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RECOIL Presents: Concealment

RECOIL Presents: Concealment Concealment #3

RECOIL Presents: Concealment is a new firearms lifestyle publication dedicated to the modern shooting enthusiast. Every issue will feature the latest guns, gear, accessories, technology, plus reviews and buyer’s guides.

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1 WATCH MAKE: Bravo Company USA MODEL: Mk15 Tritium Watch MSRP: $595 URL: www.bravocompanyusa.com 2 PISTOL MAKE: Walther MODEL: PPS M2 MSRP: $470 URL: www.waltherarms.com 3 HOLSTER MAKE: ZZZ Custom Works MODEL: IWB holster MSRP: $69 URL: www.zzzcustomholsters.com 4 RING MAKE: Starlingear MODEL: Gasser Puncher Ring MSRP: $725 URL: www.monkeyedge.com 5 KNIFE MAKE: Hinderer Knives MODEL: LP-1 MSRP: $175 URL: www.monkeyedge.com 6 BELT MAKE: Magpul MODEL: Tejas Gun Belt MSRP: $85 URL: www.magpul.com 7 KNIFE MAKE: Microtech MODEL: Ultratech OTF Auto Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern MSRP: $269 URL: www.monkeyedge.com 8 COIN POUCH MAKE: Starlingear MODEL: Chicago Candy Bar Coin Pouch MSRP: $225 URL: www.monkeyedge.com…

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editor’s letter

Welcome to the third issue of CONCEALMENT. After many requests from the better looking and smelling members of our readership, we’ve taken a critical look at the problems facing 50 percent of the population when it comes to selecting a method of carry. The more hairy-arsed of us can learn a thing or two from this conundrum, as it forces us to consider the issue from scratch, rather than just accept the usual solution of a 4 o’clock IWB. Are there better solutions out there, based on our body types, occupation, or weapon choice? For those of us forced to utilize off-body carry, our partners may have already found the solution by careful research or trial and error. Elsewhere, we delve deeply into the world of Kydex and its use in…

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1 While pistol optics become more popular, sending your slide to a machine shop to get it flat-topped for an optic is still a scary proposition. The RCS Balor, named after a mythological giant whose one eye spewed destruction whenever it opened, puts an Aimpoint Micro or a Trijicon RMR on your (non-MOS) Glock pistol without any permanent modification. It slides into the rear sight dovetail and is further stabilized using a proprietary slide endplate. It offers irons that help pick up the dot, while they also serve as a backup in case your optic goes down. It’s perfect for shooters with commitment issues or agencies that want to test a few guns with optics before going all in. MAKE: Raven Concealment MODEL: Balor MSRP: $199 URL: www.rcsgear.com 2 Luminox’s “used by Navy SEALs” shtick might be a tired…

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walther pps m2

Walther’s PPS was introduced to the American market in 2007, and despite being a creditable design, never got the kind of attention it deserved. Once the Smith & Wesson Shield hit the shelves, followed by the fast-becoming-ubiquitous G43, it became about as noticeable as a middle child with braces. Which is a pity, as it’s actually pretty damn good. Responding to the market’s lack of empathy for the design, Walther relaunched the PPS as the M2 version in January, making a number of changes calculated to endear it to U.S. shooters. Gone is the Euro paddle mag release, replaced by an apple pie button at the rear of the trigger guard. The frame got smoothed out and rounded, losing some of the original’s Teutonic blockiness, and its trigger mechanism was simplified,…

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lessons learned from the competition circuit

“Competition shooting will get you killed in the real world.” That’s a phrase that’s commonly heard in the shooting industry, both in “real-world” training, or from defense firearms instructors. I’ve personally heard it more times than I can count. And, on the surface, I agree with them. The majority of the tactics we employ in competitions will get you severely injured or killed “on the street” if applied in a similar manner. Competition shooters employ techniques to maneuver and navigate around scenarios to achieve the fastest time, while engaging predetermined targets. We have one goal in mind when it comes to competition shooting, and that is to be the fastest while simultaneously being the most accurate. Throughout my years in the shooting industry, I’ve had the opportunity to see both sides of…

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(almost) perfect 10

Almost unknown in North America and a relative newcomer to the industry, the Grand Power brand has been notching up wins on the European IPSC circuit and recently introduced a 10mm addition to its U.S. line. The opportunity to examine an unusual pistol with a rare operating system, chambered in an underappreciated cartridge was too much to pass up. Having been formed in 2012, this isn’t a long-established company with a storied track record of successful designs. Like most startups, it approached problems with fresh thinking, incorporating advances from elsewhere (such as a CNC’d chassis in a polymer frame) and blasts from the past, like the rotating barrel lockup, first seen on the 1912-vintage Steyr-Hahn. How well does this amalgam of old and new hold up to the mighty 10? I…