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RECOIL OFFGRID takes a fresh look at emergency-related scenarios from the URBAN/CITY dweller's point of view. We speak to experts about what to do to stay alive and how. Plus, we feature products, equipment, and supplies that all urbanites should use. Topics covered include survival gear, food preparation, and much more.

United States
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6 Issues


1 min.
on the cover

Cover Composition: Jorge Nuñez and iStockphoto.com/ Alexander Hafemann, Marco Palmero, Vladone 1 Jacket MAKE & MODEL Marmot Ridgecrest Insulated Jacket COLOR Cinder MSRP $185 URL www.rei.com 2 Shirt MAKE & MODEL kühl Underground COLOR Olive MSRP $65 URL www.kuhl.com 3 Pants MAKE & MODEL Carhartt Canvas Work Dungaree COLOR Fatigue MSRP $48 URL www.carhartt.com 4 Boots MAKE & MODEL Merrell Geomorph Blaze Mid Thermo Waterproof COLOR Boulder MSRP $150 URL www.merrell.com 5 Gloves MAKE & MODEL The North Face Etip TNF Apex COLOR TNF Black MSRP $55 URL www.thenorthface.com 6 Beanie MAKE & MODEL Wigwam Thermolite Cap COLOR Black MSRP $18 URL www.wigwam.com 7 Backpack MAKE & MODEL kelty Redwing 50 COLOR Black MSRP $120 URL www.kelty.com 8 Belt MAKE & MODEL 5.11 Tactical TDU Belt – 1.5’’ COLOR Black URL www.511tactical.com MSRP $17 9 Knife MAKE & MODEL CrkT F.T.W.S. COLOR N/A MSRP $160 URL www.crkt.com 10 Shovel MAKE & MODEL Gear Up Crovel Extreme II COLOR N/A MSRP $140 URL www.gearupcenter.com 11 dog Pack MAKE & MODEL kurgo MAX Pack COLOR N/A URL www.kurgostore.com MSRP $50 12 dog Leash MAKE & MODEL CQB k-9 Training Lead Nylon 4.5M COLOR ACU Digital Camo MSRP $20 URL www.cqbk9.com 13 GPS & dog Tracker MAKE & MODEL Garmin Astro 320 and DC 50 Dog Collar COLOR N/A URL www.garmin.com MSRP $600 14 dog MAKE & MODEL CQB k-9 Trained Personal-Protection German Shepherd COLOR Varies MSRP Varies URL www.cqbk9.com…

2 min.
keep your guard up

Last year was a sobering reminder of just how volatile our world is — and how fragile our lives really are. A slew of devastating natural disasters hit the United States, as well as other countries throughout the world, in 2013. Here at home, we experienced everything from tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, snowstorms, ice storms, avalanches, and more. Abroad, we saw massive death and destruction on an epic scale in the form of a typhoon in the Philippines, earthquakes in China that impacted more than 2 million people, and destructive floods in Argentina, just to name a few. We do what we can to prevent disasters from occurring, but the fact is that when one does strike, there is little we can do in that instant other than to bear the…

4 min.
new products

MAKE & MODEL Hardcore Hammers Naturalist-Curved Hatchet HEAD WEIGHT 1 lb, 3 oz HANDLE LENGTH 18 in MSRP $45 URL www.shophardcorehammers.com NOTES This multiple-use hatchet features a double-sided head, one for hacking and the other for hammering. Each Naturalist- Curved Hatchet is unique due to its handshaped and hand-finished hickory handle and is completely made in the USA. MAKE & MODEL Tricorne Spool Tool WEIGHT 6 oz (as shown) COLORWAY Black with your choice of paracord color (red-white-blue camo shown) MSRP $23.95 with 50 ft of Type III paracord URL www.spooltool.us NOTES The Spool Tool is made in America and is designed for storing, cutting, and finishing paracord. It includes 50 feet of U.S.-made Type III Commercial paracord and features a replaceable shatterproof stainless steel bi-metal titanium blade. To help seal up cut paracord ends without burning fingers, there are eight multi-size burn slots built in. An integrated Mini Bic Lighter (not included) retention system…

5 min.
when the power goes out

With our cities weathering everything from natural disasters to an aging infrastructure, power outages are becoming an all too common occurrence. Aside from needing power to run everything from lights to microwaves, many people depend on electricity to run critical medical equipment and refrigerators for medicines. If the power does go ofline for a few days or more in your area like it did during the large-scale blackout of the Northeast in 2003, do you have a plan to get your home up and running? Having a power generator handy is definitely a great idea and should be on the top of every prepper’s musthave list. We’re going to take it one step further than to simply have a generator at your beckon call. We will prepare our house so that…

1 min.
3 key things to know about running your generator:

carbon monoxide — Always run your generator in a well-ventilated area and never inside your garage or house. Try to avoid placing it near air intakes or windows. According to the U.S. Government, approximately 170 people die each year from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning, and about half of these deaths occur during power outages. Power loss — You want to use an extension cord as short as possible to avoid losing power between your generator and transfer box. In this case, the less length, the better. Security — Generators make noise. Even the quietest models can draw unwanted attention, especially when no one else on your street is running one. If your house is the only one prepped for power, it can make you a target. At the very least, you will…

4 min.
get a grip

G-10 isn’t the latest business jet that all the iced-out rappers are flying in these days. It’s a durable material that’s popular as handle scales for knives. Its use on folders and fixed blades has become more prevalent in recent years — particularly among cops, troops, bushcrafters, and outdoor adventurers who are looking for something that can take a serious beating in the most serious conditions. Some people assume that the blade is the most (and only) important part of a knife, but the handle is just as important. Without a sturdy grip, you wouldn’t be able to keep the tool in your hand, let alone use it for any vital tasks. So the handle is the yin to the blade’s yang. Both are equally important; that’s why more and more…