Adweek March 23, 2020

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doing their part

FOOD With kids out of school, they could be missing out on two meals a day. Burger King is providing two free kids’ meals with the purchase of every regular combo meal. EDUCATION In an acknowledgement of the difficulties facing photographers and videographers, especially freelancers, Adobe is giving subscribers two months free of its Adobe Creative Cloud package. The company’s entire suite of tools also is free to students enrolled at institutions with Adobe subscriptions through May 31. EXERCISE Consumers don’t need a Peloton bike or treadmill to take advantage of its fitness app, where instructors livestream sessions and offer strength training classes. The app is now free to try for 90 days. NEWS Comcast is giving away two free months of internet services to low-income families. Fox Corp. has made its cable network, Fox News Channel, as…

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how we all are navigating the new normal

I’m writing this week’s editor’s letter from my home office. Painted sky blue, it’s decorated with portraits of fish my 12-year-old son, Gabe, likes to catch: striped bass, northern pike and, he hopes, one day soon, a blacktip shark. By the window is a fleet of Star Wars Lego fighters and ships. On the floor is a tarp where I navigate paint, wet canvases, pencils and sketchpads scattered about. Meanwhile, my wife, Liz, is Zooming on business calls from our bedroom; Gabe is loudly playing Call of Duty with his buddies. Banjo, our Goldendoodle, just obliterated my headphones. And how’s your WFH day going? This week’s cover, featuring the Deutsch N.Y. office on Zoom, pretty much sums it up. We have entered a new normal—and that new normal is changing by the minute.…

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reach your audience wherever they are

ADWEEK® SPOTLIGHT Make your virtual event presentation as memorable as a live event! With our seasoned editorial staff, extensive experience in producing and promoting streaming video content, and an unparalleled audience of agency and brand decision makers, Adweek can ensure your virtual event reaches the right people, keeps their attention, and makes an impact. ADWEEK® BRANDED MICRO LEARNING ® BRANDED TM Snackable Lessons that Drive Qualified Leads A new offering for our partners, based on the success of Adweek’s branded webinars: A professionally produced 5-minute video on a subject in which you are the expert. Adweek Branded Microlearning allows you to demonstrate thought leadership while garnering qualified leads from Adweek’s audience of brand and agency decision makers. Virtually Together. Contact for more information…

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striking the right tone in the age of coronavirus

What better way to viscerally bring to life the iconic tagline “It’s finger-lickin’ good” than by showing 60 solid seconds of people eating chicken and then sticking their hands in their mouths? No need for napkins! Except that practice isn’t just a sign of poor table manners, it’s actually a health hazard. With the onslaught of the novel coronavirus, U.K. consumers started complaining to the country’s advertising watchdog group that the KFC commercial from Mother London was irresponsible. If touching your face right now is a no-no, then licking the remnants of lunch off someone else’s finger, as depicted in the ad, is most definitely verboten. KFC pulled the spot, shortly before the public groundswell, saying, “It doesn’t feel like the right time to be airing this campaign, so we’ve decided to…

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repackaging ad tech

Programmatic trading is entering a new era. Marketers are increasingly taking media buying in-house as changes in privacy laws, growing suspicions about just how much spend goes toward working media and Big Tech’s dominance puts pressure on the legacy business models of network media agencies. In response, some of these players are starting to alter how they repackage ad tech and then offer it to advertisers in a bid to better improve their proposition, with an emphasis on providing enhanced access to premium ad inventory. And perhaps more importantly, providing enhanced cost savings. HISTORIC BREAKDOWN IN TRUST According to a February 2020 report from MediaLink, 34% of brands plan to bring more of their marketing in-house as a result of a damning 2016 ANA report on the state of supply chain transparency in the…

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conferences hit the big screens

With the coronavirus pandemic preventing any large gathering for the foreseeable future, The One Club for Creativity was one of many conference organizers that announced plans earlier this month to move its slate of major industry events online. Now, with a mid-May deadline looming, the nonprofit’s executives are finding that preparing large-scale virtual trade shows and awards ceremonies—Creative Week, The One Show, ADC, Young One Student Awards—is much easier said than done. “Whereas we initially said, ‘OK, this is going to be simple, we’re going to take this online,’” said The One Club CEO Kevin Swanepoel, “it is actually slightly more challenging than that.” He’s far from alone in feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of virtual event planning right now. Even under normal circumstances with less hectic time frames, there are a…