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RECOIL Presents: Concealment

RECOIL Presents: Concealment

Concealment #20 2020

RECOIL Presents: Concealment is a new firearms lifestyle publication dedicated to the modern shooting enthusiast. Every issue will feature the latest guns, gear, accessories, technology, plus reviews and buyer’s guides.

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editor’s letter

There’s been lots of chatter over the past few months about herd immunity, which translates directly to the CCW and home-defense world. The number-one wild card opposing any criminal’s activity isn’t law enforcement, but the presence of an armed citizen who’s willing to intervene. The greater the number of these wild cards, the greater the risk to someone bent on causing harm and the less likely they are to carry out their nefarious actions. John Lott details this well in More Guns, Less Crime, and in a survey of 15,000 police officers, Police 1 discovered that 75 percent of sworn officers thought that armed citizens were either important or very important in reducing crime rates. You’re probably reading this magazine because you have an interest in the safety and well-being of…

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1 TUFF WRITER MINI-CLICK tuffwriter.com LENGTH: 5.13 inches WEIGHT: 1 ounce MSRP: $85 NOTES: For a while, tactical pens weren’t very practical. With pointy tips, gnarly shapes, and screw-off caps, most of them were just crappy ballpoints masquerading as blunt stabbing implements. Tuff Writer revolutionized the genre with smart engineering, quality materials, understated aesthetics, and tough-as-nails construction. Its Mini-Click is no exception. Now available in various colors, finishes, and materials (such as flamed titanium), the Mini-Click features Tuff Writer’s 416SS machined advancing mechanism — a push-button clicker that’s so smooth it doesn’t even click when you extend or retract the ballpoint tip. This EDC tool can write as reliably as it can smash an eye socket, thanks to its 6061-T6 aluminum body, stainless steel hardware, and Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge. 2 REAL AVID MASTER SIGHT PUSHER realavid.com WEIGHT: 5…

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altor single-shot 9mm

Most of our Crap Shoot articles deal with used firearms that can be had for under $200. Sometimes you score, sometimes you get a fixerupper that may need a few parts and some elbow grease, and sometimes you just wasted two Benjamins. In this case, we found something new from a manufacturer in the form of the Altor single-shot pistol. This handgun is unlike any other single-shot we’ve used. At first glance, the Altor 9mm resembles an air compressor, garden hose nozzle, glue gun, or maybe even a small hair dryer. But it doesn’t look like a typical pistol, aside from the fact it’s roughly shaped like one. This is good because it may be less intimidating to new people. But it’s also bad because it could be easy for a child…

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GALCO PARAGON IWB galcogunleather.com FITS: CZ P10; Glock (various); SIG P220/226/229, P320, M18; S&W M&P, ZEV O.Z-9 MATERIAL: Kydex MSRP: $79 NOTES: Galco’s Paragon is a versatile, Kydex, inside-the-waistband gun keeper suitable for just about everything between 4 o’clock to cross-draw carry. The Paragon uses Galco’s polymer UniClip belt clips, which provide a lot of versatility despite their basic appearance. They offer 1 ⅜ inches of height adjustment, pivot for forward and backward cant, and are even tuckable. Additionally, the clips ride on either side of the holster body for ambidextrous carry, resulting in a deceptively simple-looking selection that provides a lot of options for IWB carry. Standard fare for this kind of holster these days, there’s a claw-type stabilizing wing that screws into the retention setting screws to tuck the pistol butt inward. If you don’t…

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mark endy

@doc_endy Profession Retired U.S. Military Describe your residence and its occupants as it relates to protective or defensive decision-making. My house is a two-story family home located in a culde-sac in a rural neighborhood on a minimum 1-acre plot, with numerous woodlands in between and behind homes. Children are present in the home; LE response time is no longer than five to 10 minutes due to the proximity of a satellite station. There are three avenues of vehicular exit in or out of the neighborhood, and numerous cleared trails through wooded areas. All but one bedroom are upstairs, and children are well versed in contacting authorities, where to hide or escape, and the location of medical and firefighting supplies. How does your home/neighborhood environment affect your choice of home defense/bedside firearm and defense items? The neighborhood…

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john carughi

@_shooter_rughi_ Profession Private Investigator Current job title Owner/Operator of Bang Bags LLC Describe your residence and its occupants as it relates to protective or defensive decision-making. My home is a small one, in a rural area. The occupants of my home all understand the use of firearms, because it is a rural area and the homes aren’t packed tight. There are no children or elderly people in my home, and the expected LE response time is longer than it takes for a situation to turn terrible and ruin a life. To be honest, it isn’t a thing I consider, because I choose not to rely on police response. Not out of any lack of respect, but because it takes a fraction of a second to fire a round. It takes the same time to hit one…