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Adweek October 14, 2019

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the road to brandweek

NOV. 3-6 • PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. • TICKETS AVAILABLE AT BRANDWEEK.COM Adweek: Can you give us a little teaser of what you plan to talk about at Brandweek? Nick Street: As Vans was founded on the belief that we are not a shoe company but a people company, I’ll be talking about how our purpose is to enable creative self-expression and will aim to highlight how we do this through the lens of our “Off the Wall” brand ethos. I’ll be showing how we build a lifetime of Vans Fans with newcomers, fandoms and loyalists alike by creating meaningful interactions and building deep connections with our consumers, be it through our grassroots interactions, experiential marketing efforts or our in-store experiences. What’s the biggest buzzword in the industry today, and what does it…

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publishers pair up

In recent weeks, six major media companies announced they would pair off to combine their forces: Vox Media and New York Media, Vice Media and Refinery29, and Group Nine and PopSugar. Media buyers are excited because it could mean more opportunity for innovation, better technology and an easier process for them to purchase inventory. “Given the marketplace realities,” said Alexandra Levy, CEO of Silicon Alley Media, “providing more scale and offering greater buying efficiency is a requirement these days to compete with the big three,” referring to Amazon, Facebook and Google. Publishers, too, are quick to highlight how their acquisitions fit with their existing audiences, which they can use to compete for digital ad dollars using their rich reader analysis tools. Expanding established events, like Refinery29’s 29Rooms, and having the expertise and…

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Shepard Smith, one of Fox News Channel’s original hires in 1996, is stepping down from his role as chief news anchor to “begin a new chapter,” he said in a statement. His last show was on Friday. Smith has been a stern critic of the Trump administration, butting heads with some of his conservative colleagues at Fox News. In January, Adweek named Smith one of its 30 Most Impactful TV Newsers of the Past 15 Years. “All anyone can do is be ready for change,” he said at the time. “And that’s part of what makes it all so exciting.”…

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in adweek history may 12, 2008

When Radiohead hit the road for an international tour 11 years ago, part of the mission was to spread a human rights message through a partnership with MTV Exit (End Exploitation and Trafficking). “Social responsibility-branded entertainment marketing” was the “next big wave,” with companies popping up at festivals and staging events to show their commitment to various causes, from the environment to volunteerism. Brands were beginning to realize that people want products that reflect their values. But even then, marketers knew the challenge was seeming authentic about their commitment after the event was over—which ended up being a big reason why DTC brands have been so successful. They’ve built their values into their foundations, like making clothes with ocean-bound plastics and sourcing their supplies locally. The kids who went to…

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puff, puff, pass the salt

Back in the 1930s, roving pot parties called “tea pads” sprang up in major cities across the country, bringing reefer-loving friends and acquaintances together to get high and listen to jazz. In Southern California this month, a group of cannapreneurs opened the doors to Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, the first combo on-site consumption lounge and farm-to-table restaurant in the U.S., tipping its hat to those pre-prohibition era gatherings while putting a modern, Hollywood-style spin on the venture. Execs behind the cafe say they want to provide a social setting for cannabis users and a blueprint for other businesses in the space. Though recreational cannabis sales are allowed in 10 states, it remains illegal to smoke in public. A few marijuana-friendly cities like San Francisco and Denver are early adopters of lounges,…

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other hot spots for cannabis tourism

DENVER With Colorado as one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis sales, small-business owners jumped quickly into weed tourism with offerings like the Puff, Pass and Paint classes and the Blaze and Gaze graffiti walking tour. SEATTLE Another pioneer in recreational sales, Washington offers cooking classes but substitutes hemp for cannabis per state law. LAS VEGAS Industry experts think that Sin City will become a hub for weed tourism, apart from any activity on the famous Strip. Current tours include a stop at Cannabition, a cannabis-centric museum that features “the world’s largest bong.” WILLAMETTE VALLEY, ORE. Homegrown Weed & Wine Tours visits local dispensaries and wineries in a choose-your-own-adventure-style ride on a “chill bus.”…