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trailing the nypd homicide squad

“No matter how powerful our military is, no matter how impressive our space program is, it isn’t going to come to much if we can’t deliver a good, everyday life for Americans.”—PETE BUTTIGIEG FOR THE PAST YEAR, photographer Theo Wenner embedded with the NYPD’s Brooklyn North Homicide Squad, one of the city’s elite detective units. It’s a tense time for the NYPD: Despite historically low crime rates, murders have surged in north Brooklyn (21 through March this year, up from 12 in the same 2018 period), and police face unprecedented mistrust and scrutiny, especially in minority communities. “The political atmosphere is intense around police now,” says Wenner. “But the thing I noticed is, these detectives get a ton of respect on the street. They know the neighborhoods they work, and there’s…

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+ love letters & advice

“I was never really a fan, but I am now. I’m impressed by his singular ability to work on himself and change. Plus, cats!”—Kenneth, via the internet Howard Stern Repents Our June issue marked the fourth time Howard Stern has appeared on our cover [“A Softer Side of Howard Stern,” RS 1328], and the interview showed Stern at his most vulnerable: After years of psychotherapy, he looked back on his life, sharing his deepest regrets and hopes for the future. Chris Vaccaro tweeted that the issue made him “feel like a kid on Christmas.” Debra Phillips tweeted, “I am in the 40% women audience that listens to you. I used to not stand the old Howard, but I love the guy you are now.” Dave Hobson wrote, “I have enjoyed listening to…

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carlos santana’s supernatural summer

BEFORE CARLOS Santana hits the stage, he consults with a higher power. “It’s kind of the same thing I did when I was at Woodstock,” he says, describing this photo, taken in May at the BottleRock fest in Napa Valley, California. “I was praying, ‘Keep me in tune and in time. I can do the rest.’” This summer, of course, marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, where Santana exploded onto the national stage with a magical set the guitarist played while tripping on LSD, and he will headline a golden-anniversary event on the original grounds in Bethel, New York. Santana has other things to celebrate too: It’s the 20th anniversary of his megaselling album Supernatural, and he just released a new LP, Africa Speaks, featuring African songs cut with Rick…

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brittany howard gets real

LAST YEAR, Brittany Howard called a meeting with her bandmates and told them some news they probably didn’t want to hear. Alabama Shakes — who met in high school, broke through with 2012’s “Hold On” and went on to win four Grammys — would not be recording a follow-up to 2015’sSound & Color anytime soon. Instead, Howard would be making a solo album. “It was like, ‘I’m going to do this record by myself,’” she says. “I knew that I needed to be in control of everything: the music, the arrangements, all that stuff. And when am I going to do it if not now?” Howard’s solo debut, Jaime, is her most ambitious recording ever, full of synthed-out psychedelic funk, druggy soul ballads, hip-hop loops, and lyrics grappling with her past,…

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1. Halsey “Nightmare” Halsey’s latest blockbuster is a bloodthirsty anthem that taps the emo she loved as a New Jersey teenager to deliver a message of resistance and empowerment: “I’ve been polite, but I won’t be caught dead/Letting a man tell me what I should do with my bed.” It’s a cathartic dose of drama. 2. Lana Del Rey “Doin’ Time” The Cali-goth queen rings in beach season with a cover of rasta-pop crew Sublime’s 1997 jam “Summertime (Doin’ Time).” Naturally, she gives the spliffy original an eerie makeover. Can a Nineties ska revival be far behind? 3. Sleater-Kinney “Hurry on Home” “Disconnect me from my bones,” Carrie Brownstein sings on the first single from the indie-rock heroes’ upcoming LP. She sounds ready to explode, and the slicing guitars and riot-disco breakdown render that feeling with a power…