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Adweek September 30, 2019

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the road to brandweek

NOV. 3-6 • PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. • TICKETS AVAILABLE AT BRANDWEEK.COM Adweek: How do you navigate marketing and advertising in the age of rapid consumer feedback? Yeh: I don’t love the reactive “insta-judgment” that sometimes happens on social, but getting consumer feedback quickly is more good than bad. In the past, the fastest commentators on any new marketing work were “industry people.” A marketer would release a new TV spot and wait to see if it got listed in the weekly roundup of great ads. Today, reviewing the social sentiment within minutes of posting a video is the most immediate focus group we can get. How does Sephora use data? As a retailer, Sephora is fortunate to have lots of data. We have a loyalty program that lets us recognize the dominant…

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fraud scandal

The measurement and analytics firm Comscore shelled out $5 million to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to settle charges that the company and its former CEO defrauded investors. The charges allege Comscore and then-chief executive Serge Matta improperly inflated revenue figures from February 2014 through February 2016, in part by trading data with third parties and inflating the value of those data exchanges. Comscore and Matta also made false and misleading disclosures about Comscore’s product and customer base, ultimately overstating company revenue by about $50 million, the SEC said. Matta, who was removed as chief executive in August 2016, paid $700,000 to the SEC and agreed to reimburse Comscore $2.1 million to settle the charges. Comscore did not have to admit or deny the commission’s findings. The settlement comes after months…

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spot the difference

In honor of The Beatles’ Abbey Road turning 50 this month, Volkswagen released a Reparked Edition of the iconic album’s cover. With John, Paul, George and Ringo front and center, you may have missed the Volkswagen Beetle parked illegally on the left curb in the original album artwork. VW and agency Nord DDB have moved the Beetle, giving it a legal parking spot. There’s a point to the oddly specific homage: highlighting the automaker’s Park Assist technology. Volkswagen Sweden is actually selling copies of the altered cover with proceeds going to charity.…

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in adweek history november 1993

French luxury brands have historically turned up their noses at business reporters. Opening up about strategy, admitting to flops or—quelle horreur!—discussing money? All rather gauche, mes amis. But a generation ago, Adweek succeeded in slipping into the hushed and storied sanctum of Chanel for a talk with vice president of creative services Lyle Saunders. As expected, Saunders declined to discuss money (“We don’t give out sales figures at Chanel,” he pronounced) but he did give us a few spritzes of insight about the legendary fragrance created by Coco herself in 1921. For one thing, Chanel corporate was above farming out its work to agencies, preferring to produce its advertising in-house. What’s more, some of it—hailing from Paris—was too racy for American eyeballs, such as the spot shot in a museum that centered…

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next year’s model

A mid massive shake-ups to how audiences consume content, clients and agencies alike are searching for the best way forward. Marketers have seen their need for content rise exponentially to meet audiences on a host of platforms. Traditional agencies are struggling to keep up with such demands while also seeing budgets shrink. At the same time, these industry disruptions have led to opportunities for a new breed of agencies that claim to represent an alternative to the old model. “The explosion of content changed the game completely,” said Avi Dan, founder and CEO of search consultancy Avidan Strategies. “A big packaged-goods brand [used to be able to] get away with three commercials a year. … Now some of them need [thousands] of pieces of content.” “Very few ‘traditional’ agencies were set up that…

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the new alternative

Erich & Kallman An independent creative agency launched in San Francisco in 2016 by CP+B vet Steve Erich and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Wieden + Kennedy and Barton F. Graf vet Eric Kallman, it is most like a traditional agency of the shops profiled here. The agency utilized a small, nimble team to deliver distinctive, often humorous work for clients. MediaMonks MediaMonks bills itself as a creative digital production company that injects production early into the creative process. Martin Sorrell’s S4 Capital acquired MediaMonks for $350 million, reportedly outbidding WPP in the process. Last month, MediaMonks merged with influencer marketing agency IMA to extend its approach even further. Falkon Los York co-founder Dex Deboree launched Falkon earlier this year after releasing a documentary on the Air Jordan brand, further blurring the boundaries between advertising and…