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Adweek November 25, 2019

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getting political

More companies are changing their policies on political advertising in a bid to ensure that elections in the U.S. and beyond remain free from propaganda and fake news. Google is now limiting audience targeting for political ads, meaning such advertisers can only use age, gender, general location and postal code to focus their reach. The updates apply to Google’s paid search placement, YouTube ads and display ads that it serves on third-party websites as part of its ad stack. Social media platforms TikTok and Twitter have outright banned all political ads. Even Facebook, which has long resisted banning such ads, is considering changing at least what kind of targeting it allows. The industry’s major digital advertising players have received much scrutiny in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election following some of the…

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meth. i'm on it.

If someone tells you they’re “on” meth, you’d be justified in being concerned—and quite a few people are concerned about South Dakota. The state’s new antidrug campaign uses some eyebrow-raising double meaning with its slogan, “Meth. We’re on it.” Created by Minneapolis agency Broadhead, the campaign sparked a quick wave of skeptical commentary in social media. The governor has so far defended it. “South Dakota’s meth crisis is growing at an alarming rate,” Gov. Kristi Noem said. “This is our problem, and together, we need to get on it.”…

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cable news preps for presidential election boost

The cable news networks are already focused on elections again, even though the 2019 races have barely ended. That’s because for outlets like Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC, presidential elections—like the upcoming 2020 race—present a unique opportunity to expand their audiences and attract Americans seeking information on the candidates as they prepare to head into the voting booth. After the ratings and ad revenue windfalls they enjoyed in 2016, the networks are looking to build on those numbers in 2020. The 2016 presidential race propelled all three cable news networks to what, at the time, was each of their most watched years ever in prime-time total viewers (though Fox News and MSNBC topped those numbers in 2018). Fox News’ audience jumped between 29% and 42% year over year in prime…

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the state of the cmo

What’s in a name? For CMOs, that’s a complicated question. For decades, the title of chief W marketing officer was synonymous with heading up a company’s marketing division and being responsible for building a brand. Today, marketers aren’t just responsible for bringing consumers into a brand but also entertaining them and targeting them so they come back. And of course, the channels in which people can be marketed to have multiplied, thanks to the emergence of digital behemoths like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. All this has made for a landscape that’s both radically different from—and at the same time, fundamentally similar to—what it was 20 years ago. With data and digital playing a bigger role and traditional marketing becoming a smaller piece of the pie, CMOs are increasingly tasked with responsibilities…

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recent cmo departures

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Alison Lewis spent six years with the CPG giant before her departure was announced. J&J explained the lack of a successor by saying it had “established a new business model that streamlines priorities,” which the company did not elaborate on further. UBER After less than a year with the company, Rebecca Messina became the second CMO from Uber to leave the company in 12 months. In her absence, Uber’s marketing, communications and policy teams were brought under Jill Hazelbaker, svp of communications and public policy. MCDONALD’S Global CMO Silvia Lagnado will be replaced by two senior-level vps in marketing technology and global marketing. DIANA PEARL IS A SENIOR WRITER AT ADWEEK, WHERE SHE COVERS BRANDS. PREVIOUSLY, SHE WAS A WRITER AND REPORTER AT PEOPLE MAGAZINE. @DIANAPEARL_…

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automating artificial intelligence

With 180,000 real estate agents who are more familiar with building codes than computer code, Keller Williams Realty was looking for a way to compete with tech-focused startups like Redfin and Zillow. Luckily for the 35-year-old realty company, it didn’t need to teach every agent a bunch of new computer skills. Instead, it found the answer in a homegrown app that automatically learns how to recognize the characteristics of a home or property from video footage shot by visiting agents. The app then turns that info into a searchable, automatically generated listing page. The backbone of this system is a tool called Google Cloud AutoML, which is aimed at helping a wide range of industries automate machine learning models like the ones used for Keller Williams’ Keller Cloud. “As KW agents increasingly use…