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Adweek April 6, 2020

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yes, you can still advertise

EARN THE RIGHT TO SPEAK In an inspired stay-at-home campaign, Burger King France and agency Buzzman published a guide to making some of its most iconic sandwiches, including the Whopper, in your own kitchen. According to Burger King global CMO Fernando Machado, while the campaign was a fun way to keep the brand top of mind, it worked because the fast-food chain had earned its time in the spotlight after stepping up to offer free kids meals, helping families who might otherwise go hungry while schools are closed. YOU HAVE MORE TOOLS THAN YOU REALIZE Coronavirus has shut down video production and photo shoots, so agencies are getting creative with the resources they’ve got such as stock footage, animation, archives and, the hero of creatives everywhere, user-generated content. “It’s back to the basics,”…

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cannes lions canceled for 2020

Advertising’s biggest event of the year, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, will not go forward with its 2020 edition. The event, which traditionally takes place in June, had hoped to go on by rescheduling to late October. Now, the next edition of the festival won’t be held until June 21-25, 2021. Though many events have been postponed or canceled out of fear of spreading the COVID-19 contagion, Cannes Lions organizers said their decision was also influenced by how the coronavirus has disrupted the advertising and marketing world. “Cannes Lions at its core has always been about creativity and the Lions. We realize that the creative community has other challenges to face, and simply isn’t in a position to put forward the work that will set the benchmark,” said Cannes Lions…

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cdc and who sweep social media

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, it leaves a trail of misinformation in its wake. On social media, where the algorithms reward engaging content regardless of its veracity, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube carry the hefty burden of cleaning up harmful rumors from innocent users, bogus claims from profiteers and disinformation campaigns from bad actors. But if you’ve logged onto a social platform recently, you’ve probably seen something different. Platforms are giving banners, landing pages and free ads to the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health agencies around the world. The idea is that, while cleaning up false or misleading content is vital, promoting authoritative information is helpful for users who don’t know where to turn. The CDC did not respond to a…

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facebook banner directs users to hard facts

On Facebook, a fixed banner leads users to a landing page full of updates from Johns Hopkins University and the CDC. “Learn how you can stay healthy and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus,” Facebook prompts users when they search for coronavirus-related keywords. The researchers’ preliminary, non-peer reviewed results found that only 13.3% of 313 participants who saw the Facebook banner reported that they clicked on it. By contrast, 79.5% said they’ve seen misinformation about COVID-19 and 33.9% reported having believed false information themselves.…

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mentorships thrive in quarantine

While the coronavirus pandemic has clearly had a stalling effect on the marketing industry, the global lockdown of home quarantine has had one unexpected benefit for rising talent in the field: a surging interest in one-on-one mentorship and networking. Fueled both by the exponential growth in daily usage of video chat platforms like Zoom and the economic uncertainty of advertising’s worldwide slowdown, virtual networking has quickly become one of the few sources of optimism for workers as they face an unprecedented moment in their careers. In short, employees—and those now seeking job opportunities—suddenly find themselves with a mix of free time, professional anxiety and relative privacy to have candid conversations out loud. Networking and mentorship offer a much-needed way to put that combination to good use. “We suddenly have many more hours…

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working out in the time of coronavirus

As the coronavirus has forced people indoors, fitness brands are trying to keep the sweat flowing, even if doors to their gyms are closed. Both traditional and boutique studio fitness brands have turned to streaming platforms to shift their audiences away from the squat rack and toward their televisions and laptops. Although it isn’t enough to replace the lost revenue, workout platforms have kept maintaining their brands top of mind during the crisis. Orangetheory Fitness, an interval training workout studio with franchises nationwide, announced on March 16 that it would be closing its studios. Within two days, it pivoted to YouTube, publishing new Orangetheory At-Home Workouts daily. “We’ve completely done a 180,” said Kevin Keith, Orangetheory’s chief brand officer. “We’re not driving people to our studios, but what can we do right now…