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April/May 2020

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looking out to see inside

Mom worked full time most of my school years, which meant she couldn’t often help, as my friends’ mothers did, with my school trips. But once when I was 8, Mom took the day off to join my class for a field trip to the museum. She and I were assigned to different buses and at one point, as my bus passed hers on the highway, I saw her gesturing enthusiastically, her head thrown back in laughter. She must have been telling a good story because the kids were laughing, too. A marvelous feeling, a mixture of pride and wonder, hit me then. Of course, I’d always known my mother was fun, but at home she stayed out of the way whenever I had friends over. Through the windows of…

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back on board the noronic

Iris Ross’ account in the February/March issue of her birthday on the cruise ship Noronic reminded Kathy Alves, Vermilion, Ohio, of her own family tale related to the liner, which caught fire in Toronto, Ontario, on Sept. 17, 1949—a tragedy in Great Lakes history. “TWO OF MY husband’s uncles were professional golfers and had told their wives they were going to a tournament. Instead, they took off for a cruise on the Noronic. It just so happened that the ship caught fire that night. The brothers helped rescue many people from the burning ship. “Imagine their wives’ shock the next morning when the Cleveland Plain Dealer had a front-page story, with photos, of the local heroes who saved lives on the Noronic. “They may have been heroes, but they still spent a long…

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tell us your story!

PLAY-DOH The toy that lets kids mold new toys turns 65 this year. Help us celebrate by writing about your Play-Doh days. What was your best creation? Did you make your own clay with flour, salt and other common items? We’d love to hear about those adventures in the kitchen, too. Label your story and photos “Play-Doh.” 4-H FAIRS Did you raise animals, grow giant vegetables or showcase your creations for competitions at county or state fairs? What do you remember about the experience? Label your story and pictures “4-H Fairs.” FUN PRANKS OK, nothing too mean here. We want to hear about the gentle ribbing or April Fools’ Day pranks we played on each other growing up or in college. Make us laugh. Label your story and photos “Fun Pranks.” HALLOWEEN COSTUMES Show us your best—scary,…

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The Soviet Union launches the space race with the satellite Sputnik 1. The U.S. military conducts nuclear tests in Nevada. President Eisenhower sends the Army to Arkansas to enforce anti-segregation laws. And American forces suffer their first casualties in Vietnam. At home, families migrate to the suburbs and buy cars with gargantuan tail fins. It’s the baby boom’s biggest year with about 4.3 million infants born. Kids play with Slinkys, Mr. Potato Head and Play-Doh, while teens tune in to American Bandstand. And these words entered the Merriam-Webster dictionary that year. AMNIOCENTESIS: Testing amniotic fluid increases in the 1950s, mainly to look for blood incompatibility between the fetus and the mother. ANTIBALLISTIC MISSILE: The U.S. develops surface-to-air bombs known as ABMs to deter Soviet attacks. CLIP ART: With desktop publishing decades away, designers…

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jerry lee shakes up the scene

No other independent record label of the 1950s had the cool factor like Sam Phillips’ Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee. And young Jerry Lee Lewis from Ferriday, Louisiana, was determined to see his name printed on one of those yellow labels with the sunrays beaming skyward. Lewis had mastered a self-taught boogie-woogie piano style that involved banging out a heavy rhythm with his left hand and a frantic melody with his right. As a barroom performer, his repertoire included “Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On,” a mundane country ditty by Roy Hall (aka Sunny David) and Dave Williams. With his manic stage moves and fiery piano, Lewis delighted in ratcheting up the song several notches each night. Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison also recorded for Sun Records. In October 1956,…

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the doctor is in

By 1957, Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, had been writing children’s stories for 20 years, with 12 books to his name. But that year saw the release of two of his classics, The Cat in the Hat and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! What do you remember of the fantastical chaos of the Seussian universe? 1 What red-suited mischief-makers does the Cat in the Hat introduce to Sally and her brother? 2 Who keeps saying no to everything the Cat suggests? 3 How many sizes too small is the Grinch’s heart? 4 This little Who discovers the Grinch stealing her family’s Christmas tree. 5 Who offers the narrator food in Green Eggs and Ham? 6 This was the first Dr. Seuss book, published in 1937. 7 This 1961 title opens with a tale about silly…