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Recoil September/October 2012

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01 MP7A1 MAKE: Heckler and Koch MODEL: MP7A1 MSRP: $1,900 (restricted to law enforcement and military only) URL: www.hk-usa.com 02 MP7A1 SUPPRESSOR MAKE: Heckler and Koch MODEL: MP7A1 Silencer MSRP: $600 (restricted to law enforcement and military only) URL: www.hk-usa.com 03 LIGHT MAKE: Inforce MODEL: WML, White/IR MSRP: $149 URL: www.inforce-mil.com 04 OPTIC MAKE: Zeiss MODEL: Z-Point Red Dot Sight MSRP: $639 URL: www.zeiss.com 05 SLING MAKE: London Bridge Trading Inc. MODEL: Ultra-Light Two-Point Padded Sling COLORWAY: MultiCam MSRP: $53 URL: www.lbtinc.com 06 GLOCK MAKE: Glock MODEL: G17 (Gen 3)* MSRP: $599 URL: www.glock.com *Custom stippled 07 HOLSTER MAKE: Blackhawk! MODEL: Sportster Standard CQC Concealment Holster COLORWAY: Custom Spray Painted MSRP: $22 URL: www.blackhawk.com 08 GLOVES MAKE: Oakley MODEL: Factory Pilot Gloves COLORWAY: New Khaki MSRP: $70 URL: www.oakley.com 09 MEDICAL KIT MAKE: ITS Tactical MODEL: ETA Trauma Kit INFO: Full review on page 148. 10 PLATE CARRIER MAKE: Tactical Tailor MODEL: Releasable Armor Carrier TTRAC COLORWAY: Coyote Brown MSRP: $308 URL: www.tacticaltailor.com 11 SHIRT MAKE: REI MODEL: Endeavor Shirt COLORWAY: Coal MSRP: $80 URL: www.rei.com 12 PANTS MAKE: Kuhl Clothing MODEL: Rydr Pant COLORWAY: Dark Khaki MSRP: $75 URL: www.kuhl.com 13 BELT MAKE: Blackhawk! MODEL: CQB…

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editor’s letter

If you’re a regular reader of RECOIL, you’ll know that we cover a multitude of relevant gear for gun enthusiasts that often go beyond simply the firearms themselves. Whether it’s trucks, knives, watches, all-weather clothing — if it fits in our world, we’re on to it. Another aspect that sets RECOIL apart is a determined effort to make sure that all the gear that we feature is commercially available. Like you, we’re gear heads, and if we see something in a magazine or online that we like, more often than not we look into buying it for ourselves. We know how frustrating it can be to see something you want and either not know where to get it or find out that it’s unavailable for some reason. Occasionally, due to…

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1 Cobra Series Trigger Guards feature a deeper angle rather than a straight line, giving the shooter more room when wearing gloves, while eliminating the dreaded gap between the pistol grip and trigger guard. There are four models available: classic, ambidextrous, left only, and right only. The ambidextrous, right only, and left only trigger guards feature a finger rest that increases safety by helping shooters keep their finger off the trigger until ready to fire. Also, they are available in the following colors: black, olive drab, and Flat Dark Earth. BRAND: Strike Industries MODEL: M4/AR15 Cobra Series MSRP: $11 (set of two) URL: www.strikeindustries.com 2 BOWLS .50 caliber bottle openers use military-grade full-metal-jacket BMG rounds. Each bottle opener is made from “once fired” .50-caliber BMG brass, collected from U.S. military installations and then machined by…

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There is one date that has been seared into the collective consciousness of America this century. As Americans, we are ingrained with the spirit of unyielding perseverance, especially in the face of adversity. In that spirit, this date now not only symbolizes tragedy but resolve, strength, courage, and honor. On September 11, 2001, coordinated attacks were made on the United States of America by al-Qaeda, an Islamist extremist terrorist network. Nineteen terrorists hijacked four airliners and crashed two of them into the North and South towers of New York City’s World Trade Center, a third airplane crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. Passengers of the fourth hijacked plane, now known as Flight 93, learned of the other attacks and fought back, crashing the plane into an open field in western…

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military buildup

“Be Prepared” is the enduring motto of the Boy Scouts, and worthwhile mantra for life, but there are those out there who tend to be a little more prepared than others. For example, some of us might have few gallons of water in the garage and a favorite backcountry camping spot we’ll head to if things go bad, while others have a decommissioned missile silo they’ve renovated as a Doomsday safe house. If you fall in the latter group, then we have just the rig you’ve been looking for. Designed and built by VWERKS as a buzz model to showcase their military and civilian accessory and vehicle programs, the Recon started life as an ’11 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and ended up as a 1-ton, all-terrain, armored pickup. The puny, stock 3.8L V-6…

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The newest single-shot grenade launcher in the U.S. Army’s arsenal, the HK M320, fires low-velocity 40x46mm projectiles such as HE (High-Explosive); AP (Armor-Piercing); and less-lethal CS (tear gas), smoke, or illuminating ammunition. The M320 can be mounted to a weapon or used as a standalone launcher. 1 BUTT STOCK In standalone configuration, this butt stock can be attached in seconds. It features a cushioned rubber butt pad and can be set for five different lengths. 2 TRIGGER The double-action trigger does not require to be reset for it to be pulled again. 3 SAFETY The two-position safety selector switch is ambidextrous. 4 MECHANICAL SIGHT The folding sight features a front sight post and rear sight that can be ranged in increments of 50 meters starting from 50 to as far as 350 meters. The sight unit can be…