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Spring 2020

Drew and Jonathan Scott, AKA the hosts of HGTV’s The Property Brothers, are two of the world’s most beloved design experts. Their new magazine, Reveal, adopts their “dream big” mentality but centers around small, achievable changes readers can make that result in major impact. Revealing design inspo, entertaining ideas, travel destinations, wellness advice, tech and home products, and plenty of stories from the Scott brothers’ celebrity friends, this magazine translates Drew and Jonathan’s delightful guy-next-door energy onto the printed page. “It all starts at home”—but it doesn’t end there!

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letter from the editor(s)

It can be around the dinner table or halfway around the world. It can begin with just a spark of an idea, an inspiration. It can be on a whim and may be long overdue. However or wherever it comes from, when adventure comes knocking, we always welcome it with open arms and open hearts. Growing up in Vancouver (a city we celebrate on page 19), we were lucky to have adventure right at our doorstep. It came in the form of horseback riding, picnics at the beach, and working part-time as clowns at the parks-and-rec center. (Yes, we were those clowns.) Our full-time gig? Curious explorers, with the world as our playground. We earned a few bumps and scrapes along the way and literally left no rock unturned, thanks to…

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sibling rivalry

How can people be adventurous without even leaving home? D Try cooking a cuisine you’ve never tried. I can’t believe I’ve never cooked Indian food, so that’s next on my list. J Go a little bolder than you normally would with design. Use your favorite color or pattern in unexpected ways. You might surprise yourself! What is the craziest food you’ve ever eaten? D A yellow slug during my honeymoon. The jungle guide said it was a great source of protein and even ate one alive. It was a real-life Lion King moment. J In Mexico this past year, I ate ant eggs, grubs, and cricket legs. I was the only person at the table to eat all three. Not sure if that was the right decision. Quick! Margarita or mint julep? D Mint julep J Margarita Will you…

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the list

HOW WE’RE KICKING BACK puzzles Coloring books are so last decade. The latest childhood hobby that adults are co-opting for some much-needed mental relaxation? Jigsaw puzzles. The puzzle market is booming with sales projected to hit $730 million by 2024, according to the financial-news site MarketWatch. That upsurge might be tied to news about the therapeutic benefits of puzzles: Along with the ability to soothe anxiety and stress, research shows that a good ol’ jigsaw can also fine-tune cognitive skills: A 2019 study out of the University of Exeter in the U.K. found positive links between puzzle use and improved reasoning, memory, and focus. While puzzles are an appealing throwback to tech-free fun, they now come in sleek, modern designs. Check out Jiggy, which launched in 2019 with whimsical visuals and chic glass-tube…

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let’s get campy

DECOR Camping is all about communing with nature. To get that vibe inside, go a little wild with the decorations. “Sprinkle some large leaves around any serving areas, and bundle fairy lights inside Mason jars,” says Trish Healy. “When you turn off the lights, it looks like you’ve captured a flurry of fireflies.” Create a cozy camp circle with blankets and oversize pillows. “Pick up a few faux-sheepskin rugs in earthy tones, and accent the area with lanterns,” says Healy. Pull it all together with a playlist of nature sounds, or keep an acoustic guitar handy for campfire sing-alongs. Oh, and remind guests of the dress code: something along the lines of “anything flannel.” FOOD The food should be super casual—and really fun. “Get in the mood with a make-your-own-trail-mix station,” says Healy.…

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discover vancouver

EAT Farmer’s Apprentice Sustainably sourced ingredients travel as little as possible to reach your plate at this South Granville dining room, and it all rotates with the seasons: nettle with wild garlic in spring, roasted squash dressed with miso in winter. Opt for the chef’s tasting menu and tack on a natural-wine pairing. farmersapprentice.ca STAY Fairmont Pacific Rim Of the four Fairmonts in Van City, this hotel will wow your senses upon check-in with a bespoke aromatherapy blend wafting through the lobby. With sleek guest rooms that overlook Stanley Park, this Coal Harbor hotel embraces nature without sacrificing modern conveniences. From $264 per night, fairmont.com DRINK Bells and Whistles This Fraserhood beer hall might have intended to have its giant TV be the main focal point, but the design-savvy space (tufted banquettes, a horseshoe bar); the ever-changing, Canada-heavy…

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gear up

allbirds tree runners High adventure calls for some seriously comfy shoes. These breathable, moisture-wicking knit sneakers come in women’s and men’s sizes and, best of all, are made from sustainably sourced materials. From $95, allbirds.com la roche-posay my skin track UV This wearable sensor records UV, pollen, and pollution exposure to help you better protect your skin. $60, store.moma.org spot X 2-way satellite messenger You’re looking at the safest way to have an off-the-grid adventure. This Bluetooth-enabled gizmo works literally everywhere, links to your cell phone back at base camp, tracks your location, and allows you to text from any place in the world. $250, findmespot.com wacaco nanopresso About the size and weight of a thermos, the adorable, portable hand-powered machine lets you make espresso anywhere—whether you’re camping or just trying to get out of bed early…