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RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

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1 Hat MAKE & MODEL Under Armour Tactical Patch Cap MSRP $25 URL 2 Sunglasses MAKE & MODEL ESS CDI MSRP $100 URL 3 Jacket MAKE & MODEL Wild Things Tactical Low Loft Jacket-FR-G MSRP $399 URL 4 Gloves MAKE & MODEL Patrol Incident Gear FDT-Alpha Touch MSRP $36 URL 5 Watch MAKE & MODEL ArmourLite Isobrite ISO100-PU MSRP $499 URL 6 Backpack MAKE & MODEL CamelBak Fourteener 24 MSRP $145 URL 7 Knife MAKE & MODEL Skallywag Tactical Spin Drift Steve Reichert Signature Blade MSRP $375 URL 8 Footwear MAKE & MODEL Salewa Firetail Evo Mid GTX MSRP $189 URL 9 Pants MAKE & MODEL Vertx Phantom Featherlite Pants MSRP $70 URL OFF THE COVER 10 Belt MAKE & MODEL Kitanica Dual Ring Belt MSRP $15 URL 11 T-Shirt MAKE & MODEL 5.11 Tactical RECON Performance Top MSRP $43 URL 12 Long-Sleeve Shirt MAKE & MODEL 5.11 Tactical Flannel Shirt MSRP $71 URL…

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I was asleep. Unconscious. Totally comatose. Not medically, per se, but a part of my brain was unaware of all of the dangers that could befall not just me, but also my entire community. I was just another city slicker, a cubicle monkey going through my suburban life — completely unprepared for all the potentially lethal and life-changing threats out there. That is until Katrina reared her ugly head. As one of the deadliest hurricanes and the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, Hurricane Katrina killed almost 2,000 people and caused more than $108 billion (that’s billion with a “b”) in property damage! Suddenly, I was wide awake. Like the millions watching on TV, I asked, “How could this happen?” and “What would I do if that were me?” Soon after,…

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gear up

1 PUBLISHER & TITLE Ulysses Press Crafting with Paracord FORMAT Trade Paperback PAGES 108 MSRP $15 URL NOTES Despite having a title that sounds like it was penned by Martha Stewart, Crafting with Paracord: 50 Fun and Creative Projects Using the World’s Strongest Cord by Chad Poole is a bit manlier than one would think — not that women wouldn’t fnd it handy, too. Originally designed as parachute lines during World War II, paracord has since been adapted for all sorts of uses due to it toughness, lightness, and versatility. This book shows how to make everything from survival bracelets and knife handles to watchbands and keychains. 2 MAKE & MODEL SOG Specialty Knives & Tools Dark Energy 120A LENGTH 4.5 in. WEIGHT 2.89 oz. MSRP $58 URL NOTES Unless you’re defending Bartertown against nighttime raiders, a 2,000-lumen fashlight might be a tad excessive. For everyday carry, the Dark Energy 120A can get…

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handheld spotlights and searchlights

Those who carry a pocketsized flashlight on them every day (which should be everyone) understand the benefits of having access to light at a moment’s notice. But what if your needs go beyond illuminating the dark corners of a room? What if you need to see well beyond the reach of your everyday-carry (EDC) light? EDC flashlights are convenient to carry and use, but the distance their beams cover can be limited — especially when compared to dedicated spot-beam-style flashlights. Why pack these larger torches? Perhaps you need to see what’s going on across a field or to investigate movement on the roofline of a multistoried building. Lighting up areas at greater distances doesn’t necessarily mean that the flashlight needs to be large and unwieldy. A recent boon in lighting and…

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what if?

My ankle felt like it was on fire. I was on my back. Points of pain competed for attention across my entire body. Through the clearing dust, I could see the spot where the screaming originated. The screams came from her. I looked up at my girlfriend’s face, normally beautiful, now twisted into a red and unfamiliar mask of fear and surprise. I had fallen. And I was hurt. Then the full scope of the situation dawned on me. We were in a remote and unforgiving area. We were also lost. Lost, hurt, alone, and darkness would be upon us soon. The nauseating dread that was growing in my belly was the complete opposite of the excitement I had felt just hours before driving to the trail head to “test…

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the scenario

You’re a fit 30-something who enjoys living in Los Angeles. But, you realize the need to be prepared for any emergency, be it natural or manmade. You understand the concept of “bugging out” and want to practice by loading up a one-day bug-out bag and going on a hike. You enlist your longtime girlfriend to do the same. Though she’s of only average athletic ability and not a prepper, she’s willing and able. Things go well as you ascend Mount San Antonio Loop Trail, known locally as Mount Baldy, until you reach the Devil’s Backbone, the final portion before the summit; it tests your endurance and athleticism. You chug more water than expected, going through two-thirds of your water supply already. Your girlfriend has downed half of her water supply. After…