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big guide, a big deal

Welcome to Antique Trader’s Big Guide, the first of six bimonthly, double issues we are publishing this year. The Big Guide offers insight into the best antiquing destinations (Hello, New Orleans!) and best flea markets (We missed you Brimfield!) in the country, as well as a deep dive into the auction houses. The five other special issues coming your way in the months ahead: The Legends Issue (May 15), a look at the pioneers and movers and shakers who define the field; Modern Living (July 15), a colorful and fun guide to Mid-Century Living; 20 Under 40 (September 15), profiling the young guns who are, or soon will be, central to the antiques and collectibles world; The Classics Issue (November 15), offering the best in traditional antiques and collectibles, from fine…

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may i have this dance?

If you’ve been watching Netflix’s saucy new period drama, Bridgerton, and have been able to focus on more than all of the scandalous ribaldry going on, you may have noticed the nod to a forgotten footnote of historical dating etiquette: dance cards. Set in 1813 London, the Regency-era romance — watched by 82 million households around the world — is Netflix’s biggest hit ever and was just renewed for a second season. Based on romance novels by Julia Quinn, the show centers on eight close-knit siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family as they are presented at court and attempt to find love. In between the provocative scenes, the bygone ballroom accessory has made numerous appearances in the hands of Bridgerton’s leading ladies attending opulent high-society dances. A dance card or programme du bal…

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a cold winter’s day ...

WE ARE IN THE MIDST of a brutal stretch of winter in Wisconsin. For the past two weeks, temperatures have dropped well below zero. Even for us, a hardy lot who knows all there is to know about flannel, long underwear and the value of a good parka, it’s been tough sledding. When it’s this cold, even driving your car can be weird. When your car rides over snow-covered roads, blasted solid by constant Arctic air, the snow makes a squeaking sound – the same sound, oddly enough, you hear when biting into fresh cheese curds, which is both pleasing and terribly confusing. While driving, I am now miserably cold and ravenously hungry. If you have not enjoyed the taste and sound of fresh cheese curds, you need to take pause and…

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asheford reports top antiques, collectibles

All things Art Deco, modular pieces from the 1970s and smaller-sized items emerged as top collecting trends, according to Asheford Institute’s newly released 2020 survey of top buying trends within the antiques, vintage and collectibles marketplace. While COVID 19 had an effect on people’s buying and collecting habits over the past twelve months, survey results show that, while many trends remained the same, new collector categories emerged, with some surging in popularity, as people found themselves spending more time at home and in front of their computers. The research staff of the institute, which has been doing the industry-related survey for more than twelve years, conducted the latest one from January to December 2020. The survey consisted of a sampling of more than 2,163 current students and past graduates that are actively…

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10 best antiquing towns

It’s a Sisyphean task to pick the best antiquing cities in the U.S. simply because there are just too many to choose from. Emerging venues join traditional communities to offer a glorious patchwork of destinations for every antiquing experience imaginable. And how lucky we are for that. So instead of coming up with the impossible – a definitive list – we’ve chosen ten cities that, for various reasons, through the years have proven to make the vagabond antique junkie smile. 1. Charleston, South Carolina Its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages and pastel antebellum houses, particularly in the elegant French Quarter and Battery districts, define Charleston, the charming South Carolina port city founded in 1670. That sense of history is reflected in the Charleston Antique District, with several stores offering furnishings, decor and garden accessories. The…

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10 best flea markets

Last year, the pandemic put the brakes on flea markets and events across the country. And while there is still some uncertainty on calendars as COVID-19 lingers, it’s safe to say that events are much better prepared for handling whatever health concerns may still exist. All of which leaves us with a mighty scratch to itch. Bring on the Fleas! 1. Brimfield, Brimfield, Massachusetts With 5,000 dealers stretched over 21 fields along one mile of Route 20 in Brimfield, Massachusetts, the annual flea markets are believed to be the largest and oldest outdoor antiques shows in the country. It began in 1959 in auctioneer Gordon Reid’s backyard but today attracts more than 1 million visitors every year during the May, July and September events that run six consecutive days. Various fields may be…