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RECOIL Presents: Carnivore

RECOIL Presents: Carnivore Carnivore #2

RECOIL Presents: Carnivore is a new publication dedicated to the modern outdoor sportsman with an emphasis on field-to-table hunting and traditions. Every issue focuses on respecting natural food and its origins through features on the latest guns, personality profiles, culinary tips, and gear reviews.

United States
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2 min.
vantage point

One of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked on social media these past few months has been: When will the next issue of CARNIVORE hit the shelves? It appears to have touched a nerve with a lot of folks across a wide spectrum of meat eaters — so we’re proud to offer this issue and everything it represents. I’m in the very privileged position of working with the best and hardest-working team in the business. When we huddled around a conference table to decide the direction this magazine would take, we considered the motivations of you, our audience. According to every survey we managed to dig up, the No. 1 reason people gave when asked why they hunted was to put meat on the table; the second was to spend time…

2 min.
thai style venison salad (larb)

Larb is a simple dish that I first tasted at Thai restaurants while living in San Diego and Las Vegas. It’s the “unofficial national dish” of Laos, and has been brought to the U.S. in Thai restaurants due to a large Laotian population in Northeastern Thailand. For me, it’s a perfect hot-weather dish, and is a fresh, flavorful way to enjoy ground game meat that’s unique. It can be eaten in lettuce cups, or served more as an entrée with raw vegetables and sticky rice. I love the hot, salty, sour combination of f lavors and all of its textures working together. INGREDIENTS: 1 tablespoon sugar3 garlic cloves2 tablespoons Jasmine rice, uncookedCooking oil (we prefer peanut or corn)1 pound ground venison or ½ poundground venison and ½ pound ground pork3 tablespoons fresh…

8 min.
fresh meat

1 VORTEX OPTICS TORQUE WRENCH MOUNTING KIT RANGE: 10-50 in-lb, in 1-pound increments INCLUDES: 3/16-inch, 2.5mm, 3mm hex bits, T15, T25 Torx bits, 10mm-wide screwdriver bit, ½-inch socket, ¼-inch socket adapter PRICE: $90 INFO: vortexoptics.com NOTES: Once-in-a-lifetime hunts usually involve travel, and travel is hell on optics. Scope mount bolts can be set by feel, but why leave something so important to chance when there’s a compact torque wrench out there like this one from Vortex. Its torque range of 10-50 in-lb will lock down any ring or mount setup, and it comes with a testing certification that tells you how accurate it is. Instead of a repurposed 3/8-inch drive socket wrench, this guy is a dedicated ¼-inch bit driver, meaning you won’t be a slave to a drive adapter going missing at the worst time. And, while it’s a…

4 min.
what da hell ahh you?

It’s funny to see the amount of coin some people drop on RVs that are about as robust as Gersh Kuntzman’s rifle skills. If you own a Silver Crown, Prevost, or Goss motorhome, you may think you have the Hearst Castle on wheels, but the joke’s on you. Virtually all modern RVs are two-wheel drive and have the ride height of a lowered Monte Carlo, so where can you go? You’re relegated to RV parks, stacked up alongside a bunch of other glampers in what looks like a cross between a bus yard and a mobile home park. While that may suit some people’s idea of a sound investment and “getting away from it all” just fine, others prefer enjoying a remote camping or hunting trip on God’s green splendor. If…

8 min.
fanciful duck to the taco truck

Game is for eating. But even when we’re rolling fancy not every dish has to be über haute couture, nor should it be. That said, if we can show either end of the spectrum just to give you some ideas to rip apart and make your own? We will. Undoubtedly you’ll have some versions that fall somewhere in between, and assuredly we’ll receive some hate mail about how horrible our recipes are (lies). FYI, if you have game recipes you’d like to share with us, from pigeon to platypus, penguin to pronghorn — very soon you’ll be able to submit them for consideration. Bricked Duck Yes, we’re using a brick. But that’s not the best part; this recipe works equally well on both harvested and farmed birds. This sentence would seem obvious to…

2 min.
replaceable blades

In an ideal world, you never have to bring a sharpener on your hunt because your blade never dulls. But let’s face facts. If you’ve spent any time processing big game, you know that even the best fixed blade will eventually lose its edge. For centuries, hunters had to either know how to sharpen their knives in the field or carry multiple knives with them. Nowadays, there’s a new convenient option: knives with replaceable blades. This growing trend allows you to carry a compact knife (lightening your overall load) while also letting you substitute a sharp blade for a dull one within seconds (eliminating the tedium of hand-sharpening and reducing the time it takes to get your carcass on ice). Plus, for those on a budget, knives with replaceable blades are…