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Adweek August 19, 2019

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two become one

After a summer of negotiations, CBS Corp. and Viacom on Tuesday announced an all-stock merger of the two companies, creating a media behemoth that will boast $28 billion in revenue and 4.3 billion cumulative TV subscribers around the globe. The combined company, named ViacomCBS, isn’t as big as some of its competitors. But despite ViacomCBS’s smaller size, the new company has an advantage: its considerable portfolio of streaming assets. When CBS and Viacom’s various streaming offerings come under one giant umbrella, the company will have about a half-dozen existing subscription and ad-supported services, some of which have been around for years and already boast millions of subscribers. They range from subscription video on demand (SVOD) platforms to free ad-supported video on demand (AVOD), along with livestreaming options that feature television programming…

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For the one in 59 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, school and other public places may feel like a sensory overload. With that in mind, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats has partnered with Autism Speaks to create Love Notes: textured, heart-shaped sensory stickers designed to provide comfort to children who respond positively to tactile experiences. Edelman helped to create the program, while Starcom provided media support. Interested parents can visit the Rice Krispies Love Notes site to request a pack of Love Notes.…

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in adweek history september 1993

About two weeks ago, Sears, the once-imperious retail giant that pioneered catalog shopping anchored malls across the country, announced it was closing another 21 stores—this despite emerging from bankruptcy just five months ago. But Sears’ woes are hardly recent, as a walk through the back issues of Adweek (celebrating its 40th anniversary this year) readily demonstrates. Twenty-six years ago, we reported on a new campaign called “The Softer Side of Sears.” The purpose? To “ask women to come back,” we wrote. Back then, the retailer’s woes centered around widespread perceptions that Sears was place that sold tools for Dad, but not clothes for Mom. But the writing was already on the wall. Brutal cost cutting had begun in 1989, and by 1993, Sears famous catalog would disappear.…

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where’s the beef?

A plant-based patty that might convincingly pass as meat? As recently as a year ago, when most of us still thought of “veggie burgers” as flat discs made from mushrooms or black beans, such a creation still felt like near-future science fiction. But this has been a sizzling summer in the plant-based protein world, with leading faux-meat brands securing big deals almost weekly, sparking media coverage and international discussion of the trend along the way. In short, meatless is having a moment. And the stakes are beefy: Billions of dollars of brand value are being built behind the scenes by the key architects of this movement, fueled by product innovation, strategic brand partnerships and growing consumer demand. Most recently, Impossible Foods and Burger King announced the national rollout of the Impossible Whopper, adding…

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truth in advertising

When is a burger not a burger? When it’s made of plants or veggies, say legislators in Mississippi. According to a law that took effect on July 1, companies there are prohibited from using meat terminology to advertise vegan or vegetarian products. Violators face up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine. Plant Based Foods Association and Upton’s Naturals are suing the state, while others in the category are keeping watch. (Similar battles are happening in Missouri and Arkansas). Meanwhile, industry players tell Adweek they believe it’s a First Amendment issue likely to be decided in their favor, and they doubt there’s any confusion among consumers. “We’re very careful not to call it meat. It’s an alternative,” Burger King’s president, North America, Chris Finazzo said of the Impossible Whopper. “And…

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it’s game time for ad tech

Measurement firms are hoping to rack up their own points in the growing world of esports advertising. A flurry of major brands have signed on for sponsoring the rapidly growing world of esports. In July, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Snickers all announced sponsorships of the Madden NFL 20 Championship Series. Earlier this month, Honda became the exclusive automotive partner of the Riot Games League of Legends Championship Series. Even dating app Bumble is getting into gaming with plans to sponsor an all-female team for Fortnite. But there’s another trend this year as well. As the volume and variety of esports streaming becomes increasingly mainstream, ad-tech companies have been creating new ways to measure the impact of brand sponsorships across various streaming and social platforms. With more spending comes the need for better…