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Recoil January/February 2019

Our magazine is gear heavy featuring guns, trucks, atv's, knives, watches, and more. Get Recoil digital magazine subscription today for gun evaluations, interviews with industry personalities, shooting tips from the pros, shooting sports, defense, do it yourself articles, and much more. We aim to appeal to the casual shooter as well as the core enthusiast.

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1 KNIFE MAKE: DPx Gear MODEL: DPx HEST/F Urban Ti MSRP: $375 URL: www.dpxgear.com 2 CHASSIS MAKE: MasterPiece Arms MODEL: MPA BA Competition Chassis MSRP: $1,090 URL: www.master piecearms.com 3 BARRELED ACTION MAKE: Vudoo Gun Works MODEL: V-22 Barreled Action MSRP: $1,770 URL: www.vudoo gunworks.com 4 JACKET MAKE: First Lite MODEL: Women’s Sawtooth Hybrid Jacket MSRP: $210 URL: www.firstlite.com 5 RANGEFINDER MAKE: Sig Sauer MODEL: Kilo2400BDX 7x25mm MSRP: $960 URL: www.sigsauer.com 6 SUPPRESSOR MAKE: Acadian Armament MODEL: Lynx MSRP: $625 URL: www.acadian armament.com 7 BALLISTIC CALCULATOR MAKE: Kestrel MODEL: Kestrel 5700 Elite Meter with Applied Ballistics MSRP: $700 URL: kestrel instruments.com 8 SCOPE MAKE: Nightforce MODEL: ATACR 5-25x56 F1 Riflescope MSRP: $3,100 URL: www.nightforceoptics.com…

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down range

What is the world coming to? A girl on the cover of RECOIL? Why yes, and a damn fine shooter she is, too. In this issue, RECOIL staffer Candice Horner takes the lead because we’re delving deep into the world of precision marksmanship, and in the realm of making hits at extended ranges, she kicks ass. At this juncture, I’m forced to stroke my beard and reminisce about my first precision rifle match. Way back when I was hitting the 3 gun and USPSA circuit hard, and believed that the doctrine of speed and violence of action could be applied in this realm too, I was shocked to discover once the results came out that I finished below the fold. What?! How could this be? The truth is that the long-range…

8 min.

1 What’s better than a 10-round AICS mag for your box-fed precision rifle? A 12-round mag that’s the same size as a 10-rounder. MDT’s 12-rounder is ¾-inch shorter than a standard AICS mag thanks to the company’s “double stack to single feed” transition design, so adding that ¾-inch back in adds two more rounds. The mag is available in two configurations, one with a binder plate for standard length cartridges (2.870 inches max COAL) and one without it to accommodate longer rounds (2.960 inches max COAL). If you’re unsure which version to get, go for the binder plate. Mags without the binder may require an action with more clearance, otherwise the tips of rounds may get hung up during feeding. Make: Modular Driven Technologies Model: 12-Round Short Action Metal Magazines MSRP: $80 URL: www.mdttac.com 2 As you’d expect, the pitch for…

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belgrade military history museum

Making up a small corner of the very large grounds of Belgrade Fortress, the BMHM is very much a tale of two parts. The first is the museum itself, which is professionally run and spread over two stories of an imposing stone structure, occupying space within the inner walls of the impressive defensive complex that used to guard the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. The second, well, we’ll come to that in due course. Visitors enter the foyer of the museum proper and stroll through chronologically arranged displays detailing around 2,100 years of regional warfare, starting with the Elyrian peoples and ending with the U.S.-led NATO attacks in 1999. Throughout the tour, there’s no sense that you have to conform to a carefully scheduled and orchestrated program — this…

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tools of engagement

There are certain practicality and reliability requirements you just won’t get out of standard car and truck platforms no matter how much you modify them. When it comes to high-risk situations, there’s an unusual combination of tasks that one vehicle needs to accomplish, such as accessorizing for specific emergencies on short notice, enough armor to protect against a shootout akin to the ’97 North Hollywood bank robbery, and the ability to deliver or evacuate personnel above the ground floor or in places a conventional vehicle can’t reach. So is there one machine that can serve as troop transport, battering ram, extrication vehicle, and any number of other tactical job duties with the proven reliability of a well-known brand? Well, actually there is. First a little background on the company. Ring Power…

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unusual suspects

Most knife nuts know that a blade’s steel is made up mostly of two components: iron and carbon. But did you know you could have a blade without iron? Non-ferrous knives are nothing new. Humans have slashed and bashed each other with weapons made of stone then bronze (which is tin and copper) long before the Iron Age. But thanks to advancing technology and cheaper manufacturing, we now have a variety of non-ferrous blade materials available — polymers, titanium, and ceramics, just to name a few. Why would you need a knife without iron? No, not for sneaking past a metal detector. Non-ferrous blades have plenty of legit uses, including in marine environments (they don’t rust) and around medical and industrial equipment (they’re not magnetic). Another bonus is the “low-carb” factor; almost…