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yes, virginia, there is a santa (lots of them)

I met my first professional Santa Claus three years ago in New Mexico, where I was photographing cowboys, gunslingers, snake handler and Civil War-era re actors. One subject made a convincing 1860s Union soldier, complete with authentic costume and rifle musket. After we had completed the shoot, he asked if he could show me a very different character that he portrayed. I agreed, and he returned fifteen minutes later as Santa Claus. Shortly after that, I saw a news story about the Charles W. Howard Santa School, the oldest Santa training program in the nation. This idea — that there is an actual school for Santas — was a new one to me, but I was immediately intrigued by the seriousness with which the school’s students pursued the art and craft…

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santa's lap crisis leaves us standing by

CONSIDER THE WORD LAP – noun, verb, friend. It’s no coincidence that lap spelled backwards is pal. Lap is one of the most helpful and versatile words in the English language. Good fortune smiling upon you? Then you can live in the lap of luxury. Getting a bit flabby? Head to the pool and swim some laps. Feeling jubilant? Take a victory lap. Maybe you’ve had a tough day. Forget about it. Kick back and watch the ocean waves lap against the white-sand beach of Maui’s Kapalua Bay. Ahhh. Or maybe you simply have too many problems to count? No problem! Just dump all those worries into someone else’s lap and call it a day. Yes indeed, our friend lap is here to save the day. Only there’s one problem even a lap can’t solve.…

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a virtual success story

Last summer, facing the threat of canceling its annual convention because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Antique Advertising Association of America (AAAA) decided to make a bold move. Instead of disappointing its membership, the group decided to challenge it – by offering a virtual convention. Sure, there were concerns that senior members of the group wouldn’t be interested in an online, Zoom-based get-together. But, as it turned out, those concerns were misplaced. Instead of frightening off members, what convention organizer Paul Lefkovitz discovered was just the opposite: the virtual convention reinvigorated the club. “We were pleasantly surprised,” Lefkovitz said. “We had good participation and we were floored by the response we received. It has engaged our base in a much fuller way. And a lot of people who thought they wouldn’t be able…

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aaaa winter retreat highlights

Among a host of offerings, the Antique Advertising Association of America’s Virtual Winter Retreat will feature tours of two of the most impressive antique advertising collections in the country. The virtual event January 23-24 will offers guided tours of Hook’s Drug Store Museum, Indianapolis, and W.R. Rudy Country Store and Drug Store Museum, Mount Airy, Maryland. “If you had to put together a list of the five greatest places to visit for antique advertising and related items, these two would be on everyone’s list,” event coordinator Paul Lefkovitz said. Hook’s Drug Store Museum is a treasure trove of wonderful historic imagery replicating a typical Indiana drugstore interior of the late 19th century – complete with authentic and historic medicines, cabinets, glassware, advertising and more. The virtual tour by collecting experts Dan Russell and Bob…

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batman comic book nets $1.5m

DALLAS – An unrestored May 1939 issue of Detective Comics No. 27, featuring the first appearance of Batman, sold for $1.5 million on November 19 at Heritage Auctions, becoming the most expensive comic book starring the caped crusader ever sold at auction. The highest previous price for a similar issue was $1,075,000, realized 10 years ago at another auction at Heritage. The record-breaking Batman comic was graded “fine/very fine 7.0” by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), making it one of only two 7.0 copies in the world. “I’m not at all surprised at the result,” Barry Sandoval, Heritage Auctions vice president, said of the sale. “After all, this is one of the best copies you will ever see of one of the most important comic books ever published.” Featuring the artwork of Bob Kane,…

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good boy !snoopy fetches $192k

DALLAS – Charles Schulz began his Peanuts syndicated comic strip on October 2, 1950. During its nearly 18,000-strip, 50-year run, no character captured our imagination like Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s loyal and imaginative beagle. At its peak, Peanuts was syndicated in 75 countries, translated into 21 languages and had a total readership of 355 million. Snoopy became one of the most recognizable and iconic comic strip characters of all time. Just how iconic was illustrated recently when an earliest-days Peanuts comic strip featuring Snoopy and dated November 17, 1950, sold for $192,000 at Heritage Auctions – a record price for a Peanuts daily comic strip. The strip is the 40th Peanuts daily to appear and features Snoopy along with another Peanuts character named Shermy. Coming just weeks after the debut of the strip, this…