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Recoil Sept/Oct 2019 #44

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down range

Way back last century when I moved to the U.S., the prevailing wisdom among firearms aficionados was that you never wanted to invite “The Man” into your life. According to popular lore, owning NFA items virtually guaranteed the midnight knock, followed by a request for papieren, bitte. The reality is, of course, worlds apart from the tinfoil-hatted fantasies of yore, and if you’re really worried about government intrusion into your private life, then ditching your cellphone would be a better place to start. While the National Firearms Act was, and remains, an unjust imposition on the rights of firearms’ owners, complying with its requirements has become less onerous in recent years. Originally conceived as a means to price naughty guns and accessories out of the range of the common man, inflation…

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1 Ergo’s instantly recognizable rubber overmolded visage stands alone as the grippiest of AR rifle grips. With the release of the Tactical Deluxe Zero Angle Suregrip, Ergo addresses the needs of precision shooters who want a vertical rifle grip. The upright grip offers a bit more comfort (and reduced fatigue) for chassis systems shooters and increases control of the rifle, especially when shooting in alternate positions. The TDX-0 plugs into any rifle that accepts an AR-style grip and features a heavily textured, ergonomically contoured, rubberized surface. MAKE: Ergo MODEL: TDX-0 MSRP: $42 URL: ergogrips.net 2 It doesn’t matter if you’re plinking, training, or competing in matches with your Ruger Precision Rimfire, you’re ignoring its untapped potential by leaving the stock trigger in place. Timney’s upgrade is a drop-in trigger that provides a two-stage trigger pull with a half-pound first stage and…

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the frontier army museum

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, is arguably most famous — even infamous to some — for being home to the U.S. Military Corrections Complex, but that’s really just one small facet of this army installation, dating back to 1827. In fact, the prison, consisting of the United States Disciplinary Barracks — the Department of Defense’s only maximum security prison — actually only dates back to 1874. By that time, Fort Leavenworth had already become an important part of America’s move westward. Today, the fort is the oldest active U.S. Army post west of Washington, D.C., and it’s also the oldest permanent settlement in Kansas. It was the home to the United States’ original so-called “Buffalo Soldiers,” the segregated African-American 10th Cavalry Regiment, which saw combat in the Indian Wars and later in the…

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fighting chance

MIL-SPEC AUTOMOTIVE HUMMER H1 6.6L LBZ DURAMAX ALLISON 1000 TRANSMISSION WWW.MILSPECAUTO.COM Think about the various flare-ups in the automotive industry you’ve lived through. Many vehicles debut to great fanfare, but their flame is often extinguished just as quickly as it began. Outfits independent of the Big Three like DeLorean, Vector, Tucker, and Fisker certainly burst upon the scene to tremendous optimism. Unfortunately, they found themselves added to a growing list of names that automotive enthusiasts wax philosophically about what could’ve been. The public is also left to wonder if anyone’s got the cojones to resurrect the brand and improve where others fell short. The tale of Hummer also falls into this category of missed opportunities, but perhaps now the elements have aligned for it to finally reach its intended potential. Let’s face it, there’s…

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unusual suspects

Knives have been around for thousands of years. So, the casual collector might think everything that can be improved on this ancient tool has already been done. But they clearly don’t know the designers we’re featuring here. These genius knife-makers have been more instrumental in advancing edged tools than the rest of the industry combined. Of course, we can’t possibly fit all of the living legends who’ve pushed the bladed envelope because there’s only so much room in these pages. Sadly, we can only highlight six of them here. (Apologies to Pardue, Reeve, Terzuola, Walker, and the other pioneers still grinding!) Due to their inventiveness, creativity, and sheer popularity, some of these greats can command thousands of dollars for just one of their custom knives. Others are so in demand that they’ve…