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All Chevy Performance

Volume 1, Issue 10 October 2021

ACP will provide a desire for Bowtie fans to immerse themselves into the technical aspects of vintage-to-modern Chevrolets, whether it be a muscle car or restomod.

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firing up editor’s letter

Recently, I was asked by a fellow automotive industry person—one who has been in the aftermarket suspension business for over 30 years—what I thought about electric-powered muscle cars and if I have heard anything lately regarding this new-ish technology; and if, in fact, there is any recent news on the subject. While asking the question his voice carried a nervous tone as if he wasn’t sure he really wanted to hear what I had to say. But what I did have to say wasn’t much more than “I don’t really know.” His voice became more at ease as my answer had likely been what he did want to hear. Being on the editorial side of the aftermarket industry, I sometimes catch wind regarding the latest muscle car trends, but must…

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parts bin

1. ROLLING STORAGE Harbor Freight Tools has added to the popular U.S. General Tool storage line with a new 34-inch, full-bank service cart that provides 18,700 ci of storage space. Combining the storage capacity of a roll cabinet with the easy mobility of a tool cart, the new full bank service cart can keep all your most commonly used tools within arm’s reach anywhere in your shop. Built for maneuverability, the cart features four swivel casters and chemical-resistant 5-inch soft tread wheels. The cart is available in red, black, orange, yellow, blue, and green. For more information, visit Harbor Freight Tools at harborfreight.com. 2. POWER PACKAGE PerTronix’s 510C Digital HP ignition box delivers 172 mJ of Spark Energy and features an integrated three-step digital rev limiter delivering multiple spark all the way to redline.…

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chevy concepts

Making a muscle car appear more modern is a delicate procedure. Change things too much and you end up with an abomination. If you don’t change enough you may have something too subtle for your liking. Murray Kustom Rods tasked me with riding that line with their 1970 Nova project. It had the great underpinnings already started with modern power and a Roadster Shop chassis. Tuning the overall look was going to be the trick. We started by shaping a minimalist front bumper that still jives with the stock grille shell. Under that would be some 1969 Camaro-esque foglamps. A custom front spoiler finishes off the chin. Inside the grille is a custom hex-themed insert that is also mimicked on the rear taillight panel. The hood started as a desire to…

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1967 pro street chevy ii

Life often throws challenges our way. How you adjust to compensate for it could mean the difference between success and failure. Since the early ’80s, Jay and Erin Doleshale, of Bonner Springs, Kansas, traveled state-to-state racing Outlaw Pro Street drag bikes. Jay was creeping up on the 6s at over 200 mph (with no wheelie bars) when they lost their entire operation to a shop fire in 2013—talk about challenges! Luckily, no one was hurt but there was nothing left. Instead of rebuilding the decades-old operation, they decided to switch to four wheels so they could both have fun. The two agreed on a 1967 Chevy II and found one on eBay in Texas. It was just a shell but it was a good rust-free body. They bought it sight unseen…

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degreeing a camshaft

When it comes to installing a camshaft the operation is pretty straightforward: lube the lobes, slide it in the block, and install the timing chain set. But for those gearheads who might want to adjust the timing of the cam for a little more low-end grunt or to move the powerband up a few hundred rpm, there’s more to the simple stab-and-go approach. And even if you find yourselves, like us, not chasing that little bit of extra power but like the idea of double-checking that everything is as advertised, there lies more to a camshaft install than one might realize. This extra step is commonly known as “degreeing” the camshaft. In layman’s terms, degreeing a camshaft is the simple operation of checking that the installed camshaft functions happen as specified…

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1968 camaro

When it comes to building a classic hot rod you can pay a shop to do it all and have it done fairly quickly, or as in Mike Friend’s case with the build of his 1968 Camaro, you can take the ol’ “start ’n’ stop” route, which, unfortunately, adds a few more years to the build. It’s not ideal, and it wasn’t Mike’s initial plan, but that’s how it went down. “I bought the car off an eBay auction about nine years ago from a guy in Detroit who claimed he was the second owner who purchased it from a guy in Bakersfield who claimed to be the original owner,” Mike states. “The shell was in good shape with little-to-no rust, although it needed a tail panel, doorskin, hood, and fender.…