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Recoil January 2012

Our magazine is gear heavy featuring guns, trucks, atv's, knives, watches, and more. Get Recoil digital magazine subscription today for gun evaluations, interviews with industry personalities, shooting tips from the pros, shooting sports, defense, do it yourself articles, and much more. We aim to appeal to the casual shooter as well as the core enthusiast.

United States
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6 Issues


2 min.
on the cover

01 JACKET MAKE Arc’teryx MODEL Crosswire Jacket MSRP $129 URL www.rei.com 02 SHIRT MAKE Patagonia MODEL Capilene 3 Zip T-Shirt MSRP $59 URL www.patagonia.com 03 GLOVES MAKE Mechanix Wear MODEL Covert Original Vent MSRP $28 URL www.mechanix.com 04 WATCH MAKE Casio MODEL Pathfinder PAG240T-7 MSRP $300 URL www.pathfinder.casio.com 05 PANTS MAKE 5.11 MODEL Taclite Pro Pants MSRP $55 URL www.511tactical.com 06 BELT MAKE Ares Gear MODEL Ranger Belt MSRP $80 URL www.aresgear.com 07 RIFLE MAKE Heckler & Koch MODEL MR556A1 MSRP $3,295 URL www.hk-usa.com 08 OPTIC MAKE Aimpoint MODEL Micro T-1 MSRP $633 URL www.aimpoint.com 09 OPTIC MOUNT MAKE LaRue Tactical MODEL LT660 MSRP $98 URL www.laruetactical.com 10 IR DEVICE MAKE Laser Devices Inc. MODEL DBAL-I² Class 1 IR Laser MSRP $966 URL www.tnvc.com 11 WEAPON LIGHT MAKE Surefire MODEL M720V RAID MSRP $800 URL www.surefire.com 12 MUZZLE DEVICE MAKE Advanced Armament Corp MODEL Blackout 51T Muzzle Brake MSRP $150 URL www.advanced-armament.com 13 RIFLE ACCESSORY MAKE Gear Sector MODEL Rail Mount Hand Stop Black MSRP $48 URL www.gearsector.com 14 RIFLE ACCESSORY MAKE Gear Sector MODEL Rail Mount QD Swivel Black MSRP $48 URL www.gearsector.com 15 RIFLE ACCESSORY MAKE Magpul MODEL B.A.D. Lever MSRP $30 URL www.magpul.com 16 MAGAZINE MAKE Magpul MODEL EMAG MSRP $23 URL www.magpul.com 17 MAGAZINE POUCH MAKE Blade-Tech MODEL…

1 min.
editor’s letter

It is with great pleasure and honor that I present to you a different kind of firearm magazine–a magazine that encompasses a modern firearm lifestyle and embodies many elements of our industry: guns, gear, technology, shooting sports, training, outdoor life, and home and personal defense. At RECOIL, we are true fans of innovation and aim to showcase the works of art crafted out of hardened steel, aluminum alloy, finished wood and even high-tech polymers. In every issue, leading firearms manufacturers bring to market many of our favorite guns, but it is the small businesses and garage engineers that make some of the best parts to improve the function and form of these firearms. The ingenuity and workmanship that goes into even the simplest components is what excites us as enthusiasts. We…

3 min.

Selected by the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, the primary solicitation center for U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the Surefire FA556-212 suppressor features the Fast-Attach® system, which perfectly aligns the suppressor and locks it solidly in place in seconds for repeatable point-of-impact shift. This lightweight, 5.56-caliber suppressor greatly reduces sound and muzzle flash to help conceal the shooter’s position and protect hearing. BRAND: Surefire MODEL: FA556-212 Fast-Attach Sound Suppressor MSRP: $1,460 URL: www.surefire.com Run a sleeker everyday-carry set-up with the Keyport Slide. Consolidate up to six keys, USB flash drive, bottle opener, LED flashlight and even the bar code to your gym membership into one streamlined device, so small it fits in your fifth pocket. BRAND: Keyport MODEL: Slide MSRP: Keyport $39, Blades $5 and up, Inserts $4 and up URL: mykeyport.com Crimson Trace’s Universal Rail Laser was designed…

2 min.
first look

Magpul Industries, one of the most innovative aftermarket firearms accessories makers, has its sights set on updating one of the most popular shotguns in history. Magpul’s entirely new line of accessories for the Remington 870 family of shotguns includes a new stock, forend and sling attachment points. Here’s a RECOIL First Look at what are sure to be some of the year’s most popular accessories. MSRP and availability: TBA URL: www.magpul.com 1 TThe Forward Sling Attachment Point is a bolt-on attachment point for 12-gauge Remington 870 shotguns with extended magazine tubes. • Solid steel construction with corrosion-resistant Melonite coating • User-configurable to allow left- or right-side attachment of pushbutton quick detach (QD). • Bolt-on design attaches to 12-gauge barrel and extended magazine tube MODEL: Unnamed: Forward Sling Attachment Point for 870 2 The MOE 870 is…

3 min.
national navy udt-seal museum

Today’s Navy SEALs (sea, air and land teams) trace their proud lineage back to the early days of World War II where they saw action in North Africa, Normandy and the Pacific as Amphibious Scouts and Raiders. The Scouts and Raiders were formed into underwater demolition teams (UDTs), eventually evolving into combat swimmers known as frogmen and ultimately the SEALs that we know today. And you can now immerse yourself in 70 years of Naval Special Warfare history right where it all began. The Navy UDT-SEAL Museum is located in Fort Pierce, Florida, the birthplace of the Navy’s elite warrior. The museum’s impressive outdoor exhibits include everything from a Vietnam-era Huey helicopter to a current-day Desert Patrol Vehicle. Get a close-up look at the Somali pirates’ hostage lifeboat where SEALs shot…

5 min.
bugout truck

Whether you’re fleeing a natural disaster or an all-out zombie infestation, a properly setup truck can provide the key to survival. When setting up a bugout vehicle, the important factors to consider include the environment, what you’re escaping, who with and where you are going. Although the needs of someone traversing mountainous regions differ from someone driving through flat, open country, the basis of good transport is a four-wheel-drive truck, no matter where you are or are going. Having four wheels drive your vehicle gives you much more control when navigating everything from debris to boulders. Four-wheel drive is more stable in inclement weather, as well. Vehicle size is also a factor. Be sure that the truck is large enough to accommodate everyone and everything you will need. Nothing would be worse…