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RECOIL Presents: Carnivore

RECOIL Presents: Carnivore

Carnivore #5 2020
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RECOIL Presents: Carnivore is a new publication dedicated to the modern outdoor sportsman with an emphasis on field-to-table hunting and traditions. Every issue focuses on respecting natural food and its origins through features on the latest guns, personality profiles, culinary tips, and gear reviews.

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vantage point

2020 may have sucked when considering the opportunities for overseas hunting, but it has refocused many people’s attention on the amazing bounty of our own backyard. America’s public lands are an incredible resource, unmatched anywhere in the world — and it should be a source of pride to us all that we cherish, fund, and advocate for, whenever the opportunity arises. When I visit family in Europe, one aspect of the American model of conservation that’s the hardest to explain is the concept that we have millions of acres that are held in trust by we the people, and that anyone can access them without hindrance, to hunt, hike, or camp. In a country currently riven by manufactured outrage, shouldn’t that be something we can all get behind? 2020 is also…

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built for the backcountry

LEUPOLD RIFLESCOPE OUTLASTS THE BRUTAL ALASKAN WEATHER Local outfitters and guides swear by Leupold’s optics, which are revered for their reliability, dating back to the very first riflescope the company built in the 1940s. The legendary Gold Ring is a natural fit for the world’s harshest environments and most demanding hunters. Few, though, have put the rugged reliability of a Leupold scope to the test in the way that assistant hunting guide Don Hunley has. Not many hunters drop their riflescope into a raging Alaskan river. And even less wind up finding that very same scope months later. This is that story Back in October 2017, Hunley was winding down a 10-day hunt on the Alaskan peninsula, where he was hoping to help his client get a shot at one of Alaska’s…

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rugged performance relentless clarity

UPGRADE YOUR GLASS Ready to upgrade your own glass? Leupold binoculars are designed to help you see more in a variety of situations, but it can be hard knowing which binocular is right for you. If you’ve ever wondered how to choose your next binocular, then this section will shed some light on the details that matter most for your hunting or shooting needs. STRENGTH OF MAGNIFICATION Whether you’re calling shots at the range or peering into thick cover from your treestand, the right magnification can make all the difference. Knowing how you plan to use your binocular most of the time will help determine which features will best meet your needs. LOW-POWER More magnification isn’t always the answer. Sometimes the environment dictates that field of view is more important. A binocular with 6x to 8x…

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outlast and outperform on any budget

GENERAL USE BX-1 The BX-1 series is perfect for the active hunter who logs more miles on their boots than moments behind their glass, and the competitive shooter who needs an optic for fast target identification before picking up their rifle and taking aim. The BX-1 series features Leupold’s time-tested Standard Optical System, which delivers class-leading light transmission, glare reduction, and resolution. Features: • Centralized image clarity works well for quick glassing sessions• Internal mechanical design helps manage stray light and minimize wash-out• Lens coatings balance the transmission of light to your eye and enhance low-light performance EXTENDED VIEWING BX-2 The BX-2 series is perfect for the avid hunter who spends their day hiking and picking apart hillsides along the way, and the shooter who is looking for a little extra definition. This series features improved optical…

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campfire boar

Have you ever roasted an entire wild boar? It’s a very long process, but if you get your campfire ready and follow this recipe, the end result will be the most delicious roasted pork experience you’ll ever enjoy. WILD BOAR: + 1 wild boar (150 lbs.)+ 2 5-gallon buckets of seawater+ 10 long branches of rosemary (roughly 2 feet in length) CHIMICHURRI SAUCE: + 1 lb. spring garlic+ 2 large bunches Italian parsley+ 2 tbsp. pimenton dulce+ 1 tbsp. Espelette chili+ 10 garlic cloves+ 2 large shallots+ 2 cups sherry vinegar+ 1 lemon zest and juice+ 3 cups Seka Hills extra virgin olive oil+ Sea salt to taste WILD BOAR ROAST: With a heavy cleaver, open the boar at its backbone at the rear and front legs to receive a roasting spit. Place lateral spits on…

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fresh meat

1 OPTICAL DYNAMICS EXUDE OD50 GREEN LED ILLUMINATOR MAX RUN TIME: 17 hours on low mode MSRP: $300 URL: exudelight.com NOTES: Don’t call the Exude OD50 Green LED Illuminator a flashlight; it’s an “illuminator.” What’s the difference? Using Optical Dynamics’ Direct Projection Technology, the Exude’s optical lenses gather light from powerful CREE XHP50 LED chips into a focusable beam that doesn’t spill light. It’s like harnessing sunlight with a magnifying glass versus reflecting it with aluminum foil. The Exude produces a crisp, tight spotlight that makes it easier to identify targets up to 250 yards. The trade-off is that it’s a bulky 12 inches long. However, its green light helps retain night vision and doesn’t spook animals, which is especially useful for hunters. Though its rated output is 232 lumens, its max LED chip output is a powerful…