Adweek February 24, 2020

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the road to challenger brands

How did you come up with the idea for Buffy? I grew up in the bedding industry. My family has manufactured for big-box retailers for three decades, so I saw firsthand how the home goods industry has devastated the environment. Our idea is simple: What if there were a home goods brand with manufacturing methods so innovative that it could actually help reverse that damage? I started Buffy to bring change to a wasteful industry. Now, I don’t just want to change how we make things, but the way we think about buying things. What innovation has Buffy brought to the space? Innovation starts by offering consumers a better alternative to products they’re purchasing today—alternatives which, compared to industry standards, save an incremental yet meaningful amount of water and energy, reduce our…

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networks take on streamers

It’s been a brutal few years for broadcast and cable networks. Many are seeing annual double-digit ratings declines as audiences increasingly turn their back on live linear viewing and flock to streaming services. Now, the networks are fighting back. Now, the networks are fighting back. Many have rolled out new programming strategies in an effort to leverage the power of linear TV over its streaming rivals. “I think any network has to look at themselves right now and say, ‘We have to shift to the audience’s tastes,’” said USA Network and Syfy chief Chris McCumber. Adweek spoke to several network execs about their plans to hold on to viewers. ABC: Event of the month In January, ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke unveiled plans to air at least one live and tent-pole event every month,…

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all hail jerky!

“Meat snacks” might not be the most pleasant phrase, but as a consumer goods category, its success is anything but rare. In the U.S., total retail sales of jerky and other dried meat products grew from $2.6 billion in 2014 to $3.4 billion in 2019, a 31% increase, according to numbers from Chicago-based market research firm IRI. Marissa Gilbert, associate director of health and wellness at market insights agency Mintel, noted that while beef and turkey jerky remain robust, fish and pork jerky are also finding their way onto shelves. “While plant-based foods may be grabbing headlines, meat-based snacks are actually faring quite well with consumers who are seeking protein-rich snacks,” said Gilbert. Part of the reason behind this growth spurt, say experts and insiders alike, is the prevalence of the ketogenic diet,…

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being black and authentic in advertising

Authenticity at work can mean different things to different people. We believe it’s the ability to put your best self forward, being true to your values and not having to sacrifice your integrity and who you are. When you are around people who are like you, it’s a lot easier to be your true self. But when you are different, then it can be challenging. It’s especially challenging for black people, as our difference walks in the door with us and carries a set of stereotypes that we are still fighting today. As black people, we are inclined to bend, fold or otherwise mitigate our blackness to fit in. We hesitate to wear ethnic jewelry or wear our hair in braids for fear of standing out or making someone else feel ill…

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norah o’donnell

How did you get to where you are today? I think I was always meant to be a journalist. I’ve always had a deep curiosity about people and the news, and I think that’s what led me into this field. I had no idea I would be anchoring the CBS Evening News one day, but I do think many years of hard work and traveling the globe has led me to this leadership position and I’m deeply humbled by it. What pivotal moments did you face along the way? About a dozen years ago, I had the opportunity to stay with NBC or make the jump to CBS News. CBS was offering me the opportunity to be the chief White House correspondent and cover the Obama administration. It was a risk…

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citi’s global consumer cmo is advancing equality through music

FLIP THE NARRATIVE We determined very, very quickly that what we were lacking in our story was the emotional part of the brand—the humanity. So, the result of that realization was pulling a whole bunch of great marketers into a couple of day sessions where we just ripped through what we stand for, what we want to stand for, how we want to show up.… We actually flipped the narrative on our storytelling. We put consumers at the center and we told their stories of how each and every day they welcome what’s next with Citi as their life partners. DEMAND DIVERSITY Where I could’ve just said OK but didn’t, is really demanding that our agency partners and people we do business with support diversity, at least 50/50 representation.… Demanding that the day-to-day…