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Hunting & Fishing

RECOIL OFFGRID October/November #27 2018

RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

United States
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6 Issues

In this issue

2 min.
on the cover

Cover Photos: Jorge Nuñez; terng99, WangAnQi, JanekWD/istockphoto.com…

3 min.
you don’t know what you don’t know

I recently attended traffic school for a speeding ticket. If ever there were a collection of armchair experts assembled in one room, this was certainly it, as well as a lesson on people’s inability to be objective about themselves. The instructor asked the class for a show of hands of everyone who considered themselves to be a good driver. Of course, everyone in the class threw up their hands — including me. As the class progressed, my lack of familiarity about the ever-changing laws became more apparent. I also couldn’t help but wonder how some of the people around me would even qualify for a library card, much less a driver’s license. Bottom line — I reluctantly accepted the fact that if I were such a good driver, I wouldn’t…

5 min.
gear up

1 MAKE & MODEL Hawke Endurance 30 WA SF 4-16x50 .223/.308 WEIGHT 1.23 pounds MSRP $480 URL us.hawkeoptics.com NOTES After your fridge has gone bare and the supermarkets have run dry, you’ll be left to your own devices when it’s TEOTWAWKI. And hopefully one of those devices will be a powerful scope for hitting big game at long distances. The Endurance 30 gives you a reticle that’s still accurate even if you’ve adjusted to maximum magnification. In this case, the wide-angle, second-focal-plane optic has a 100-yard zero and holdover aim points out to 600 yards, with the distances glass-etched. The Endurance features a 30mm monotube chassis, a 4-inch eye relief, and an 18-layer coated lens. It’s also shockproof, waterproof, and nitrogen purged. While the reticle might be a tad thin for some and it’s made in China, the Endurance 30 is…

7 min.
wallet-sized tools

Imagine you had just seconds to grab your essentials before a raging wildfire engulfed your home. It would be chaos, right? That’s why we have get-out-of-Dodge bags at the ready. But the one thing we won’t be hauling with us is the garage — our man cave of power tools, manual implements, and other equipment. Sure, if you’re bugging out in an RV or off-road rig, you probably have a tool kit preloaded. But if you’re fleeing on foot from impending doom, you’ll be lucky to make it out with the clothes and pack on your back. That’s why in this edition of Pocket Preps we’re focusing on wallet-sized tools. These little devices are super slim and featherweight but can often serve various duties when things go awry — or be used…

3 min.
what if?

What’s this protest about?” my wife absentmindedly asked as she thumbed through Facebook on her phone. “More president hating or something about vegetable rights this time?” she mocked. The ride to our son Johnny’s game was taking longer than expected, and we were all getting frustrated with the slow pace. Earlier in the day, I had heard something on the radio about protests, and as the vehicles ground to a halt, the uncharacteristic evening traffic started to make sense. People with poster board signs, many with covered faces, began to fill the spaces between the idling cars. Some of the more energetic protesters started to jump onto car hoods and hurl objects at the gridlocked motorists. Then I saw it, a few cars ahead of us. Several men crowded around a…

8 min.
attorney: jason squires’ approach

Prep I always have my SUV stocked with basic survival necessities. I break these into three categories: 1. People. Items people need to survive such as water, clothing, and self-defense items; 2. Vehicle. Goods to keep the vehicle functioning; 3. Mission-specific items. For example: things needed for my son’s baseball game. While traveling with a pregnant wife, the matter is further complicated because of emergency issues related to the unborn child. I must have a bag specifically for the wife stocked with essentials like birth certificates, insurance information, cash and credit/debit cards, and preparation for a hospital stay. People: While traveling anywhere you must have clothing to anticipate changes in temperature. Children have no concept of preparation, and extra care must be given to ensure each child has comfortable shoes and a warm…