tips to amplify the damage dealt, or glass-breakers to aid in escape or rescue scenarios. Tactical pens are especially useful in nonpermissive environments — they can provide…

14 min.
what if?

The Scenario SITUATION TYPE Natural disaster YOUR CREW You and your son, Bobby LOCATION Tulsa, Oklahoma SEASON Autumn WEATHER Cloudy and unusually warm, 85 degrees F As the fat raindrops pounded against the windshield, it grew harder and harder to see the dim red taillights of the vehicle ahead. I was clear-headed and wide awake, but the whole scene had the feeling of a foggy dream — the kind in which everything moved at half speed, except for my mind. The rain lessened, and as the visibility cleared a bit, my son spotted a massive twister attached to the cloud bank. Like a serpent, it writhed and slithered through the air. Where it touched the ground, it was wreathed in a ring of debris. As we watched in shock, it started to grow wider. It looked like the finger of God, wiping…

13 min.
prepper property

Recent articles in Business Insider, Forbes, and The New Yorker have all reported that some of the nation’s wealthiest individuals are snatching up large swaths of land or even buying abandoned missile silos and converting them into condos in preparation for doomsday. If this is a sign of things to come, then it’s definitely time to start thinking about securing your own remote rendezvous. But where do you start, what do you look for, and what is really appropriate to sustain your family in the event of a long-term disaster? While it might sound easy enough to fall back to your vacation property a few hours away, play out some hypothetical events first to determine if that’s even realistic. If things get haywire, will angry hordes also desperately seek shelter in the…

19 min.
rethinking survival

What is it that makes a survivor? This profound question demands a complex answer. Gear is one piece of the puzzle, since the tools and supplies at your disposal dramatically affect your chances of staying alive under adverse conditions. Physical fitness also plays a major role — strength, endurance, agility, and injury-avoidance help keep you safe. But there’s a third element that’s often overlooked: the mind. Without adequate mental fortitude, even someone in peak physical form with the best gear money can buy will fail to survive. Megan Hine is well aware of how the rigors of survival affect the human mind, but she’s no sedentary philosopher. In her career as a celebrity expedition guide and behind-the-scenes consultant for TV shows such as Bear Grylls: Mission Survive and Man vs. Wild, Hine…