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morphy's offers brady collection of incredible mechanical banks

DENVER, Pa. – Although the cast-iron mechanical bank-collecting world is active worldwide, only a few bank collections can be accurately described as “highly important” or being of “premier quality.” As any serious collector will attest, reaching that level of excellence takes dedication, constant upgrading and a long-term commitment to the hobby. That’s exactly how Bob and Judy Brady managed to build a collection that is both admired and recognized throughout the hobby as being one of the very finest. On Saturday, February 27, Morphy’s in Denver, Pa., will auction the Bradys’ incredible forty-year collection, which boasts some of the most elusive, high-condition banks in existence. Most mechanical banks have complicated inner workings, which naturally appealed to Bob Brady, who has an MBA in mechanical engineering. Following his graduation from college, Bob went to…

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antique trader news

The New Year brings new and exciting changes to Antique Trader. We are now offering twelve monthly issues and six bi-monthly double issues featuring expanded coverage and a deeper dive into the fascinating and ever-changing antiques and collectibles hobby. The six ampli›ed issue include The Big Guide (March 15), a comprehensive guide to the auctions, shows and events that de›ne the year; The Legends Issue (May 15), a look at the pioneers and movers and shakers de›ne the ›eld; Modern Living (July 15), a colorful and fun guide to Mid-Century Living; 20 Under 40 (September 15), pro›ling the young guns who are, or soon will be, central to the antiques and collectibles world; The Classics Issue (November 15), offering the best in traditional antiques and collectibles, from ›ne art to furniture;…

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what’s in a name? there better be brawn

I FEAR FOR OUR FUTURE. Am I losing sleep over global warming? Our fractured and divided country? An unending worldwide pandemic? Please. My biggest fear is for our children, and what we are naming them. The list of the ›fty most popular baby names for girls in 2020 includes Riley, Ava, Mia, Zoe, Luna, Scarlett, Kinsley, Paisley, Aurora, Isla and so on. They are all lovely names. And that’s the problem. They are too cute. And we are doomed. The best girl names, and there is no debate here, belong to another age, one in which baby girls fresh into the world were named Agnes or Eunice or Gladys. These are the names of the moms of my youth. They are strong names, stout, and to the point. They mean business. These are names that still scare…

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heritage goes hollywood

In a landscape-changing move, Joseph Maddalena, founder of Profiles in History, the world’s largest auctioneer of Hollywood memorabilia, has been named Executive Vice President of Dallas-based Heritage Auctions, the third largest auction house in the world, creating a powerhouse team. “This is one of the most significant moves Heritage has made in the last 40 years,” Steve Ivy, Heritage Auctions’ Co-Chairman and CEO, said. “We’re incredibly excited Joe is joining Heritage. Joe will be based at Heritage world headquarters in Dallas, but will maintain an active presence in California. We have known and admired him for more than 30 years and have the utmost respect for his expertise and the business he has built.” Maddalena, who founded Profiles in History in 1985, officially joined Heritage February 1. Maddalena, CEO and president of…

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on the road with charles kuralt

Charles Kuralt was born on September 10, 1934, in Wilmington, North Carolina, the son of a teacher and a social worker. At 14, Kuralt broadcast minor-league baseball games. Years later, he embarked on the longest road-game winning streak in television history. From 1967 to 1980 as the host of “On the Road,” Kuralt traveled more than a million miles through the fifty states, mostly in a modest but durable motorhome, producing big-hearted essays on small town USA and the people who live there. His stories for CBS reported on horse-traders and a 93-year-old brick maker, on the wonders of nature and the nature of human wonders, like the sharecropper in Mississippi who put nine children through college or the 103-year-old entertainer who performed at nursing homes. Kuralt’s segments were recognized twice with…

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batman shatters $2.2m

DALLAS – Batman keeps besting himself. Hot on the heels of a world record in November when an issue of Detective Comics No. 27 from 1939 sold for $1.5 million, the finest-known copy of 1940’s Batman No. 1 recently shattered that record, selling for $2.22 million on January 14 at Heritage Auctions - far and away the highest price ever realized for a comic book featuring Batman. The issue, the only copy ever to receive a 9.4 grade from the Certified Guaranty Company, was already a record-setter before the start of Heritage Auctions’ four-day Comics and Comic Art event. A week before the auction even began, Batman No. 1 crossed the $1.53-million mark, besting Detective Comics No. 27. This issue of Batman No. 1, featuring the debuts of the Joker and Catwoman,…