Twenty-Nine: February/March 2022

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from the editor

There’s an HG Wells quote, “Adapt or perish,” and although it’s about society broadly, I find myself coming back to it when I’m facing changes in my own personal circumstances (though, to be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever had to adapt to something or risk losing my life). Change can be difficult, but I’ve learnt over and over that humans—myself included—are very good at adapting. I’ve moved house countless times, attended many schools, lived in various countries, and traveled to a bunch of places across the world. And with each change, the process of adapting becomes easier, such that it’s now more of a reflex than a conscious decision—and I think that’s for the better. In recent times, we’ve all demonstrated our ability to adapt, and although the circumstances haven’t been…

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rova recommends

All Hands on the Deck It’s a chilly night inside the RV—a good time for a game of cards, and the options are endless: Texas Hold ’Em, Solitaire, Bullshit, Hearts, Rummy… honestly, the number of things you can play with one deck is crazy. But the design of regular cards is pretty same-ish, and as a traveler, you’re already someone who likes to do things a little differently. This Eames deck of cards, emblazoned with the designers’ starburst logo, is stylish as heck, so regardless of how many games you play while it’s pouring down outside, you’ll never get sick of the minimal, super-modern look of the cards in your hand. She Sure Does If you’re looking for a podcast for your next road trip, look no further than She Explores, produced…

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gear up!

Light the Way With winter nights descending at what feels like noon, it can be difficult to make it to your campsite before darkness falls. And while setting up camp in the pitch-black is something of a rite of passage for road-trippers, it’s much better to be prepared. Forget balancing a flashlight on a nearby tree or getting a camp buddy to hold it steady; invest in a good-quality headlamp for your next trip like the Petzl ACTIK CORE, instead. No more yelling “Hold the flashlight a little higher!” This Petzl headlamp has 450 lumens of power and is also perfect for mountaineering and hiking, and comes with a rechargeable battery. Just remember to charge it, or it’ll be back to the dark ages for you., $69.95 Gloved Up There’s a lot…

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why the road?

Bob, Grace and Bailey We’re retired veterans traveling the country in our 2018 Montana fifth wheel. We love discovering new cities, exploring national parks, and making connections throughout the amazing RV community. We’ve been full-time traveling for three years and plan to continue until it’s no longer fun for us, or we feel steered in a new direction. Instagram: @onthemovervtravel Megan and Paige We live with our Pomeranian, Mia, in our built-out ProMaster. We met at a rock-climbing gym and realized that we had so much more in common, including a love for golf and travel. Paige is a professional golfer, and Megan has a remote tech job, so we decided to move into a van and travel the world, going from one tournament to the next. Instagram: Kylie and Chris In 2018, we bought our…

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now that’s a hot desk

“But how will you make money?” Anyone who’s decided to live on the road full-time has heard this question, and while it’s tempting to give a smart-aleck response like “Traveling hitman,” or “Online gambling,” the truth is that many folks don’t realize that having a full-time job and traveling the country are not mutually exclusive. In fact, that whizbang invention called the internet is increasingly providing ways to make money from wherever you are, and there are in-person jobs that you can do on a temporary basis around the country—things like travel nursing, or campground hosting, which you can do in exchange for free accommodation. We spoke to a few folks who have managed to find a way to live full-time on the road while earning the cash to keep them there.…

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a straight shot west

When I set out from Orlando to Albuquerque, I didn’t plan on doing it in one 27-hour drive. If I had, I probably wouldn’t have left at midnight. But I’m young and impulsive, and the pull of the road was too much for me to ignore. So, I threw my bag in the back seat of my 4Runner, and took off into the humid night. I won’t go into detail as to why I was going. This is a story about the road. I figured I’d drive until sunrise, then find a place to rest whenever my fatigue meter decided I had gone on long enough. I assumed this would probably happen somewhere in East Texas, but, like I said, I’m not one for a strict plan. Florida highways are almost…