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Road & Track August 2013

Road & Track includes technical features on automotive subjects, wide-ranging feature stories, spectacular automotive art and standard-setting new-car photography, humor, fiction, travel stories, book reviews and the most comprehensive racing coverage offered by a monthly magazine.Bonus: iPad Interactive

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editor's letter

When I got to within a few car-lengths of the car ahead, I knew I had blown it. This was at Mid-Ohio a while back during an amateur SCCA race, and I was behind the wheel of the Spec Miata that a friend and I have owned for the past six years. To call the race meaningless wouldn't be far off. There's no prize money with these contests, zero spectators, and once the weekend is over, I rarely remember where I finished. Yet I was breathing fire to make the pass. I'd almost forgotten the incident, but it came back while we were debating this month's cover story on the 51 things we love about cars. Why 51 when the list is endless? Well, you have to cut it off somewhere,…

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your turn letters to road & track

Dear R&T, The Porsche 911 articles in the June 2013 issue by Messrs. Freeman Thomas and Jeff Zwart mention both the Porsche 356 and the Bali Blue Porsche 911 that were owned by the Zwarts in the 1960s and 1970s. Here's a photo I took of those two Porsches. Here's how and why: Jeff, my high school classmate and friend, invited me to go with him to watch and photograph the practice sessions for the Los Angeles Times Grand Prix at Riverside Raceway sometime during our senior year (1972). On the appointed day, Jeff picked me up in his family's 356, but while we were driving through Villa Park, the car had some type of mechanical trouble that caused us to leave the freeway and park near a phone booth to summon…

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fantasy champ

5.3 MILLION + NUMBER OF MOTORSPORT FANATICS WHO JUMPED INTO THE VIRTUAL FRAY IN 2012, MAKING AUTO RACING THE THIRD MOST POPULAR FANTASY SPORT. This country now supports a full-scale sports industrial complex, with millions of amateur participants in thousands of leagues; billions of dollars in professional contracts; and broadcasting, merchandising, and live-event revenues that dwarf the GDPs of some developed nations. Sports are so big here that the simple act of watching athletic competition has become a sport in itself. Last year, more than 35 million people participated in a variety of fantasy leagues in the United States and Canada. According to Paul Charchian, president of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, those individuals spent more than $3.3 billion—roughly the annual gross of the National Hockey League—to field their imaginary teams. Unsurprisingly, football and…

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so, what do you do?: nascar spotter

They are the people on the roof, the eyes in the sky, the eighth men of a Sprint Cup pit crew, high above the paddock with all those walkie-talkies. The information they relay—"20 car, five back"; "CLEAR!"—can save a driver from kissing the wall at 190 mph. Trust is essential for a stock-car spotter, and Mike Calinoff is one of the most trusted. In his 20 years in NASCAR, he's guided Matt Kenseth to a championship and wins at Daytona. He now spots for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Trevor Bayne. We asked him what he does up there on Sunday afternoons. —JESSE WILL THIS GUY HAS A HELL OF A VIEW OF THE SHOW. AND THE DRIVERS ACTUALLY LISTEN WHEN HE YELLS. NAME: Mike Calinoff AGE: 52 EMPLOYER: Roush fenway Racing YEARS…

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this month's obsession: the r&t office f1 car

In 1991, Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna landed his third Formula 1 championship in a Neil Oatley-designed, 720-hp McLaren MP4/6, one of the coolest racing cars ever built. And we have one in our lobby for 12 months. Chassis number MP4/SSC/19 is an engineless show car owned by Utah composites firm Hexcel (née Hercules Inc.), the company that originally supplied the carbon fiber for MP4/6 tubs. SSC/19's tub and fiberglass body are essentially identical to those used by Senna; a steel substructure lives under the rear cowl in place of the original's gearbox and 3.5-liter Honda V-12. Hexcel generously loaned us SSC/19 for a year, asking only that we share it with as many people as possible. So stop by the office in Ann Arbor: You'll get a cup of coffee,…

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awesome thing from the archives

BY THE NUMBERS 1925 Ford begins Australian production 1.1 MILLION Total annual new-car sales per year in Australia $578,000,000 Ford Australia's approximate losses since 2008 OCTOBER 2016 Ford to shut down ustralian manufacturing IN THE DECEMBER 1962 ISSUE, WE SAID: "BY SOME MIRACLE, ROD HARMON WAS NOT KILLED WHEN HIS FIAT-ABARTH FLIPPED AT BRIDGEHAMPTON." WE ALSO REFERENCED THE "CURRENT FUROR OVER SAFETY BELTS," WHICH WERE APPARENTLY A HOT-BUTTON TOPIC AT THE TIME. CAN'T IMAGINE WHY. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, BUT FAR TOO MANY ARE AVOIDABLE. FOR A LOOK AT THE WOEFUL STATE OF DRIVER EDUCATION IN AMERICA, SEE PAGE 76. A VIEW FROM THE PROPER SIDEOF THE STREET Dispatches from Britain's favourite automotive doyenne, Vicki Butler-Henderson. THIS MONTH: VICKI ON LOVE (HINT: IT'S BETTER SIDEWAYS.) Ah, love at first glance! I've experienced it on occasion. Over a decade ago, the Lamborghini Diablo GT swept me off my feet…