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American Patchwork & Quilting February 2019

American Patchwork and Quilting delivers inspiration, education, and motivation to passionate quilting enthusiasts of all skill levels. In each issue, you'll get the highest quality patterns and how-to instructions, along with compelling feature stories about designers and destinations.Every digital issue includes the pattern pieces found in the corresponding print version. To access pattern pieces, simply click on the underlined text in Cut Fabrics sections.

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letter from the editor

I think it is exciting to learn something new, especially when it comes to quilting. I hope the techniques we offer in this issue—working with wool (page 30), foundation paper piecing (page 62), sewing miniature blocks (page 76), custom machine-quilting (page 70), and combining appliqué and piecing (page 46)—intrigue you enough to look over a set or two of instructions and give a new-to-you method a try. As quiltmakers, all our staff members enjoy following other makers on social media, and we have fangirl moments when we meet people who inspire us. In order to share some of these makers with you, we are debuting a new feature, “Sew Inspired.” For this issue, art director Elizabeth Stumbo talked with quilt and fabric designer Carolyn Friedlander (page 20). Kaffe Fassett recently marked 20…

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quilts and more

Learn to use and store your fabric stash and get 15+ patterns for seasonal projects in the Spring 2019 issue of Quilts and More™ (on sale January 11). Buy it at local quilt shops, on newsstands, or as a digital issue at AllPeopleQuilt.com/qam. Find us online: AllPeopleQuilt.com search: AllPeopleQuilt Subscription help: AllPeopleQuilt.com/myaccount apqcustserv@cdsfulfillment.com 800/677-4876 Retailers: To order American Patchwork & Quilting, Quilt Sampler®, Quilts and More, and other quilting magazines, email apq2@meredith.com or call 866/378-1064. Note to readers: It is permissible to make and publicly display a single finished product of any project in this issue, including for purposes of competitive winnings up to $1,000, so long as visible credit is given to the designer and American Patchwork & Quilting magazine. Our Promise Prior to publication we cut, sew, and assemble blocks for every quilt to verify the accuracy of our patterns and…

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DIY STORAGE PROJECTS Stitch stylish storage containers for your sewing room. AllPeopleQuilt.com/645 SEWING SPACES Peek into stylish and functional work spaces. AllPeopleQuilt.com/646 ORGANIZE FABRIC Sort and store your fabric stash using these creative ideas. AllPeopleQuilt.com/647 TOOL STORAGE Create a clutter-free space with smart organization. AllPeopleQuilt.com/648 UFO CHALLENGE Join our yearlong UFO (unfinished objects) Challenge. It includes an online support group to make finishing fun. AllPeopleQuilt.com/resolution. ☑ APQ Bucket List Are you playing along with our quilting bucket list on page 8? Use projects in this issue to check these items off your list! □ 21. Assemble a pincushion. (page 30) □ 38. Add a little (or a lot of) appliqué to a project. (page 46) □ 44. Finish a UFO. (see below) □ 46. Take part in a block exchange or swap fabric with a friend. (page 80) Visit AllPeopleQuilt.com/bucketlist to print the APQ Bucket List. FOLLOW US! search: American Patchwork &…

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from our readers tips

POWER TOOL At a hardware store I purchased a screwdriver holder that fits a pegboard. It holds all my scissors, keeping them off my work space, yet handy. RIGHT ON THE NAIL I use an orangewood stick as a stiletto. It is inexpensive and has a flat end that doesn’t pierce the fabric like metal stilettos can. I usually take a few extras with me on retreats to give to friends when they are struggling to move fabric through their machines. MAGNETIC FORCE I use strong magnetic clips to hang seasonal quilted banners on my metal front door, sometimes on both the outside and the inside. It saves me from needing to sew hanging sleeves on the banners. THE BOTTOM LINE My eyes rebel when I am hand-sewing black binding to black backing with black thread. To…

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from the crafts lab products

ORGANIZE IT! Start the new year off right by organizing your sewing space with these helpful products. TRY IT! Do your New Year’s resolutions include trying something new? Get your feet wet with these simple projects and useful supplies. Books…

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sew inspired by carolyn friedlander

ELIZABETH: How you were introduced to quilting and what was the first project you made? CAROLYN: I grew up watching my mom sew, and I remember being in sewing classes for basic things as a kid. It wasn’t until I was out of college that I had the itch (and time) to get into quilting. Two things got me excited to try it. First, seeing my mom doing free-motion quilting looked to me like drawing, but with a sewing machine. I loved that idea and could immediately see a lot of potential. The second motivator was seeing all of the beautiful fabrics to work with at the fabric store. I loved the bright colors and bold patterns. My first quilt was pretty basic in terms of piecing, loud and colorful in…