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Rodding USA

Rodding USA

November/December 2019

RoddingUSA is a high quality monthly magazine featuring hot rods and events from across America. The content rich magazine is designed for readers who enjoy the core hot rod experience and is created for them by hot rodders with experience and passion for the hobby.

United States
Hot Rod Publishing Ltd
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6 Issues


1 min.
rodding usa

Publisher/Executive Editor: Paul Martinez paulm@roddingusa.com President: Paul Grace paulg@roddingusa.com Feature Editors: Dale Moreau, Monique Sache and Ken Sanders Contributors: Tommy Lee Byrd, Dennis W. Parks, Sherm Porter, Charlie Hughes, Alan Zusman, Lil’ John Harvey and Mike Key Technical Editors: Lane Anderson, David Baird, John Carollo and Bob Drake Accounts: Mary Helen Martinez malena@roddingusa.com Subscriptions: Mary Helen Martinez malena@roddingusa.com (520) 429-5181 Advertising Sales: advertising@roddingusa.com Director of Sales: Aaron Hahn aaron@roddingusa.com (714) 337-4879 Design & Production: Glenn O’Connor glenn@hotlobster.uk.com Order Fulfillment: Daniela Neri Printer: Sundance Press…

3 min.
driver’s habits have changed

My first venture into street rodding came in 1975 when I purchased my ’34 Ford coupe body and frame. Over the next year and a half the car went together and became drivable In the summer of ’76. The car was slightly rough and crude by what my standards are now, but in my eyes (and budget) it was pretty cool and a blast to drive. I remember when I was driving the coupe and you were stopped at a red light, you would get looks, thumbs up, and smiles more often than not. That has all changed as it is extremely rare for someone to notice the coupe or the roadster pickup. Even though Tucson has a no texting or telephone usage law while driving or sitting at a light,…

5 min.
customizer steve frisble locates his holy grail

(Editors Note: Steve Frisbie, owner of Steve’s Auto Restoration called one day to tell me about a 1901 Frisbie Red Devil. The car was built by a family relative in Cromwell, Connecticut, and Steve had recently purchased it. Even though it’s not a hot rod, it is undoubtedly an ancestor to them, and I thought our readers might enjoy this look into the past.) The mystery involved with locating the Frisbie “Red Devil” 2-cylinder roadster started for me in November of 1984 when my mother, Lorraine Frisbie (now deceased), and I sent a letter inquiring about the car to Ms. Eleanor Hawley, bulletin publisher for the Frisbie Family Association. My mother and father, Charles Frisbie, had joined the Frisbie-Frisbee Family Association of America in 1965 so they were subsequently getting newsletters…

1 min.
1901 frisbie red devil roadster

BUILDER: Russell Abner Frisbie OWNER: Steve Frisbie – Portland, Oregon CHASSIS: Built by R.A. Frisbie in 1901. FRONT SUSPENSION: No front brakes, no shocks, just springs, steering box unknown. REAR SUSPENSION: No shocks, just leaf springs. TIRES/WHEELS: 30x3.5 Wards Riverside tires on wire wheels. ENGINE: Homemade in 1901 by R.A. Frisbie. Two-cylinder, 4 cycle, magneto ignition, Schebler single throat carburetor. TRANSMISSION: Upton Machine Company manual, which was patented in 1900. INTERIOR: Leather button tuft with umbrella top.…

4 min.
nsra route 66 nationals albuquerque, new mexico

The inaugural NSRA Route 66 Nationals was held at the Expo New Mexico State Fairgrounds in Albuquerque on August 23 - 25, 2019, attracting 785 top quality entries from all over the country. Beautiful weather and a comfortable venue combined to make this a great event. Many exciting activities included the Women’s World, Ladies’ Tea, hot rock & roll bands, an inspirational Church service, a kick-off party, tours of local car shops, a swap meet and an arts & crafts show, just to name a few. Great food was served by several vendors, underscoring why New Mexico is officially recognized as the “Chili Capital of the World!” As is the case with any NSRA event, tons of awards were presented to the lucky show winners. The Fast Revolution Pick went to Bill…

2 min.
henry’s deuce

Mike Henry, an Indiana native, grew up in the shadows of the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Raceway Park, home of the U.S., Nationals Drags, road courses, and many sprint car tracks. In other words, it is easy to get hooked on fast cars when you’ve been a part of them your entire life. It’s also very cool to know that your grandfather was an Indycar owner in the early 1930s. Mike’s grandfather, George A. Henry Sr. was good friends with the Duesenberg family, which led to the cars being powered by Dusenberg. Mr. Henry’s cars ran from 1930-32. Mike grew up in the car culture of the 1960s/70s, and being a car guy at that time was fun. Mike says “Friday and Saturday nights were like the American Graffiti and Hollywood Knights movies.”…