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Road & Track October 2016

Road & Track includes technical features on automotive subjects, wide-ranging feature stories, spectacular automotive art and standard-setting new-car photography, humor, fiction, travel stories, book reviews and the most comprehensive racing coverage offered by a monthly magazine.Bonus: iPad Interactive

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1 min.
capturing the life at speed

In German, Luftgekühlt means “air-cooled.” In American English, it means an annual Los Angeles Porsche show run by 35-year-old Le Mans winner Patrick Long and his partner, Howie Idelson. Luft is a pop-up, its address floating and announced just weeks prior to kickoff. For 2016, that meant a style-heavy industrial space owned by furniture maker Modernica. The whole thing began two years ago as little more than a barbecue for friends, and Long and Idelson wanted to avoid the anal-retentive stereotype of cars on a green. The result was equal parts patina cult and happily, almost aggressively, laid-back. In other words, California as hell. PHOTOGRAPHY BY RICHARD PARDON | CANON EOS-1D X, 70-200MM f/2.8 LENS @ 88MM, ISO 100, 1/500 SEC @ f/2.8…

4 min.

Dear R&T, After reading your 2-series comparison test [“Bavarian Idol,” July], I hope more buyers will opt for the 228i. This way, I will have a better chance at getting my hands on an M2, maybe at a discount. I’ll pass on the 228i. I do not like engines that have more clatter at idle than a modern diesel. FRANCOIS YERGEAU, MAGOG, QUEBEC “You can’t lie to the mountain.” Just finished spray painting that across my rear bumper. Besides the simple brilliance of that truth, “Bavarian Idol” left me pondering other seemingly simple conclusions. If a 228i scored a win against the M2 this year, and logged last place last year against a half-engined Mustang and a drifty FR-S [“Side by Sideways,” June 2015], shall we conclude the seeker of the reincarnated OG…

2 min.
editor’s letter

WITH ONCE-GROUNDBREAKING SAFETY features like ABS, traction control, and stability control now standard on nearly everything, there’s little denying that the automobile is the safest it’s ever been. Add to that the latest wave of vehicle electronics like active accident avoidance, selectable performance modes, or even, look out, semiautonomous driving, and we’re headed toward an age of even safer, more accessible motoring. While most of this new tech indeed delivers on the promise, one has to wonder, does it also remove some of the “driving” from driving? Does it too easily hide operator error as opposed to exercising proper technique or just paying attention to the road? Does this technology become a crutch or a companion? We’d like to believe the latter, but as cars “assist” us more with every new…

5 min.
the uncanny apex

WHEN SOMEONE HANDS YOU an Oculus Rift, you flinch. You flinch because the Rift is a $600 pair of VR goggles, and VR stands for virtual reality, and you suffer from such motion sickness that you can’t even think about reading in a car without wanting to throw up. When eyeballs don’t match the inner ear, lunch comes out the chimney. At least, it does if you’re me. So this summer, right before I strapped into a world-class racing simulator in Los Angeles, I glanced around the room. Searched for a wastebasket to make out with. I’d never tried VR. Maybe it would be fine. Maybe the whole of Southern California would get painted with my Jersey yodel. In the run-up to battle, always survey the field. And then the software booted…

3 min.
race discourse

“I laid a highway no one is going down right now.” ADAM CAROLLA’S NEW DOCUMENTARY about Willy T. Ribbs is scheduled to arrive in 2017. I’m fortunate to call Willy T. a friend. If Carolla is looking for a title, I keep thinking that Too Black, Too Strong might be a good fit. Ribbs was, and is, a race-car driver. The first black man to test a Formula 1 car (1985), the first black driver at the Indy 500 (1991). His career, starting with a starring run in the British Formula Ford Festival in 1977, is a host of moments that should have amounted to more. And “Too black, too strong” is the short form of a Malcolm X quote that was later sampled by Public Enemy. For a divisive, fiery guy…

7 min.
pure and simple

THE PORSCHE FAITHFUL can be a complicated bunch. On the one hand, they expect each new generation of Porsche sports cars to be better, faster, and more technologically evolved, while on the other hand, they’re often hesitant to let go of what they know and love, i.e., air-cooled engines, manual transmissions, and most recently, naturally aspirated flat-sixes. For these überpassionate enthusiasts—both inside and outside the company—Zuffenhausen has unleashed the purest, most distilled modern 911 ever—the 911 R. Built in limited numbers, just 991 worldwide, it takes the best elements of the 991-series and assembles them into the ultimate street fighter. Part GT3, part GT3 RS, and yet very much its own beast, the 911 R is a clear reminder that Porsche still builds dedicated drivers’ cars. Not that the models which spawned…