Adweek March 16, 2020

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small screen shake-up

As the coronavirus spread upended every facet of life in the U.S., it also spurred unprecedented changes in the television industry. On Thursday, every major media company slated for May’s upfronts week canceled their live presentations, and announced they would shift to a digital-only offering. Changes have also happened on the air. TV shows that rely on live audiences have had to either tape without them, or opted to go on hiatus until the pandemic is contained. Disney-owned ABC decided to forego live audiences for several of its talk shows, including Good Morning America, GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke and The View, as well as two syndicated programs it produces, Tamron Hall and Live With Kelly and Ryan. NBC News is doing the same for the flagship 7-9 a.m. edition of Today, as…

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march sadness

Basketball The rest of the season is suspendend indefinitely. NCAA College athletics suspended, with campuses closing and moving courses online. Baseball Spring training canceled, Opening Day pushed back by at least two weeks. Soccer Major League Soccer has suspended all U.S. games for 30 days. Hockey Suspended the rest of the 2019-2020 season indefinitely. Racing The start of Formula 1 is postponed until the end of May. Nascar has canceled two races so far. Golf All tournaments, including the Masters in April, have been postponed. NEW YORK Gov. Andrew Cuomo banned gatherings of 500 or more people, leading to the closure of most cultural institutions, including The Met and Broadway, through March. THEME PARKS Following the closure of Disney’s theme parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong, its Paris, California and Florida properties have also closed through the end of March, along with Universal Studios. DOCKED Princess Cruises has suspended…

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the show will go on

For many years, more than I really care to admit, I’ve covered the ebb and flow of marketing and media, watching the industry successfully navigate emergencies of epic proportions, from 9/11 to the 2003 Northeast blackout and hurricanes. Each time, advancements in technology enabled us to better communicate and serve our customers. Each time, the show went on. Now we’re facing our latest challenge, the COVID-19 virus. While events like SXSW, the NAB Show, video game trade expo E3, and a slew of NewFronts and Upfronts presentations are being canceled as we speak, platforms like Google Hangout, Slack, Skype and Zoom are presenting new opportunities for businesses and clients alike. One way or another, the show will go on. Here too, at Adweek, we’ve had to adjust our schedule. Earlier this month, more…

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streamers partner with telco and tech

In the months leading up to the November debut of Disney+, Disney’s various entities weren’t the only ones helping to boost the OTT offering through major marketing and promotional pushes. The media and entertainment giant found a friend in Verizon, too. A wide-ranging partnership between Disney and the telco, inked last summer, offered certain Verizon customers a free year of Disney+ if they subscribed to the company’s unlimited wireless plans or home internet. Former Disney CEO Bob Iger said he was “very pleased” about the deal during last month’s earnings call. Verizon and Disney+’s pact isn’t the first partnership between a telco and a streamer, although it is almost certainly the biggest. As the industry gets more crowded and competitive, these partnerships only stand to become more common. The reason is simple.…

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verizon and disney+’s ‘win-win’ deal

In its first three months, Verizon’s partnership with Disney+, which will run through 2020, is already a rousing success. Over 5 million people, or roughly 20% of Disney+’s 28.6 million subscribers, came to the streaming service through the Verizon deal. Partnering with Disney+ enabled Verizon to “reward our existing customers for their loyalty,” said Verizon Wireless’ Frank Boulben. And given that the company was Disney+’s only wireless partner, Verizon was able to “use this as differentiation to acquire customers, as it was exclusive to us.”…

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the uncertain future of voice

More than a glorified home speaker, the simple plastic cylinder that is Amazon’s Echo device has been billed as a portal into a new way of interacting with technology. It can serve up everything from muse-like creative inspiration to recipes with a few spoken words of command. But despite a saturation of such devices in American households—fueled by heavy discounts and giveaways—and a proliferation of tens of thousands Amazon Skill voice apps—also fueled by heavy discounts and giveaways for developers—around half of Amazon Echo users simply don’t bother to seek out new apps, according to the most recent consumer adoption report last year from voice-focused research firm Perhaps that’s part of the reason why the rate of new Amazon Skills hitting the store dropped to its lowest level since 2016 in…