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Road & Track April 2013

Road & Track includes technical features on automotive subjects, wide-ranging feature stories, spectacular automotive art and standard-setting new-car photography, humor, fiction, travel stories, book reviews and the most comprehensive racing coverage offered by a monthly magazine.Bonus: iPad Interactive

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4 min.
turn one

Temptations and Trade-offs PRANCING HORSE ITCH IS A BIT LIKE LICE—there's little warning of its arrival, and it spreads like a hydrogen fire. Two months ago, I admitted my condition by asking anyone who would listen if I should sell my deceased father's cherished 1955 Ford Country Squire to partially fund a good used Ferrari F355. For a host of reasons, I never thought I'd sell the wagon. Chiefly, it's my sole connection to a guy I still think about even though he's been gone for a decade. I feel guilty even thinking about unloading it. So why consider it? Because F355. Five-valve-per-cylinder V-8, an 8500-rpm redline, 107 naturally aspirated horsepower per liter. And brother, it wails like an F1 car. While I'm incredibly grateful to even be in this position, I've had…

19 min.
10 answers to one question: 2013 detroit auto show

TAKE A BIRD'S-EYE VIEW at any auto show, and you'll see the patterns that outline how automakers are positioning themselves for the future. Some take a value proposition; some focus on fuel efficiency, technology, or design. We tracked down a host of executives, designers, and product planners on the floor of the 2013 North American International Auto Show to ask: What will have defined the U.S. market in five years' time? Filip Brabec, Product Planning Manager I think, definitely, we will be looking at the challenges around greenhouse gas. I think you're going to continue to see further emphasis on efficiency—and it's going to really be in all aspects. We can talk about efficient vehicles, and we can talk about plug-in hybrids and all that business, but I think there will be a…

3 min.
your turn

Making All the Difference Mr. Krewson revealed the heart and soul of John Buffum, America's WRC hero. It's disappointing that enthusiasm got the better of the S1 Quattro in such a short span, but as a result, we received greater insight into a racer who was both humble and honest. John reflecting on Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" captures what most of us experience; we reconcile ourselves with the paths we took, smile, and know in our hearts it was good. Ken B. Moore, Humble, Texas THAT'S NOT KOOL-AID HE'S DRINKING: How you declared the Audi S7 the unanimous winner of exterior design in your "Engineered to Be Sexy" article leaves me baffled. I implore you and my fellow R& readers to take a look at the eighth-generation Honda Civic and compare…

6 min.
side glances

Torpedoes of the Great Plains LIKE MOST PEOPLE, YOU'RE PROBABLY wondering what I was doing last week in Wahoo, Nebraska. Well, I was driving home from Colorado to Wisconsin in a new/used silver 2002 BMW 325i, having vowed to take nothing but two-lane roads and wondering what possessed a group of Nebraskans to name their town after a large tropical game fish. If there's one thing the grain elevators of Nebraska don't immediately bring to mind, it's deep-sea fishing. Perhaps, I reasoned, they'd named the town after the famous World War II American submarine that destroyed so much Japanese shipping before disappearing forever in the Pacific. I recollected this heroic story from a favorite high school book —which I still have and recently reread—called Submarine! by Captain Edward L. Beach. Lo and behold, when…

4 min.
2014 maserati quattroporte

• MASERATI QUATTROPORTE • PORSCHE BOXSTER • AUDI A8L 4.0T • MERCEDES-BENZ G63 AMG • MINI COOPER S PACEMAN MASERATI'S LONGER, LEANER 2014 QUATTROPORTE has big shoes to fill. With five generations of four-door legacy behind it, the Q needs to improve the Italian marque's fortunes in a way that is proportional to its newfound size. Always a niche player in the past, the Quattroporte's mission is now to build market share and confirm the brand's competitiveness among the stalwarts of the luxury-sedan league. Based on our first impressions behind the wheel, the Maser's chances for success seem strong. The instrument panel is bold and aggressive, the interior thoughtfully embellished with wood trim and aromatic leather. A stab at the start button produces an expensive-sounding starter whine, followed by an emphatic bark as the diminutive 3.8-liter…

2 min.
2013 porsche boxster

R&T TESTED 0–60 MPH 5.5 SEC 0–1/4-MILE 13.9 SEC TOP SPEED 164* MPH SKIDPAD 0.98 G SLALOM 71.4 MPH Simplicity. Serenity. FOR THE FIRST TIME since the Boxster's late-1990s launch, Porsche has redesigned the car from the ground up. We tested an S model with the new 3.4-liter, 315-hp flat-six and Porsche's dual-clutch PDK transmission (a $3200 option) this past November. And while we found ourselves impressed with the Boxster S's poise and thrust, we wondered if all that techy kit was really necessary. So we jumped at a chance to wrap our hands around the steering wheel of a base, manual-transmission Boxster. The two big differences between the base and the S Boxster are price and power. A base Boxster costs $50,450—$11,400 less than an S—and is 50 hp weaker. The engine is simply a 2.7-liter version of the S's lump; its peak output comes at the…