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RECOIL Presents: Concealment

RECOIL Presents: Concealment Concealment #13 2019

RECOIL Presents: Concealment is a new firearms lifestyle publication dedicated to the modern shooting enthusiast. Every issue will feature the latest guns, gear, accessories, technology, plus reviews and buyer’s guides.

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editor’s letter

Welcome to the 13th installment of RECOIL’s CONCEALMENT Magazine. 2019 brings with it a Federal legislature emboldened by a wave of unheralded gun control action at the state level. We’re bracing for national level confiscation efforts disguised as red flag laws and waiting period bills shrewdly sold as suicide prevention measures, with a goal of hindering gun sales to the point gun shops are driven out of business. And, there’s renewed interest in assault weapon bans that use doe-eyed school children to demonize America’s most popular rifle — as well as the people that own them. Write and call your state and local delegations, keep an eye on legislative calendars, and show up at hearings. Most of all, recognize that our opposition is taking advantage of fissures and stoking factional infighting…

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1 WALKER’S GAME EAR SILENCER BLUETOOTH www.walkersgameear.com NOISE REDUCTION RATING: 23 decibels MSRP: $300 NOTES: At three C-notes, these electronic earbuds are a pretty penny — especially when compared to a $1 package of foam earplugs. While “foamies” are quite good at attenuating noises, they don’t discriminate: they block out loud and soft sounds alike. The Silencer Bluetooth, on the other hand, attenuates loud noises (like gunfire) but amplifies soft ones (like whispers). This lets you hold a conversation on the range without screaming and allows you to hear what’s creeping around at night, be it your teen sneaking out at night or something more nefarious. Plus, these earbuds have Bluetooth technology that lets you listen to music or make a call on your smartphone. Comes with integrated lithium battery and a USB charging…

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taurus g2c

It cannot be argued that every person has a right to self-defense. Our “Crap Shoot” articles deviate from our normal Ferrari-esque weapons and bring it back down to the fact not everyone is willing or able to drop $500-plus on a self defense tool. We realize this fact and want to cater for those that have the will to defend, but not necessarily the means. Enter Taurus, a company most known for a revolver that had sex with a little shotgun and ended up bad at everything. Jokes aside, Taurus has been producing firearms since 1941 and have a wide vari-ety of pistols and revolvers in their product line. To answer today’s call of polymer, compact, double-stacked 9mm pistols, Taurus offers the G2c. With a street price of just at $200,…

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1 1791 GUNLEATHER BH2.1 1791gunleather.com FITS: Various models from Glock, Heckler & Koch, Ruger, SIG SAUER, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Taurus, Walther, and more MSRP: $100 NOTES: The BH2.1 is a part of 1791 Gunleather’s Project Stealth lineup, which is the first to combine “the comfort of leather and the extreme durability of carbon fiber,” according to the company. In our experience, carbon fiber isn’t always durable. Depending on the weave, this space-age material can chip and scratch quite easily and, while its strength-to-weight ratio is quite high, can crack rather than bend. Fortunately, the Carbitex patented CX6 carbon fiber in the BH2.1 is flexible, not just for increased resilience, but also to conform to a wide range of popular handguns, from Glocks to SIGs. Plus, it’s bonded to 100-percent U.S. heavy native steerhide — not…

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kita busse

www.facebook.com/180FT/ Profession Shooting Coach Job title Owner, 180 Firearms Training, LLC Describe Your Working Environment I am a movement coach for competitive level shooters and teach fundamentals to small groups for my own company, 180 Firearms Training, LLC. How does your work environment affect your EDC? I spend the majority of my time on the road by myself, whether it be driving or flying. As a woman traveling the world alone, it is of the utmost importance that I have the ability to protect myself. Describe your EDC items SIG SAUER P365 In selecting a firearm for EDC, I was looking for something compact enough to hide on my small frame, but with a decent capacity and grip size. I went with the SIG P365 because it can carry up to 13 rounds, it fits my hands well, and I can…

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jacqueline carrizosa

www.jacquelinecarrizosa.com Profession Technical advisor, athlete, stuntperson, and model Describe your working environment Discreet and high paced. Environments are subject to change due to national locations. Sometimes, I’m even just sitting in my college classes. Usually clothed normally, but thanks to innovative companies I can use my functional gear clothing and appear normal. How does your work environment affect your EDC? My work environment is always changing and is all over the United States, so I like my gear to be as versatile as my days and minimal. I travel a lot so it’s important to me to have items I can always carry that take up a small amount of space. I would love to carry more, but make do with what you can. Describe your EDC items Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm Stippled grip, stock trigger (need to…