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RECOIL Presents: ConcealmentRECOIL Presents: Concealment

RECOIL Presents: Concealment Concealment #5

RECOIL Presents: Concealment is a new firearms lifestyle publication dedicated to the modern shooting enthusiast. Every issue will feature the latest guns, gear, accessories, technology, plus reviews and buyer’s guides.

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on the cover

1 PISTOL MAKE: SIG MODEL: P320 X Carry MSRP: $862 URL: 2 PISTOL LIGHT MAKE: SureFire MODEL: XC1 MSRP: $300 URL: 3 KNIFE MAKE: Smith & Wesson MODEL: OTF Assist MSRP: $68 URL: 4 BELT MAKE: Klick MODEL: Tactical 2 ply MSRP: $58 URL: 5 HOLSTER MAKE: Safariland MODEL: 27 MSRP: $52 URL: 6 AMMO MAKE: SIG MODEL: 9mm 124-grain V-Crown JHP MSRP: $19 URL: 7 BACKPACK MAKE: Blue Force Gear MODEL: Jedburgh Pack MSRP: $140 URL:…

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editor’s letter

The rise of the armed citizen over the past few decades is something that should get a whole lot more attention from the media than it does. Since 1990, we’ve gone from an estimated 2-million concealed weapon permit holders and 15 “shall issue” states, to around 16-million Americans who are licensed to carry, along with 11 states that have adopted “Constitutional Carry” — no license required. Hyperventilating bicoastal politicians still insist this will result in rivers of blood flowing in the streets, and yet, as the numbers of legally armed citizens increased, our rates of violent crime trended to the lowest they’ve been since the Eisenhower administration. On January 3, Representative Richard Hudson introduced H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would protect legally armed citizens from prosecution, should they choose…

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1 This isn’t the first pair of tactical jeans created to keep a shooter in low-pro mode, but it’s definitely among the most comfy we’ve tested. The Defender-Flex Jean performed beautifully at the range, but it also kicked ass during our other athletic pursuits — combatives training, jogging, and even ice skating. Praise be to its 10-ounce stretch fabric, which is 76-percent cotton for comfort and strength and 24-percent polyester with Lycra for durability and a bit of elasticity. That means we can squat, lunge, or take a knee without the denim mashing our frank and beans or pinching the back of our knees. It features a button-top fly with YKK zipper, a deep coin pocket, and two hidden hip pockets — the latter of which are the perfect size…

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the professionals

Once again we bring you a group of professionals and their everyday carry (EDC) items. Though all are involved in the firearms industry, each professional brings something different to the table in terms of background, experience, work environment, and body type. There are some surprising items, and some others more mundane. Something that stood out to us with the pros featured in this issue was the increased prevalence of tourniquets. There are now more plainclothes TQ carry options than ever before, and if you don’t carry one perhaps you should strongly consider it. As far as the mundane, yet again we have N+1 plastic fantastic Glock pistols. But in all fairness none of them are entirely plain-Jane stock models. While you may think that someone with a smaller frame would carry a…

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sig 320 x carry

Regular readers of RECOIL are no doubt familiar with SIG’s P320 series of handguns. With the announcement of the Army’s selection of its M9 replacement, it’s likely that the entire world is about to become aware of this handgun’s existence and, via the medium of Hollywood, become introduced to a striker-fired pistol that actually does make a clicking sound when repeatedly pulling the trigger on an empty chamber. The artistic possibilities are endless. Once screenwriters cotton onto the New Hampshire mohaska, there’ll be remakes of Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, and countless examples of Steven Segal dreck where the gun put in a better performance than any of the cast. We’ll no doubt be regaled by gun counter commandos waxing lyrical about why retiring the Beretta was a horrible mistake, and how…

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have gun, will travel

WARNING! The following story is for informational purposes only and is not, nor is it intended to provide, legal advice. The reader should consult with an appropriate professional regarding their individual situation. Any use of the information contained in this article shall be solely at the reader’s risk. Concealed carry laws can very quickly make criminals out of otherwise lawabiding citizens. It can be difficult enough to understand the rules in your home state. To make things worse, once you think you understand those rules, plan on them changing when you travel. In fact, everything can change when you travel — including the most basic definitions of simple words you think you understand. For every state in which you wish to carry a firearm, you must know what it means for a firearm to…