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Road & Track February 2016

Road & Track includes technical features on automotive subjects, wide-ranging feature stories, spectacular automotive art and standard-setting new-car photography, humor, fiction, travel stories, book reviews and the most comprehensive racing coverage offered by a monthly magazine.Bonus: iPad Interactive

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2 min.
the madness of trans-am

THE EXUBERANCE OF TRANS-AM RACING We can’t drive a new Camaro without recalling SCCA Trans-Am racing in the late Sixties and early Seventies, when the world’s greatest drivers attacked road courses in the era’s coolest production cars. R&T was there, of course, and in 1969 declared Trans-Am “the best racing in the world.” SAM POSEY was there, too, taking turns in Camaros and Mustangs before getting a seat in a lime-green Dodge Challenger. He takes us back to this magical era over the next few pages. You can read more about the dominant Penske Camaro Z/28 on page 32. PHOTOGRAPH BY W. G. FOX, FROM THE ROAD & TRACK ARCHIVES. DAVE FRIEDMAN (2), JACK BRADY, FROM THE COLLECTIONS OF THE HENRY FORD. PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB MANGRAM, FROM THE ROAD & TRACK ARCHIVES…

4 min.

Dear R&T, Colin Comer’s article “Numbers Game” [October] is way too sweet on a poorly executed vehicle. I have always loved Shelbys, but in the same issue, a Cadillac CTS-V sedan with more weight and less horsepower outperforms the Super Snake! Carroll Shelby is turning over in his grave. The protégés at Shelby American should be ashamed DAVID KADERIS, GULF BREEZE, FLORIDA After reading your test, I was really impressed with the Shelby Super Snake. But then, 36 pages later, I read about the CTS-V and compared the two cars. The Caddy is almost $11,000 cheaper; it’s quicker to 60 mph, quicker to the quarter-mile, with the same roadholding and 200-mph top speed. It took me about one second to choose which car I’d buy: the CTS-V, hands down. ALEX S. ROGERS TREVOR, WISCONSIN To…

3 min.
editor’s letter

OUR TEAM’S FELON TOOK THE GREEN FLAG and tore out of the pits. There were eight hours to go, and I second-guessed the wisdom of letting a guy who spent 26 years in the joint, 26 years not driving, 26 years hoping for this moment, behind the wheel of our BMW 3-series. Would he crash from rustiness, or, more likely, from the pent-up aggression commonly called “red mist”? A lineup of Road & Track staffers and friends and I were at Mid-Ohio, one of my favorite tracks, for a fun weekend of competition in the American Endurance Racing league. Our good times could quickly come to an end if the former marijuana kingpin crashed. The guy with our race in his hands was former driver and team owner Randy Lanier. In…

4 min.
measured volume

IT’S BEEN A GOOD SEASON FOR NOISES. Last week, after four years of life, my dog, a pungent English springer named Elly, managed to finally eat a meal without belching. (Surprised us both, I think.) Yesterday, at dinner, my two-year-old daughter pronounced the word “daddy” for the first time. (Moments later, as if to confirm our shared genetics, she smeared a plate of pasta onto her forehead.) And a short while ago, I went to England’s Goodwood Revival. If those words don’t ring a bell, drop everything and type them into YouTube. The Revival might be the best old-car event on the planet. A field of mostly pro drivers and irreplaceable vintage iron, racing like it mattered. Also low-altitude Spitfire flybys, raucous slides, and an old-school track composed largely of fourth-gear…

3 min.
inspiration error

IT WAS SOMEWHERE AFTER my third or fourth minute of staring at Porsche’s awesome 1973 917/30, at this year’s Rennsport Reunion, that I wandered down a mental rabbit hole. Eyes blurring on that sea of bodywork, I started thinking of today’s memorable race cars and how many I’d want to see honored in 20 years at Goodwood or Monterey. Porsche’s psychopathic 919 Hybrid and its 1000-plus turboelectric horsepower topped the list. Throw in most of the LMP1 cars from the last decade. Grab Acura and Porsche LMP2s from 2008, a smattering of Formula 1 cars from 2005—the final season for ear-melting V-10s—a few glorious GT1 cars from Aston Martin and Corvette, the Panoz DP01 Champ car from 2007. And from there, my grid narrowed. It was among the expansive list of recent castoffs—nasally…

14 min.
multiplication by subtraction

THE TRACK MANAGER LOPES ALONG IN A Suburban, happy to match the velocity of polar melt. I’m following in the No. 15 1967 Penske-Sunoco Camaro Z/28 Lightweight, a car that has no patience for anything but a full-out sprint, bucking and spitting under 2800 rpm. He comes to a stop halfway up the monstrous hill to the Road Atlanta infield, checking his mirrors to see if I’m still behind him. I wonder if he can see the panic in my eyes. I put the clutch to the floor and stand on the brake. It’s a formidable incline. The best piece of driving advice I’ve ever received gets called up from somewhere in my skull: “If you’re ever in trouble, just dump it.” I am in trouble. I dump it. The tach jumps quickly.…