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Recoil November/December 2016

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1 RIFLE MAKE: Desert Tech MODEL: HTI 375 Cheytac MSRP: $7,695 URL: www.deserttech.com 2 OPTIC MOUNT MAKE: Desert Tech MODEL: 20MOA mount MSRP: $365 URL: www.deserttech.com 3 OPTIC MAKE: U.S. Optics MODEL: ER-25 MSRP: $3,301 URL: www.usoptics.com 4 BIPOD MAKE: B&T industries MODEL: Atlas 5H bipod MSRP: $450 URL: www.accu-shot.com 5 JACKET MAKE: Beyond Clothing MODEL: Helios Rig Softshell Jacket MSRP: $150 URL: www.beyondclothing.com 6 PANTS MAKE: Arc’teryx MODEL: Assault pant MSRP: $320 URL: leaf.arcteryx.com 7 WATCH MODEL: Hazard 4 MSRP: Heavy Water Diver watch MSRP: $900 URL: www.hazard4.com OFF THE COVER 8 SHIRT MAKE: Arc’teryx MODEL: Assault Shirt MSRP: $230 URL: leaf.arcteryx.com 9 BELT MAKE: TAG MODEL: Riggers Belt MSRP: $42 URL: www.tacticalassaultgearstore.com 10 BOOTS MAKE: Asolo MODEL: Fugitive boot MSRP: $240 URL: www.asolo-usa.com…

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You’ve probably noticed that this year, we’ve been bringing you issues that specialize in certain aspects of the firearms lifestyle. While others might launch special editions with great fanfare and hullabaloo (while delivering not much), we decided that our readers deserved better, whether it’s an in-depth look at AKs, or as in this issue, a closer examination of long-range matters. Even if you’ve never shot much beyond the 100-yard range at your local gun club, there’s a metric ass-ton of information within these pages, which should help you make informed decisions when it comes to equipment, training, and techniques. We’ve got the low-down on LWRCI’s submission for the Army’s compact semi-auto sniper rifle trials, two conventional bolt guns that can shoot the ’nads off of flies and Desert Tech’s bullpup, switch-barrel,…

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1 Scraped knuckles, gouged aluminum, and rounded flats seem to be a thing of the past when looking at the new wrench trio from Fire 4 Effect. Made for pro armorers and commercial builders, the wrenches will appeal to hobby AR builders who appreciate nice things, too. The design is an adaptation of a wrench used by Army Marksmanship Unit gunsmiths. These Cerakoted beasts offer two-handed ergos that allow you to apply gads of rotational force without fear of slipping or pushing the work out of a fixture. With opposing forces on the wrench, you can really control the amount and bias of force you’re applying to a castle nut, barrel nut or muzzle device. The set works on standard AR fittings; if you have got an aftermarket barrel nut,…

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texas ranger hall of fame and museum

When it comes to the country’s bestknown law enforcement organizations, few can hold a candle to the Texas Rangers. Its fame can only be rivaled by the notoriety of some of the legendary outlaws its Rangers killed or captured, such as Sam Bass and John Wesley Hardin, along with present-day criminals such as Ángel “The Railroad Killer” Reséndiz. It’s only fitting that someone erected a shrine to the officers who’ve served in its ranks. The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco not only provides a rich history of the Rangers’ role in protecting the community, it also offers outreach and educational programs. In 1823, Stephen F. Austin asked for a group of 10 men to volunteer as Texas Rangers to help settlers repel Native American attacks in the…

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poaching rhinos

When given a chance to get behind the wheel of a recent entry into the exotic vehicle market, we’ll be honest — we had low expectations, because luxury SUVs are a strange breed. They ride the line between practicality and bling, but often sacrifice the former for lots of the latter — maybe too much. Remember the Lamborghini LM002? Seemed like a good idea at the time, but we think the one belonging to Uday Hussein that the U.S. military blew up probably had a bigger audience than the 328 that were produced. How about the Hummer? After years of mixed reviews, a struggling economy, and GM’s failure to sell the brand, it too went the way of the LaserDisc. Here’s the rub — we walked away from our experience remembering why…

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unusual suspects

Just like shooting, combative skills take years to develop and decades to master. So how can someone with little or no edged-weapon training use a blade successfully in a life-and-death scenario? Consider getting your Wolverine on with a push dagger. Possibly the bastard child of the Indian katar dagger or the pata sword, this type of knife has had varying degrees of global popularity since the 1800s. It consists of a short blade attached to a T-shaped handle that’s held in a fist — it’s also called a punch knife. Sometimes carried as a neck or boot knife, push daggers are drawn from a belt, waistband, or thigh rig much like a handgun. This intuitive movement lets knife newbies deliver deadly blows under duress without the need for finesse. Plus, a…