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Road & Track July 2013

Road & Track includes technical features on automotive subjects, wide-ranging feature stories, spectacular automotive art and standard-setting new-car photography, humor, fiction, travel stories, book reviews and the most comprehensive racing coverage offered by a monthly magazine.Bonus: iPad Interactive

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editor's letter

I knew the situation had gone south when the Georgia cop who just pulled me over asked, "How much cash y'all got?" I had been stopped for going 63 mph in a 45, and the fine exceeded the cash in my wallet. "Can you take a check?" "Nope." And so another chapter of another road trip unfolded. For this journey, I began in Atlanta and headed north to Watkins Glen, New York, to join some friends for a ChumpCar race. I'll find any excuse to drive rather than fly, especially if there are good roads along the way. This trip, which traced the spine of the Appalachians, had such potential that I took two days off work and promised myself I'd never touch an interstate. Next to racing, ambling between two points is my favorite…

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your turn: letters to road & track

Dear R&T, As a longtime reader, I have to be jealous of Ellis. Warp-speed ride-alongs with professional drivers and time in cars like those is the stuff of bucket lists. On the other hand, as the father of a girl in her twenties, I can't help but see Ellis as the typical guy she dates, with barely a whit of motor-head sensibility. Fortunately, because I taught my daughter to drive on a frozen lake to prepare her for Minnesota winters, she gets the joy of cars. I think she's the kind of person the industry needs to pay attention to. Rather than catering to the traditional market of young males, try drawing young women into the fold. Female gearheads stand out, and it's hard to imagine a bigger draw for young…

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"We know before the driver when he's going to lock a wheel. It's magic stuff, man; unicorns, butterflies." BILL RILEY, VICE PRESIDENT OF RILEY TECHNOLOGIES, ON THE SCOPE OF DATA RACE ENGINEERS CAN TRACK ON THE SRT VIPER GTS-R (SEE PAGE 15) $2377 WIN EVERYTHING IN OUR ULTIMATE ROAD TRIP BAG.SEE PAGE 16 Fuel for the Driven Life [ R&T : 07 : 2013 ] The big business of F1 is all in the details 14 Picking a favorite from the new crop of hypercars 18 Old rules stymie new headlight tech 19 Miller, legend of American racing, reborn in Cincinnati 20 The best new bikes from Ducati, Honda, Star 21…

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the business end: lessons from an f1 mogul

McLaren Racing CEO Martin Whitmarsh oversees several hundred structural engineers, technicians, technologists, aerodynamicists, simulation engineers, strategists, and tire specialists—and that's to say nothing of superstar drivers like Jenson Button or futuristic race cars that average an engineering change every minutes over their lifetimes. In an interview with Editor-in-Chief Larry Webster, Whitmarsh talks about turning thousands of individuals into a focused, winning team. LEARN FROM THE COMPETITION All of the major components and systems of the car change every year. You develop your own methods, but frankly, you also learn by the observation of your competitors. When you launch the car in February, everyone is looking at what everyone else has done. Have you managed to out-innovate? Have you managed to out-develop? You have to respond. CASH IS AN ASSET, BUT IT'S NOT THE…

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le mans 2013 preview: charmed snake

CHRYSLER GOT OUT OF THE LE MANS-WINNING BUSINESS IN . That was the final year of a hat trick that began in , when the factory-backed Dodge Viper GTS-R took first and second place in the GTS class three years in a row. Since then, other teams—most notably Chevrolet, Ferrari, and Aston Martin—have been slugging it out for French-endurance dominance. The Viper returns to Le Mans this year under Chrysler's SRT badge, and expectations are high. SRT Motorsports, in conjunction with Riley Technologies, will run two GTS-Rs in the LM GTE Pro class, marking the car's return to international competition. The GTS-R sports the same liter Vas the roadgoing Viper; ducted Brembo brakes; and inch Motegi Racing wheels wearing Michelin slicks. There's also more than worth of in-car electronics, everything…

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1. The versatile R&T Weatherproof Soft-Shell Jacket worn by our staff combines a warm fleece lining with a wind- and water-resistant outer shell. 2. If your vehicle was built after 1996, it includes an OBD-II diagnostic port; if you have a GoPoint BT1 and a smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS, you can read what that port has to say and shut off a check-engine light. $99.95, gopointtech.com 3. The Kenu Airframe Smartphone Mount fits almost any smartphone and works with most cases. Its spring-loaded jaw securely anchors the device to your air vent, keeping a GPS app in sight and easily accessible. $24.95, apple.com 4. Open roads beg for … let's call it "spirited" driving. The heavy-duty Valentine One Radar Detector checks for both radar and laser, and its directional arrows…