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a+u - Architecture and Urbanism - is a monthly architectural magazine established in 1971. Since its inaugural issue, a+u has been widely celebrated by architects everywhere as Japan's only monthly periodical that provides in-depth reporting of architecture worldwide. Each issue is edited from a unique perspective, with essays penned by renowned architects, critics, and historians to guide the direction of tomorrow’s architecture, within and beyond Japan. Text is bilingual in English and Japanese. 1971年1月創刊。創刊以来、海外の建築情報を伝える日本唯一の月刊誌として、広く建築界に親しまれています。a+uの取材ネットワークは全世界に及び、100余カ国を網羅しています。これら各国の建築家を直接取材し、毎号独自の視点で編集することにより、生の動向をいち早く読者の皆様にお届けしています。また、建築家・評論家・歴史家による書き下ろし論文を掲載し、明日の建築のあり方を考える指針として国内外の建築界に多大な影響を与えています。

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Please visit https://au-magazine.com for ordering from overseas. a+u is filled with beautiful color photographs showing buildings, designs, and plans by the world’s foremost architects. In addition, its articles reveal what architects today are doing about some of the many different problems facing mankind all over the globe. The pages of a+u are the place where you can participate in a dialogue with these architects and in that way acquire up-to-date, broad, and accurate information you need to enrich your own design work. All articles in English and Japanese.…

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feature: toshiko mori

The February issue of a+u is our first monograph dedicated to the architectural practice of Toshiko Mori. Based in New York, the Japanese native founded Toshiko Mori Architect (TMA) in 1981. The introductory essay by Fred A. Bernstein, an architecture journalist, demonstrates her design approach and her keen eye for detail. Mori’s works are the result of an in-depth study of the site’s topography, vegetation, and landscape, as pointed out by Edward Eigen, a historian and scholar of European and Anglo-American landscapes in the long nineteenth century. Mori’s designs reflect a sensitive integration of design, materials, and technology with the site. In addition, Sean Kelly, one of Mori’s clients and an art gallery owner, speaks about the process of collaboration with Mori. 18 representative works after 2000, of which 9…

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essay: the inevitable architecture of toshiko mori

In her lower Manhattan office, Toshiko Mori is contemplating a house in Taghkanic, New York, that she designed in 2003 (pp. 16–27). The building sits deep in the woods between two promontories. On the uphill side, a “bar” containing bedrooms presses again exposed rock. On the downhill side, a second bar, containing the double-height living and dining rooms, is lifted up on piers, allowing the surface of the rock to flow beneath it, undisturbed. A deck beside the lower volume cantilevers over the cliff, offering treetop views across the Hudson River Valley. It seems appropriate to ask Mori if she would have done the house precisely the same way today. After all, styles in architecture change. What appeared on the pages of architecture magazines sixteen years ago isn’t what appears in…

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house in taghkanic

Taghkanic, New York, USA 2003–2008 Built on a 120-acre (50 ha) property of undisturbed forest, the House in Taghkanic is suspended between two large rock outcroppings, overlooking the Hudson River Valley. The house was conceived as perched upon these two rocks at the edge of the cliff, anchoring a bridge with an elevated walkway connecting the two promontories. The bridge is an integral part of the structure of the house, forming a horizontal datum with the public functions below and the private bedrooms above. The house connects paths found naturally on the site, hence, it can be seen as an extension of the existing topographical character of the site. The protracted approach to the house follows a mile-long (1.6 km) meandering path through a dense deciduous forest. The rugged, stony landscape obscures…

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house in connecticut ii

New Canaan, Conneticut, USA 2005–2009 The project scope for House in Connecticut II includes a renovation to the original house, a new addition that doubles the square footage, and a renovation to a pool house added in 1976. The original house was designed by Marcel Breuer in 1951 for himself and his family. The existing Breuer house contains the public programs of living, dining, family room and kitchen, and the new addition comprises the master bedroom suite and daughters’ bedrooms, with utility space (garage and mudroom) in the lower level. Toshiko Mori Architect (TMA)’s new addition is joined to the Breuer residence by a connecting stair enclosed in a glass of varying transparency. The renovation seeks to preserve the spirit of Breuer’s design while updating the space to accommodate the needs of a…

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cloudline and treeline

Columbia County, New York, USA 2005 2013 2009 2018 Credits and Data Project title: Cloudline Client: Mary and Sean Kelly Location: Columbia County, New York, USA Design: 2005 Completion: 2013 Architect: Toshiko Mori Design Team: Jolie Kerns Consultants/Project Team: Crawford & Associates Engineering (Structural & Civil Engineer), Plus Group Consulting Engineers (MEP Engineer), Gregg Bleam Landscape Architect (Landscape Architect), Tillotson Design Associates (Lighting) Project area: 6,500 sq ft (604 m2) Cloudline Perched on a cliff in upstate New York, Cloudline dramatizes the relationship between building and landscape in its interplay of two volumes. The glazed western facade of the lower volume opens to stunning views that extend fifty miles (80 km) to the Hudson River, while the eastern portion nestles partially below the ground plane of the dense woodland. The views of the natural landscape are in turn juxtaposed with glimpses of…