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Adweek May 13, 2019

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making moves

On Thursday, Omnicom Media Group promoted Philippa Brown, CEO of Omnicom Media Group U.K., to the role of CEO for PHD Worldwide, effective July 1. She’ll be based in London and report to OMG CEO Daryl Simm. Brown succeeds Mike Cooper, who was appointed Group CEO for Omnicom Media Group APAC and EMEA. The news follows an announcement from Colin Gottlieb, who formerly held Cooper’s role, that he will step down after nearly 20 years. In her previous role, Brown oversaw a team of 1,600 serving a roster of over 270 clients. She joined Omnicom Media Group U.K. in 2007 and helped expand U.K. operations. “Philippa is a proven leader and a natural fit to lead PHD globally,” Simm said in a statement. “… She has singular insight into PHD’s…

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burger king

Imagine being stuck in traffic and being able to order a hamburger directly to your car window. Burger King is taking a serious look at the idea of gridlock Whopper delivery via motorcycle through its “The Traffic Jam Whopper” campaign. We Believers’ work used both digital outdoor and mobile ads such as traffic app Waze, with ordering available via voice commands on the Burger King app to deliver Whoppers in highly congested parts of Mexico City. Instead of being fixed in one high-congestion spot, the effort shifted to wherever Burger King’s real-time data showed traffic to be at its worst. Deliveries came from restaurant locations within three kilometers.…

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in adweek history september 1986

When it comes to the birds and the bees, most people would agree that a talk between parents and their children is a good idea. Of course, nudging Mom and Dad to start that squirmy discussion is another matter entirely. Three decades ago, Planned Parenthood devised a novel way to try. In fall 1986, billboards and bus posters popped up around Baltimore featuring an inquisitive prepubescent boy posing the question: “What’s an orgy?” Adweek, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, was among the many media outlets to say uh-oh over this one. Though the tagline made clear the campaign’s noble intent (“If your kids aren’t asking you, they may be asking for trouble”), Baltimore nevertheless “erupted” over the ads, we reported. Why had Planned Parenthood chosen Baltimore? Charm City’s charming…

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moving forward to next

Adweek turns 40 this year and it’s with pride, and a bit of astonishment, that I can say that I’ve been with the brand for just over half that time. Looking back over those 21 years, the mind bends trying to recall the people, too many heroes, saints, villains and sinners to catalog here, who deeply influenced my career. Equally remarkable are the trends, both internal (ownership changes) and external (technology), that informed the job and what it took to approach success week in and week out. I have been here for a long time, yes. But it feels like I have had many different jobs, especially during that last two years when the pace of change shifted from rapid to torrent. When I started in 1998, we as young reporters were…

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inside upfronts week’s overhaul

For the past decade, upfronts week has had the same rhythm to it: While each network’s slate of new shows changed, buyers still pretty much knew what to expect at every presentation. But not this time: After a wild year of mergers, spinoffs and #MeToo-related exits, the majority of the companies involved in upfront week will look—and sound—completely different than when buyers assembled in New York last May. Monday afternoon includes the slimmed-down and spun-off Fox Corp., featuring the assets that weren’t part of the Disney-Fox merger. A day later, the bulked-up Disney will hold its first combined upfront, including ESPN, which used to throw its own event hours earlier. Wednesday morning will feature WarnerMedia, the company (and upfront) formerly known as Turner, prior to its merger with AT&T, while that…

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turning the tide of ad targeting

Get the right ad in front of the right person at the right time. It’s the advertising adage, one that’s been around for decades. But in the digital age, the industry sure has taken that saying to heart, deploying tools that follow customers around the web, tracking who they are and their every move to deduce when’s the right time to drop the perfect ad in front of a potential consumer’s eyeballs. And while marketers aren’t complaining, the concern from regulators and the public about over-reaching in targeting and tracking is growing louder. Marketers, industry experts say, need to brace not just for business changes around targeting but for a larger moral reckoning over data tracking and ad-targeting practices. Whether it’s creeping out users or getting caught disobeying new rules, brands using…